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Honorary Rangers

What is an Honorary Ranger?

  • An Honorary Ranger is a member of the public.
  • An Honorary Ranger is 18 years or older (younger than this persons will join our Junior Honorary Ranger ranks)
  • An Honorary Ranger is a volunteer who has completed the necessary enrolment and courses and who works for the betterment of SANParks.

Why we volunteer

It’s not for money, not for fame
It’s not for any personal gain
It’s just for the love of nature
To make a difference where you can
It’s just to give up of thy self
That is something you can’t buy with wealth.

It’s not for medals worn with pride
It’s just for the feeling deep inside
It’s the reward deep in your heart
It’s feeling you have been a part
Of helping others far and near
That is what makes us volunteer

- Anonymous