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Honorary Rangers

Background & Brief History

Volunteers were active in the Kruger National Park as early as 1902 to help alleviate the workload of full-time rangers.

The Corps was formally constituted in May 1964, but functioned fairly loosely until 1987, when the Association of Honorary Rangers was formed with 301 members. The Rules of Association, uniform, insignia and financial structure were adopted and in 1988 all existing Honorary Rangers were required to attend orientation courses in order to be accorded official appointments.

Currently there are almost a 1 000 Honorary Rangers operate nationwide in 30 regions, some of which are active in their nearest park, while others engage in specific projects and initiatives. Honorary Rangers offer their services to the parks as individuals. Being such a large and widespread group, members adhere to a strict code of conduct and are required to complete a selection of courses to prepare them for involvement in the parks.