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Honorary Rangers

Our Initiatives (National Projects)

While all the regions engage in their own projects and initiatives (Go to regions), there are several national projects that transcend all the regions. These are:

Alien Invader Task Group

Destruction of natural habitat through the invasion of alien species is regarded as the single biggest threat to the endemic biological integrity of National Parks and all natural areas. The South African landscape is rife with human introduced species (mainly plants, but some animals) that are threatening to wipe out the indigenous biology. SANParks has neither the manpower nor finances needed to meet the challenge alone, and the support of the HRs and concerned members of the public is critical. The chairperson of the group is Grant Coleman and can be contacted via e-mail:

National Quiz

A national quiz is held annually at the Honorary Ranger Indaba, competing for an annual trophy sponsored by SASOL. Teams of both the HR’s and SANParks compete against each other. Quintin Coetzee from Project Aardvark (KykNet) fame is a big contributor to the questions asked at the quiz events, and that he has been the quiz Master for several years now, and we hope that he will remain so for years to come. The chairperson is John Brankin and he can be contacted via e-mail:

Counter Poaching and Ranger Support Services (CP & RSS)

A ranger’s job is never easy. Limited budgets, long hours, extreme environmental conditions, unpredictable animals, dangerous poachers! Sourcing valuable equipment, resources and funds for the SANParks rangers is one of the most valuable contributions made by Honorary Rangers. Another crucial area of Honorary Ranger support is in the supply of equipment and helping hands for the veterinary staff of SANParks, typified by game capture and transfer.

Exhibitions at various centres are also put together regularly by the HR RSS team and several exciting annual fundraising events that the public can partake in, such as live Game Capture and Classical Concerts in the bush are also facilitated by the HRs. The chairperson of CP &RSS is John Turner and can be contacted via e-mail:

National Training Committee

The courses are a pivotal part of being an Honorary Ranger and allow one to expand ones active knowledge of SANParks and the natural environment. While certain courses are compulsory for Honorary Rangers, they are also open to the general public. The Chairperson is John Brankin and can be contacted via e-mail:

Trunk Call (Honorary Ranger Newsletter)

Keeping everyone informed about the activities of the movement is the challenge of the Trunk Call team. This Newsletter appears in electronic format and is distributed on a bi-monthly basis. The newsletter is a combination of report back on Honorary Ranger activity and achievements and information articles on wildlife and park matters. The chairperson is Linda Spangenberg and Trunk Call can be contacted via e-mail:

Youth Junior Rangers (Junior HRs)

The Youth Junior Rangers group is now in excess of 1 800 Junior Rangers and applicants. This builds their environmental knowledge and park exposure and hopefully paves the way for their involvement with the Honorary Rangers Corps when they come of age. The chairperson is Cedric Hapgood-Strickland and can be contacted via e-mail: See Junior Honorary Rangers for more information.

Bush Camps

Bush Camps are one of the major fundraisers in SANParks. Currently, the only regular bush camp being used as a fundraising event is the Sand River Bush Camp terrain close to Skukuza in Kruger National Park, but plans are afoot to establish more camps.

The aim is to establish bush camps in most of the National Parks we serve, to better the experience for tourists, with drives, walks and the bush experience being high on the list of priorities. We use qualified guides of the highest calibre for these excursions to ensure the safety and comfort of all participating guests.

The events take place trough out the year, with a three night/four day camp, inclusive of game drives, bush walks, tented accommodation and food all included in the price. The Chairman is Piet Andjelkovic and he can be reached at

PEAP (Public Education and Awareness)

This is an outreach effort from the Honorary Rangers to educate and make the general public aware of our environment, and the role we play in it. The group has displays in malls, shopping centres, shows and big public get-togethers with displays of various items, skulls, tusks, skins and posters, all aimed at awakening an interest in people that may not have given it any thought, and to pique the interest of members of the public who are environmentally aware. They also have shows at schools, and the children really enjoy it, and are keen to participate in the displays. The chairperson is Rob Beckwith and can be contacted via e-mail:

  • For more information on events, PEAP Squad and much more...

Birding events at Parks

This is another HR initiative that helps in raising funds, as well as making the birders more aware, and converting non-birders to supporters of Avi-tourism. Many birding days have been held in almost all of our National Parks, and Sasol is a keen sponsor of these events. Birding and bird watching is a hobby that has taken off (literally) worldwide, and many species are to be seen in our Parks. This project is led by Brian Philips as the chairperson and can be contacted via e-mail: