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Honorary Rangers

Role of the Honorary Ranger

The prime aim of the Honorary Rangers is to support the aims of the South African National Parks. Primarily, this involves an endorsement of the philosophy contained in the IUCN’s definition of the concept of “conservation” which is:

“ …… the management of human use of the biosphere so that it may yield the greatest sustained benefit to present generations while maintaining its potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations.”

The vision of the Honorary Rangers is “The Honorary Rangers Organisation is a fully integrated corps of volunteers who assist the South African National Parks in achieving their objectives”.

The mission of the Honorary Rangers is “To provide dynamic and practical support to the South African National Parks in achieving their mission”.

The goal of the Honorary Rangers is:

1. to improve environmental awareness among the general public by using our National Parks as reference areas,
2. to improve and uphold the image of the South African National Parks,
3. to make a visit to a National Park as meaningful and enriching as possible,
4. to help secure the continued existence of South African National Parks.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, there are specific aims which are pursued by the Honorary Rangers. These are:

1. To assist the South African National Parks in its educational efforts in every practical way through:

  • Education of the public so that a favourable atmosphere can be maintained in our National Parks in which the tourist can derive maximum benefit from an experience of nature,
  • Assistance with informative and educational activities inside the National Parks,
  • Assistance with and the launching of informative and educational activities outside the National Parks.

2. To assist the South African National Parks in activities in such a way that the efficiency of these activities can be enforced by:

  • Assistance towards projects of the South African National Parks where such projects cannot be completed successfully out of their own funds or with their own staff,
  • Assistance in certain situations where staff shortages exist, particularly in the tourism section. In keeping with the aims of the Honorary Rangers, an Honorary Ranger should project the image of a helpful friend to the visitors to National Parks. He / she is there to enrich the experience of the visitor to the Park by sharing knowledge or by ensuring that the special atmosphere, which most visitors seek in our National Parks, will remain intact.