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Honorary Rangers


The following are the areas identified by SANParks where Honorary Rangers assist SANParks:

  1. Tourism: Proven skills with regard to tourism service e.g. gate duty, reception, caravan park duty, restaurant and shop duty. There is a Tourism Course on offer to equip Honorary Rangers to adequately carry out these duties.
  2. Communication: Proven skills with regard to presentation of slide shows and lectures to an audience, manning information centres particularly over school holidays and long weekends, establishment of static and mobile displays and publications. Courses in Communication and in Bush Interpretation are offered to enhance experience in providing these services.
  3. People and Conservation: Aimed at environmental education and social awareness of the parks, particularly in those communities that have little or no park experience.
  4. Conservation Management: Capability to provide meaningful information during patrols, good observation skill and an interest and ability to support exercises involving game capture and transfer and other veterinary services. The Bush Interpretation courses are useful in this field.
  5. Professional Services: Professional qualifications are actively utilised in the service of the South African National Parks.
  6. Marketing and Fund-raising Projects: Marketing, business and project management skills as well as fund raising opportunities and management are eagerly applied in fulfilling the needs of the South African National Parks.