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SANParks Junior Rangers

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The primary goal for this trip was to train and inform members of the National Youth Committee about the new Junior Ranger (JR) program, this being P&C Regional coordinators as well Honorary Rangers Regional Facilitators.

Information booklet (dowload, save and print)

Junior Rangers are volunteers between the ages of 12 and 18 who render service to SA National Parks. It is part of SANParks youth outreach work and is assisted by the Honorary Rangers (HR’s) which has been in existence for 45 years and has a very proud tradition of volunteer service to SA National Parks. It is a national movement with 500 plus senior HR members in 28 regions across South Africa. The Junior Rangers are now expanding and now have a representation in 7 of the provinces.

Junior Ranger Facilitators

The Junior Ranger facilitators are drawn from willing educators, members of the public and Honorary Rangers. All of the facilitators have to sign acceptance of a code of conduct and have to complete a probationary period with proof of achievement, only then will they be appointed as a facilitator. To become a facilitator contact your nearest regional facilitator (see brochure).

How do I become a Junior Ranger?

Interested persons can get an application form from one of the Regional Coordinators (see brochure). The forms are sent to the nearest facilitator and they will arrange a selection committee to interview the applicant (usually once a year in January/February).

After being selected candidates stay applicants for at least the first year or till they have completed the prescribed orientation courses and practical. Candidates can only be appointed after the prescribed courses have been completed. Normally, a special ceremony will be held to appoint successful candidates.

Candidates who become Junior Rangers will be re-appointed every year and must:

  • either be involved in a conservation/environmental project, or
  • do at least one prescribed course in a particular year, or
  • demonstrate a high level of involvement/commitment of excellent quality (not only attendance of meetings), to qualify for re-appointment.


Training in the first year will be in the form of an orientation course (an interactive training manual, which has to be completed), being involved in a practical project/workshop plus a portfolio on the year’s activities.



The Junior Rangers can be involved in some of the activities of the Senior Corps but will meet on their own with a facilitator and follow their own programme. Meetings normally take place once a month (except during school vacations) at a venue arranged by the local facilitator. Meetings are normally held on Friday afternoons or on Saturdays. Meetings will have an administrative component but will also be in the form of a mini-workshop.

Other activities

JR’s will visit game reserves/parks, etc as soon as a sponsor is found or funds are generated. JR’s may only do duty in National Parks when a senior ranger or SA National parks official is present.

JR’s take a leading role in conservation clubs, environmental projects in their schools and communities. In between meetings the individual members will work on their projects or be involved in courses.


Once appointed Junior Rangers will wear uniforms.