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Honorary Rangers

How is an Honorary Ranger appointed?

There is no limitation on the number of Honorary Rangers spread throughout South Africa.

The number of Honorary Rangers serving in each area will depend on the requirements of the park and the committee of each region, as well as the aptitude shown by the applicant to get involved and complete the necessary courses.

Depending on the number of Honorary Rangers serving in your area, applicants will either be interviewed by the corresponding region’s Selection committee, or Regional Management Committee at an agreed date.

Once the application has been approved, the applicant will be required to attend and successfully complete the necessary orientation and hospitality courses. The new applicant will also need to attend at least 70% of the regional meetings in his/her area. Active participation in projects and activities will count in his/her favour.

Only after the completion of the compulsory courses and a favourable recommendation by the Regional Management Committee, will the application form of the applicant to be appointed as an Honorary Ranger be forwarded to the SANParks for approval and appointment.

Thereafter, the member will be re-appointed annually by SANParks on recommendation by the region. Aspects taken into account in this regard will be attendance at regional meetings, payments of subscription fees to the region and general performance, attitude and active participation in projects and work parties.

The South African National Parks appoints Honorary Rangers, supplies them with their insignia (which they must pay for), administers their files during their term as an Honorary Ranger and has the right to terminate any appointment.

Who can become an Honorary Ranger?

Any person over the age of 18 years, who is permanently resident in South Africa, may apply for appointment as an Honorary Ranger. Those younger than 18 should enrol as a Junior Ranger.

The Honorary Rangers and SANParks have established a “Friends of SANParks” wing, for people living outside of South Africa or those within who are unable for various reasons to attend regular meetings and be actively involved in the traditional manner. Please contact your nearest region for advice and guidance.