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Honorary Rangers

Public Volunteers in Conservation

The Honorary Rangers as a composite whole, or more frequently in their various regions and national projects organise many participatory events and gatherings around the country.

Some of these are open only to members of the Honorary Rangers while others are open to the public (Public Events) and used to create public environmental awareness, experience the parks or to raise funds for various conservation projects within SANParks.

Those events that are intended for Honorary Rangers participation include:

  • The monthly regional or national project meetings (destinations and regular dates differ between the regions/project teams) - contact your local region for details
  • Ad hoc project related meetings
  • Specified working task group meetings (e.g. coordinated alien invader clearing efforts, game capture, poaching patrols etc.)
  • Coordinated learning courses on various environmental topics
  • Gatherings of the National Executive Council (NEC)
  • Regional Chairman's Meetings (usually once per annum)
  • The Corps annual AGM or Indaba