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People with Disabilities

Disability Contacts

Apart from the Tour Organisers listed under ‘TRAVEL and TOURS’ above, the following are some useful disability contacts:

Eco-Access is an organization that strives to promote access to the natural environment for all people and to promote interaction between disabled and non-disabled people. They follow a policy of INTEGRATION not segregation.

  • Tel: (011) 477 3676
    Fax: (011) 477 3675

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) is an organisation that "strives to prevent spinal cord injury, as well as protect and promote the interests of people with mobility impairments by formulating a national policy and strategy, to develop and ensure the full potential and quality of their lives" (Mission & Values:

  • National Director: Ari Seirlis
    Postal Address: P O Box 2368, Pinetown, 3600
    Tel: (031) 767 0348 / 767 0352
    Fax: (031) 767 0584
    Mobile: 083 676 5064
    "Rolling out Vision & Success for Quadriplegics and Paraplegics"