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Reviewed: How do Mods become Mods?

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Wed May 16, 2012 4:16 pm Unread post
There was a PM from a forumite asking about the Mods selection and the duties they carry online.

So we realized that if there is one member who would like to know about this, there maybe more and decided to post this here, instead of replying in a PM.

Here are the answers to the specific questions that were asked by the member:

How do Mods become Mods?

This started as a natural process soon after the site was initially published at the end of 2004. Within a month of going live, it was clear that the SANParks website administrators cannot manage to monitor the increasing number of posts online, make sure all queries are attended to, and the rules complied with.

A few forumites stood out from the rest and were approached with invitation to become Moderators and help administer the forums.

Normally there are 7 Moderators and while there are 1-2 changes in the team each year, most Mods have been active for the past couple of years.

The arrangement is purely voluntary and the Moderators do not get paid for their work.

Who selects them?

"SANParks" (the SANParks E-Business Manager)

How are they selected?

The following qualities are most important:

- Tremendous Passion for SANParks
- Knowledge about SANParks
- Respect for people and diversity
- Online presence (after hours is beneficial)
- Thick skin

What are their duties?

Refer to Mods Code of Conduct.

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