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snake sightings

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Mon May 07, 2012 1:47 pm Unread post
This is the Python full report update that I got from the Blackberry sightings updater:

"We were watching the python with a couple of other cars and safari operators. The snake was coming our way and the guy behind me didn't understand when I asked him to move. The safari operator told us he saw the snake dissapear under our car. He suggested we go to Grano koppies to have a look. All the cars followed us and when we opened the bonnet he was lying on the engine. We patted him and he got out the way he came in"

My question is : Who opened the bonnet??? :lol:
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Re: snake sightings

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Mon May 07, 2012 2:04 pm Unread post
Hahahahah, I would have fainted on the spot. :naughty:

Re: snake sightings

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Sat May 12, 2012 9:58 pm Unread post
Hi all.
Sorry for not replying sooner, but when technology fails on you, it does so with a bang!
We had no idea where the snake was and I told SO I had previously seen pics of snakes on engines.
He got out, I pulled the lever to open the bonnet, he opened it and screamed to bring the camera. Mr snake was lying on the engine and eye balled the comotion around him. SO isn't afraid of snakes, patted it a few times, grabbed it by the tail and that was when he decided to vacate and went out the way he got in. He was unharmed, sailed away and later that morning we received a message from KNP sightings that someone saw a relaxed python on Grano Hill.
Afterwards we had a real good laugh about some of the reactions as the snake exited.
Something neither of us experienced before and we were just glad the snake was ok and there was no damage to the car.

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