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Cricket 2011 funds camera traps for KTP

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Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:44 pm Unread post
Hi everyone

As many of you are aware, KTNP (Kgalagadi) were very involved in the Cricket@Skukuza event this year. In fact, they were joint pioneers of the entire event when it started. Jannie (KTP Guru) brings a team to the event - which alone is a great project for those in the team as for many it is a first time trip to KNP. A first time to see green grass and a first time to see zebra.

When KTNP approached the Virtual region of the HRs (VHRs) with motivation for an additional two camera traps, the region had no reservations about agreeing to the purchase of these cameras. So many, and much, will benefit from these additional cameras - including you, the forumite.

KTNP proposal received - summary wrote
There are currently two camera traps in use in the park, one in the Guiding department and the other in the Nature Conservation department.

Guiding Department
The specific camera trap is the private property of Jan Kriel which is being used to be put out at respective waterholes to see what species there is around the area at night and the pictures are then used to be posted on the SANParks forum as an extra ‘service’ to the guests to the park. It has shown to be very popular as it attracts plenty of new forumites to the Arid forum and has the potential to bring more guests to the park. The information gathered through the pictures also helps the guiding department to create new activities around the times when most animals are spotted.

In co-operation with the Bio-technician and Section Ranger in KTP we advise them of any interesting sightings where they can monitor lion movement and rare species and also the status / health of animals.

It would be great if we could get another camera which will be used at the respective wilderness camps on a rotation basis to allow KTP to show guests what happens around these waterholes at night.

Nature conservation Department

Currently there is one such camera in use at a gate which leads to the border of the park. This gate is being used by several staff and staff visitors and the problem is that people do not close the gate which opens up the opportunity for unlawful guests to enter the park or for people taking SANParks property out of the park.

Since the implementation of the camera the problem of unlawful people and the fact that the gate was left open has decreased dramatically.

There is still one gate which leads from the main camp to the staff camp which poses a problem for poaching, unlawful people entering the camp. Due the lack of manpower and to put a gate guard at the gate. Chances are being taken by people and therefore we request a second camera to be placed at this gate to control the movement of the people and if so it will act as an anti-poaching measure as well.

The VHRs also agreed to sponsor a third camera trap for the Kgalagadi. This one is already in use in the Nature conservation department and is the one referred to in the above motivation.

A great big thank you to all those who contributed to the funds raised at Cricket 2011 :clap: :clap:
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Re: Cricket 2011 funds camera traps for KTP

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Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:09 pm Unread post
Hi there guys,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the KTP team for the efforts to purchase the trap cams. It will not only help us with the security in the park but also by bringing the forumites closer to the park through the pictures taken at the respective waterholes.

Thanks so much

Re: Cricket 2011 funds camera traps for KTP

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Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:22 am Unread post
This is great news. Jannie will be so busy posting photos.

I will be able to try out my new torch from the online auction in a couple of weeks. :D

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