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Clarity on giving rhino locations on the forums

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Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:09 am Unread post
Dear 'mites

With the current war on rhino poaching we need to do our bit here on the forums as well. Please do not mention actual locations of rhinos when posting on the forums in reports etc. This is one way we can help save our rhinos.

This is an appeal made in a previous announcement. We have no control over the rhinos visiting the cams, nor that locations are marked on sightings boards in camps, but just ask for your co-operation when it comes to posting yours, or other people's sightings on the forums.

Sharing the experience of a wonderful sighting is welcomed. It is common knowledge where rhino are found - such as in the Kruger National Park, so no harm in saying 'we saw a rhino when on a walk there' - all that is being asked is the actual location is not revealed. For both black and white rhino.

Do not say: We saw a rhino at 10am drinking at Transport Dam this morning.

Rather say: We had a lovely rhino sighting on our drive this morning.

If you feel someone is giving away rhino locations, please PM a mod to deal with this, or report the post. Members may not attack other members via PM for giving rhino locations.

The mod team.

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