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As it stands

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Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:24 pm Unread post
I thought I might do a round up of where we are with all the quizzes.

Advanced Star Gazing, Quiz Master (OneWithNature).
Awaiting some more instruction.

Grass Quiz, Open Quiz.
New question required.
Listen to the Call of the Wild, Open Quiz.
Anyone fancy recording and posting some more?

Dotty's Mystery Quiz, Open Quiz.
Does someone want to while away the upcoming SA winter by compiling some more jigsaws?

Aquatic creatures Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
We need someone to pose a question.

Dangerous creatures, plants quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Elzet is awaiting the answer to:
I have teeth and give birth twice in a row from a single mating. I am a bit shallow. From time to time I visit homes and I like tree climbing too. What am I?

Butterfly and Moth Quiz, Open Quiz.
New question anyone?

Digital Distorts, Open Quiz.
Any one fancy playing with photos?

Where in SANParks?, Open Quiz.
forestgump is awaiting an answer to : Which SANPark?

Where in Kruger? (With animals), Open Quiz.
New question. Anyone?

Readers General Quiz, Open Quiz.
New question needed.

Guess the SANPark quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Wildflowergirl answered the last question correctly. But I'm sure someone else could pose one instead?

Multiple Choice, Revolving Quiz.
Siobain answered Tom124's questions but didn't get a response...

Dung Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Needs a new question (although Siobain can't still be in KNP...)

Spoor Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Needs a new question (although OWN can't still be in KNP...)

Imberbe answered correctly last but first to post is IT.

Who Said That ?, Open Quiz.
So who's read something interesting in a Trip Report or elsewhere on the Forum's recently?

Predator Quiz, Open Quiz.
Waiting for Siobain to answer her question.

Anyone want to try out their lateral thinking skills as we need to new question.

Waiting for new instructions...

Great Eye-in-the-sky Quiz, Open Quiz.
Who's good with Google Earth?

What is the wild white thing?, Open Quiz.
Another pic required.

H. erectus wants us to discuss, does the moon affect behaviour?

Lost in Kruger - HELP, Quiz Master.
Nungu, are you still lost?

Tree and plant quizz, Revolving Quiz.
OWN knew Australian blackwood so we need a new question. First to post is IT.

Jeopardy, Quiz Master.
Nungu? Or we could make it an OQ or RV ...

Revolving Mammal Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Lionqueen answered Siobain's question but we don't know if she was correct.

Insect Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Imberbe answered Rooies question correctly but then Ndloti posed:
Is it true that dung beetles are host to a parasite which detects the odour of the dung and by moving or vibrating in a certain way guides the dung beetle onto the dung ?

If not, why not?, Revolving Quiz.
Our poor guide is in trouble again,
But what do you suggest they should have done after seeing the approaching storm?

Puzzle Corner.
Anyone want a go at setting a new Crossword?

Reptile Quiz, Revolving Quiz.
OWN answered incorrectly but is still IT, but I'm sure he won't mind anyone else having a go.

Bird Quizz, Revolving Quiz.
Rooies asked:
Name three raptor species that use spider webs to build their nests. For a bonus point, why do they use it?
and is feeling a bit lonely...

Anyone else got photos of something they forgot what it was?

Fact or myth, Revolving Quiz.
Radman has gone walkabout, anyone else want to know a fact from a myth?

Where in Kruger?, Open Quiz.
New photo required.

Spot the Animal, Open Quiz.
Any one got a photo of a hidden animal?

Animal call quiz, Revolving Quiz,
Richman is thinking but if anyone else can pose a question, please do.

Who's line is it any way, Revolving Quiz.
OWN asked:
Which year were white lions reintroduced back into the wild of Southern Africa?
. Wildflowergirl thought 1975, backed up by Richman but we are still awaiting the answer...

Kruger camps and places quiz, Revolving Quiz.
OWN answered correctly last time...

The easy (ish) quiz, Revolving Quiz.
Leo21 answered correctly.

No-Kudu-Horns Quiz, Open Quiz.
One for the newbies. BrendaK posed:
Name the 4 best known Iron Age sites in SANParks in the Limpopo Province.

True or False?, Revolving Quiz.
OWN answered correctly last time but if someone else wants to have a go?

The Kgalagadi Quiz, Open Quiz.
Picnic asked:
What animal would I love to see in KTP?(never saw one at all)

I'm thinking of!, Revolving Quiz.
Most popular quiz of them all.
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Re: As it stands

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Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:04 pm Unread post
Wow that's lots of effort Saraf :thumbs_up: Thanks!
Under 'Who Said That' I posed a question without an answer :whistle:

Re: As it stands

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Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:06 am Unread post
Gosh, Saraf, that was a magnificent effort! :clap: :clap:

Inspiration indeed to get our body parts in order and post some answers / questions again ...

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