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Identification Help topics
Birding: Being specific when requesting ID help
Big Brown Bird
Birding: Being specific when requesting ID help
Bird Identification - Tips for newbies
LBJ ID - Interesting discussions
General Birds ID - Interesting discussions
Raptor ID - Interesting discussions
Identification Help - Raptors
Identification Help - LBJs
Help ID birds on the Webcams
Identification Help for General Birds
I don't speak "birding lingo"

Chat Flycatcher or Familiar Chat?
ID issues: Cape- vs white-backed vultures
Tawny/Wahlbergs and other confusing raptors.
Tips on id'ing a raptor

Virtual Birding:
Birding school for ducklings. (Beginners)
Bird ID Challenge. (Intermediate - Advanced)
Bird Call Challenge

Your Birding "Score"
Most birds seen in one day? Whose record is it?
How many birds on your list
Southern African Bird Photography Life List

Index to must-read and Bird/Birding Related topics
Birding ethics
Birdlife SA Training in Pretoria Area
Birds with deformed beaks
Bogey Birds
Bird ID required on its sounds, please.
Bird Migrations and Qualeas
General questions and chatter
Honeyguides: General Info
How/ where do you keep your list of birds.
Index to birds, our forum library
Is it a Bird?
IUCN Red Data List
Leucistic Birds
Migrating patterns (Birds)
New bird names
Southern Masked Weavers may "learn" how to build nests...
Video raptors: Birds of Prey
What is your favorite Bird Call
When do birds return
Which is your favourite bird
Which is your most favourite bird?

..... and More....
Bird Quizz

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