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In the garden: Plants for birds/animals in winter

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Unread postby Jumbo » Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:10 pm

Senyetse, in total we planted 13 new trees in the bush around our house….only one made it, a Corral Tree (but it is still small). The dry conditions the past summer and now this winter, combined with the onslaught of the kudus was too much for the small trees ….we do not really mind the kudus though, as Imberbe we also believe that that is actually their place.
We have put up mesh wire around some of the tree to protect them but this was just pushed over. The Corral Tree seems to be quite hardened, the wire protection get pushed over every now and then, the tree is eaten till there is only a few twigs left, and then after a few weeks it seems fine again.

The Aloes is a winner with animals and birds alike. The flowers are used by so many birds in winter….some you would never have thought of, like the Fork-tailed Drongo!! Initially we thought this bird is after insects that are attracted to the flowers, but it appears that it actually enjoys the nectar!

I have to say, after trying to get these 13 trees to grow, I have so much more respect for every big tree I see in the bush…..they beat all odds to actually reach a decent size, and it takes so many years. Cutting down a grown tree should be banned by law, honestly!

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Unread postby bucky » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:47 am

Unless of course its an invader that you cut down !

Jumbo , just watch your coral tree carefully , they are prone to a boring insect in there branches , if you notice something like this happening in the branch , you have to cut it far back or else the borer will go all the way back into the stem and kill the tree .

I hope some of your trees shoot up again though .

Did you try plant some buffalo thorn ?

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