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Many Thanks to.... Many

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Many Thanks to.... Many

Unread postby wyld@hrt » Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:35 am

Hi Guys

Not new on here, just dont post much. You guys keep me well enough informed to be able to keep me happily silent (mostly). I would however just like to share my experience over this past weekend. There used to be a complaints and compliments topic but for the life of me I just cant find it at the moment so excuse the 'new' topic.

Firstly, this weekend was a bit of a last minute thing and was simply meant to be 2 day visits with friends who had never been here before. Late Friday though, LATE Friday, while in Skukuza for a final stop it was decided that a stay at least for a night would actually be great so off to Reservations I went. Many thanks to the lady present, I'm honestly bad at names so please excuse me, as she helped very promptly and efficiently in getting a booking at Berg n' Dal for the following evening.

Secondly, (simply in chronological order) I must give most effusive praise to Rasta (his name I did get :lol: ) who was our guide for the sunset drive at BND. Unfortunately, there was a lout on board who was 'on something' :wall: and generally made life miserable for the majority with his foul mouth and demeanour. Unfortunately, a group of guys in the back saw this as their opportunity to jump on the band wagon so to speak and made things.... not so great :wall: Congrats to Rasta who, when finally had enough, had the lout (sorry, no other word suffices) removed via Steven (?) who came to pick him up. Great work all round that :clap: The last hour of the drive then continued without a hitch and with great sightings; Elephant, Rhino and for my 10 year old charge the absolute highlight.... lions. Thanks Rasta, a really good outing.

Lastly, but certainly most leastly, to the Manager at the Jackalberry Restaurant in Skuks (I didnt get a name :lol: ) I must certainly say a very grateful thank you for the waffles you organised on Sunday Mid-morning even though you were closed at the time. You have NO idea how bearable you made the drive back to Harties. Woman and what they want and all that.... :roll: Sir.... I salute you as a gentleman, a scholar and a peacemaker :clap:

I have the pleasure/misfortune (in equal amounts) to travel to various resorts up and down the Eastern half of the country in my job and honestly, the service I received this weekend far surpasses what I get at 'so called' 5 star places. Hats off to all.

Cheers Everyone

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Re: Many Thanks to.... Many

Unread postby DinkyBird » Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:40 am

Thank you for the feedback w@h ... am going to place your post in a forum so your compliments can be forwarded to Kruger.

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Re: Many Thanks to.... Many

Unread postby RosemaryH » Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:23 pm

Hi wyld@hrt thanks for sharing :thumbs_up:
I certainly will pass your compliments on :D

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