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 Post subject: Index to Reptiles (except Snakes)
Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:47 am 
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Distinguished Virtual Ranger
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Location: Johannesburg - where they cut down trees and name streets after them.
Agama: Ground
Agama: Rock Agama
Agama: Tree

Chameleon: Cape dwarf

Crocodile Nile
Nile Crocodile

Chameleon (General discussion)

Frog: African Bullfrog
Frog: Arum Lily
Frog: Banded Rubber
Frog: Brown-backed Tree
Frog: Bush Squeaker
Frog: Cape Mountain Rain (Breviceps montanus)
Frog: Cape River
Frog: Clawed Frogs (Platana)
Frog: Common River (Afrana angolensis)
Frog: Eastern Olive Toad
Frog: Foam Nest
Frog: Giant Bullfrog
Frog: Natal Sand
Frog: Painted Reed
Frog: Red Toad
Frog: Spotted Shovel Nose
Frog: Snoring Puddle
Frog: Striped Stream

Frogs may predict earthquakes
Batmads Frog Course

Gecko: Barking
Gecko: Bibron's thicktoed
Gecko: Bibron’s Tubercled
Gecko: Cape Dwarf
Gecko: Giant Ground
Gecko: Moreau's Tropical House
Gecko: Transvaal

Geckos (General discussion)

Lizard: Black Girdle
Lizard: Black-lined plated
Lizard: Blue-spotted girdled
Lizard: Bushveld
Lizard: Bushveld sand
Lizard: Common Flat
Lizzard: Common Long-tailed seps
Lizard: Crag
Lizard: Giant plated
Lizard: Girdle-tailed (Sungazers/Ouvolk)
Lizard: Karoo Sandveld
Lizard: Rainbow Skink
Lizard: Rough-scaled plated
Lizard: Tawny Plated
Lizard: Yellow Throated plated
Lizard: Zimbabwe flat

Monitor: Rock (Tree)
Monitor: Water (Nile)

Skink: Cape Legless
Skink: Giant Legless
Skink: Karasburg Tree
Skink: Mozambique dwarf burrowing
Skink: Rainbow (Five-lined)
Skink: Striped
Skink: Western Rock

Terrapin: Helmeted/Marsh
Terrapin: Hinged
Terrapin: Serrated Hinged

Tortoise: Angulate
Tortoise: Leopard
Tortoise: Serrated or Kalahari Tent
Tortoise: Speke's Hinged

Tortoises (General discussion)
Tortoise vs Terrapin

Please everyone, I'm not the expert. :wink:
If you see mistakes or links not working please post in this topic for my attention?
Should you have any suggestions, please feel free. This is your forum after all. :)

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

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