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Big Mistake

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Re: Big Mistake

Unread postby UKbadger » Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:13 pm

It’s the old “be prepared thing” again, there is no completely standard setting for Bush Shooting on the move as the situation changes constantly.

My trick for this is to constantly be playing the “what if game”.

What if –

- a Lep stepped out into that gap, would the bright rocks blow out

– an eagle flew over head, would it be just a black n white –

- a H Badger appeared in the shade of those trees

- is the light so lacking in bright highlights that I can overexpose for max detail?!!

If in doubt, take a shot, look at the histogram and be confident!

At first it is very tiring, but it becomes almost automatic after a while. The settings on my cam are constantly changing with the light, the terrain and what is most likely to happen.

It’s like seeing around you, “through” your cam, even when it’s not up to your eye.

Hmmm, :hmz: the “most likely to happen” bit never seems to for me, but often something similar but SURPRISING dose!


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