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Snakes: Can snakes climb through windows?

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Jon Richfield
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Re: Can snakes climb through windows?

Unread postby Jon Richfield » Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:51 pm

Jennavee wrote:Thanks Fooble. I think it was more than likely a male boomslang. Even just looking at the pic, gives me the heebs!

Jen, I agree with the others. It really is worth while getting comfortable with snakes. Start with lizards if that is easier for you. What the people omitted to stress when they mentioned that snakes could get through windows, is that
1: They seldom do
2: When they do so in your area it is almost never a dangerous snake.
3: I have never even heardof a boomslang biting anyone without being handled roughly. You could sleep in a bed full of them without coming to harm. (I don't recommend that, but...)
Letting yourself remain unnecessarily afraid is to deprive yourself of a great pleasure.



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