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Need some help looking for a camping spot

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Need some help looking for a camping spot

Unread postby PantoffelSlippers » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:05 pm

Hi all,

I need some advice on camping locations. At the end of September, I'm looking to create a long weekend using that public holiday to take a friend on a camping/wildlife experience.

I can't find a suitable place to go though. Here's what I'm looking for:
- Accommodation not too expensive. No luxury stuff. Self-catering, basic, cheap. Camping or safari tents are great!
- Wildlife. I need wildlife. Not necessarily the entire big 5 but I'd like to at least hear Hyena calling when I go to sleep.
- Close contact... Seclusion and isolation is good. Looking for a small but preferably unfenced camp.
- Self drive. The reserve needs to allow self drive during the day.
- Proximity to Gauteng. I'm willing to travel up to 8 hours or so. Preferably, closer to 6.

Perfect would be unfenced camping in a big five game reserve that allows self drive within 8 hours from pretoria.

Anyone knows a place that could support my needs? Cant really see anything suitable in/ around Kruger or the ivory route.

I'm looking at Kgalagadi but it seems the SA side is already fully booked. Cant find facility online to check availability of Rooiputs etc. Maybe also Mabua or Mapungubwe.

Please make some recommendations

Thanks in advance!

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