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Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby spargish » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:56 am

Hi Fuzzy

I did yes. There are potholes before and after Lydenburg and before Orighstad. We are aware of them so take it slightly slower than usual and pass the potholes with ease. The route is a lot quieter than going through Bushbuck Ridge to get to Orpen.

If you want to take the scenic route and not be drive at or over the speed limit then I dont think the route will have any problems.
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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby merops » Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:50 pm

I am going to Punda Maria later this month and wondered if the best route is still the R81 via Giyani and Mooketsi or to go to Makhado (Louis Trichard) and link up with the R524? I haven't done the trip for ages but always used to do the Giyani route and would appreciate the input from people who have done the trip recently. Many thanks

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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby Esusino » Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:27 pm

Dear all

we will be landing at Tambo and have booked the first night at Sabie (just outside the camp)
What will be the best route?

Google advises taking N12/N4 up to Nelspruit, is that a good road?

Do you know any good car rental to book with? I will prefer a 4WD as we plan to stay off the gravel road as much as possible when inside KNP


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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby Elsa » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:27 am

Andrea, I can't really comment on the roads to take, not in my neck of the woods but sure you will receive info on that shortly!

Do have a read through the following topics Auto Rental advice needed and also Car choice/best vehicle/Insurance for Kruger for lots of info and advice.
Also just note you don't really need a 4WD vehicle for the regular gravel roads in Kruger, but a high clearance can be useful but not essential.
The only time you will need a 4 x 4 is if you plan on driving any of the specific 4 x 4 trails offered.
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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby s2000ap » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:51 am

Wont be taking the R40 North of the R535 turnoff if at all possible in the future. The road is busy, the centre lines are barely visible and although the condition of the surface is good, IMO there are many hazards on the road. EG: While driving to Orpen gate we overtook two taxis which were parked on the side but well onto the road and although not visible we must have crossed a double line as a cop pulled us up further down the road. We ended up paying him a fine which he was to formalise at Bushbuckridge. Heard a story later at a business up the road but hopefully the fine was paid into revenue. IMO.

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Re: Driving (best route) to/from Kruger

Unread postby rcrRodrigo » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:05 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm going to Satara on June 2015 form Pretoria with my wife and kid. According to Google Maps, the best way would be:

Take the N4 to Belfast,
Then take the R540 to Lynderburg,
Then take the R36 ,
Then take the R531 close to Hoedspruit.

I would like to know :

1- if this is a good choice of way? Or maybe, take the N4 straight to Crocodile Bridge, and then, using the roads inside the Kruger to go to Satara? According to google Maps, the time is similar (difference of 0:30 min), and on the second options, the speed limit inside the Park is 50 Km/h, but the roads are good and there is no chance to be stopped by the local police and have to pay some bribe.

2- If go through Orpen, where is a good place to buy some food like bread, fridge stuff, meat, etc before go inside the park?


Rodrigo - Pretoria

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