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Camp Choice??

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Meandering Mouse
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Re: Camp Choice??

Unread postby Meandering Mouse » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:34 pm

Tiko, my choice would probably be Croc Bridge. I love the diversity of roads, the S28 offers so much in all seasons.

I don't have my map with me, but the main road to Lower Sabie, the gravel road towards Malelane offer such diversity.

I do tend to enjoy the smaller camps with a more intimate atmosphere.

Berg n Dal is a lovely camp and it is certainly well run, my only problem is that it does take a long time to get onto different routes.
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Bush Baptist
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Re: Camp Choice??

Unread postby Bush Baptist » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:41 pm

BnD has a pool & restaurant, Croc Bridge does not.
You can camp next to the perimeter fence in both.
Both are in game rich areas, including wild dog & leopard.
BnD is a large more modern camp, Croc Bridge is smaller.
BnD accom is up market, Croc Bridge has safari tents as well as chalets.
I have never stayed at BnD, but the safari tents (7&8) are on the fence and my first choice in the south of the park.
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Re: Camp Choice??

Unread postby Hippotragus » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:11 pm

I prefer Crocodile Bridge Camp - it is small and feels "in the bush", even though it is so near the edge of the Park. Most of the bungalows are on the fence - there are two that are a little way from the fence. The roads from there are great - the S25 along the river, the S28 up towards Lower Sabie and the tar road H4-2 also up to Lower Sabie - all of which produce good sightings.

Berg 'n Dal is a larger more modern camp, well-run and well-maintained. But, being larger, one does not get quite the same "bush" feel. There are also slightly more limited road options.

Have a wonderful trip, whatever you decide.
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Which Camp?

Unread postby Yocheez99! » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:40 pm

Hi everybody, :gflower:
I was just wondering which of these you would recommend? :think:
We are going May 2014.

Bateleur Bushveld Camp
Biyamiti Bushveld Camp
Shimuwini Bushveld Camp
Sirheni Bushveld Camp
Talamati Bushveld Camp

Thanks alot
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Re: Which Camp?

Unread postby onewithnature » Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:45 am

All of them, Yocheez. :wink: Every one of those camps is unique and gorgeous. Shimuwini is my favourite - I love the positioning and layout of the camp - but all will yield surprises and pleasures. Biyamiti is the most southerly of the five, and has great roads for a diversity of game and predator sightings. Talamati is also well placed for predators and a wide variety of other animals, and the S36, H7, and other roads in the Satara area are all excellent and accessible. Shimuwini is more centrally situated (in a south-north direction) and is great for general game, whilst wild dog are often spotted near the Phalaborwa Gate. Sirheni is tucked away on a lovely private road and, though the mopani bush is quite thick, the wildness of the area and the camp itself is wonderful; I always love to drive the Mphongolo Loop, which has spectacular trees and often surprising sightings. Bataleur has the Red Rocks loop and Tshange close by, and close to camp are two wonderful dams where I have never been disappointed with sightings. In summary, then, Yocheez, the choice is yours, but whatever you choose, I know you enjoy it.

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Camp choice ..... Croc Bridge or Malelane

Unread postby deamole » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:48 am

Well in October I will be bringing a few American tourists to our Beloved Kruger. This will be the third year in a row that I have done this. Sharing the beauty of Africa with my fellow Americans never gets old.

I would like a bit of advice on accommodations.

We will be staying the 1st 2 nights in BD2V units at Olifants and then 3 nights in BD2V units at Satara. There are no perimeter units available at Lower Sabie for our last 2 nights and I have had poor experiences with the restaurant service at Lower Sabie in the past, so I am looking at booking the final 2 nights at Malelane or Crocodile Bridge. I have stayed at Malelane in the past, had great sightings and really enjoyed the camp. I have never stayed at Croc Bridge before but have had good sightings on that side as well.

Any opinions between Malelane and Croc Bridge? Final option would be Berg en Dal as well.

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Meandering Mouse
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Legendary Virtual Ranger
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Re: Camp choice ..... Croc Bridge or Malelane

Unread postby Meandering Mouse » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:58 am

Hi deamole.

Sounds like a great itinerary.

I like both camps. Malelane is a lovely intimate little camp with loads of atmosphere. Croc Bridge is slightly larger, but still filled with good bush feel.

As much as I really enjoy both camps, my preference would be Croc Bridge. It really is the most prolific in terms of the potential for interesting animal sightings. If given a choice, Croc Bridge is my first preference. It has greater road diversity, greater sighting potential.

The S28 between Croc Bridge and Lower Sabie has been one of my most productive roads. It has regular Cheetah sightings, as well as Lion and Leopard. It is worth taking a drive to Duke's waterhole, another interesting place. I have had most of my wild dog sightings in the Croc Bridge area.

A drive out to Hippo pools as a sundowner drive will be the perfect ending to your trip.
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tent dweller
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Re: Camp choice ..... Croc Bridge or Malelane

Unread postby tent dweller » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:59 am

deamole, I would suggest Berg en Dal, I had the pleasure of staying in Berg en Dal in December 2014 for 2 nights. The accommodation was superb, clean, well looked after, the restaurant served good food, the service was faultless and the prices were very acceptable. The shop was very well stocked with friendly, helpful staff. The swimming pool was sparkling clean, we enjoyed it so much that we have booked for longer in December 2014.
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Re: Camp choice ..... Croc Bridge or Malelane

Unread postby kite » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:21 am

Bear in mind there is no restaurant at Croc Bridge nor Malelane and the offerings at Lower Sabie should be much improved with the new franchise in operation!

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Re: Camp choice ..... Croc Bridge or Malelane

Unread postby Bundi » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:26 am

There is no comparison.

Croc Bridge is one of the best kept secrets in the park.

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Which restcamp is better: Shingwedzi or Mopani?

Unread postby Asking81 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:32 pm

We will be travelling to Kruger in November 2014, our first visit, and are unsure which restcamp is better to stay in: Shingwedzi or Mopani. We are keen to be based in the northern part of the park for the first half of our stay and are torn between camps.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Carol g
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Re: Which restcamp is better: Shingwedzi or Mopani?

Unread postby Carol g » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:38 pm

Welcome to the forums Asking81, I do hope you have a lovely trip

Mopani and Shingwetzi are both lovely camps, my favorite is Shingwetzi, I've always had great sightings there

Why don't you try and spend a few nights a both of them, I'm sure you will be rewarded with wonderful sightings
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Re: Which restcamp is better: Shingwedzi or Mopani?

Unread postby PNF » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:43 pm

Hi Asking81 and welcome to the forum!

Carolg has given you good advice - try both Shingwedzi and Mopani. Although they are only about 60kms apart their different environments give you a good choice of sightings. From Shingwedzi, you can easily get to Pafuri/Crooks Corner and back in a day. Mopani is close to several good waterholes - specifically Mooiplaas and Tihongonyeni.
Whatever you choose - enjoy!
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Re: Which restcamp is better: Shingwedzi or Mopani?

Unread postby yoda » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:08 am

Carol g wrote:Have you considered spending a night or two at Olifants, it is on a hill and has the most beautiful view of the Olifants river, and the sunrise and sunset views are breathtaking

Olifants is my fave camp :thumbs_up:
The views are spectacular.

If you have the time, stay at Shingwedzi and then move a bit further south to Olifants for a few nights.
Shingwedzi will give you plenty of Elephants, big Buffalo herds, and rare antelope.
From Olifants you can head south towards Satara where there will be more plains game and possibly associated predators.

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anne catherine
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Re: Which restcamp is better: Shingwedzi or Mopani?

Unread postby anne catherine » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:10 pm

Whatether you choose and seems for now your choice is Shingwedzi and Letaba,it will be nice.

I find Shingwedzi and Letaba are more "old"atmosphere and have more characters than Mopani and Olifants,inside camps speaking and like a lot these two camps.

Mopani and Olifants are great for their view,over a beautiful dam with dead trees for Mopani,and a stunning view over a river at Olifants,but i don't find their general atmosphere special.
Olifants is more crowded than Mopani where you can feel a little alone sometime,specially in the restaurant in the evening :(
At Olifants,you can have great drive with Lourens who is back there :D
Near Mopani camp you have two Hides,good for birds and the Tropic of Capricorn loop is usally great sightings wise.

I will also be in the park in november - beginning of december and for the north center i have choose this time Punda,Sirheni,Mopani and Letaba...i will stop for snacks at Shingwedzi and Olifants.

Punda is the lonely camp where i will stay four nights,in the others generally two.

I will drive at the beginnig of my stay untill Skukuza where i will stay 3 nights; i must say it was the only camp i really hated before,but i have change my mind a little about it now...a lot of nice roads to drive from there.

For now,seems there are still a lot of place available in November in camps;where you are in a camp,for exemple Shingwedzi for four nights and change your mind wanting mooving earlier,you can go to the checking office of Shingwedzi and ask them changing one or two nigths for Mopani,and they will arrange you if they can.Same at Letaba.I have already done this without any problem.

Wish you a very nice stay in the park,i will have my yellow ribbon flying from 21th november to 7th december :D

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