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 Post subject: After hours traffic.
Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:40 pm 

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Have just returned from a super Kruger trip but was dismayed to see lots of instances of speeding traffic outside of normal gate hours.The following are just 2 examples of this.
1. leaving Talamati at 6am we encounter 2 private minibus taxis within 10 mins coming the other way,and speeding..Orpen gate and camp is 27kms away so should take 40 mins at 40kph.So my question is where did they come from,how fast were they driving,and if they entered at Orpen they must have been let thro way before 6am.
2.on a sunset drive out of Berg en Dahl we turn onto the H3 tar road heading south at 6.30pm. Melelane gate is 12 K away so 10 mins.We are passed by 2 speeding private cars and the worst was a large delivery truck doing at least 70 kph.(Gate closing was 6pm).
Needless to say in both of these instances we saw no animals on or near the roads and felt the sunset drive pretty worthless cos any animal on the road would have been dead!
My question is,what are the rules for driving outsite of normal gate hours.Having been visiting Kruger for 20years I can say without doubt that out of hours traffic and speeding is hugely increased whilst at the same time sightings in the first hour,on or by the roads,are massively down.This is not just my opinion but shared by all I talk to.One lady suggested that hyenas were a rarity now,in fact in our recent trip I cannot remember 1 memorable sighting in the first hour,and that was in 3.5 weeks,and out at gate opening every morning.We saw more leopards(10sightings) than hyenas(4 sightings).
I know some will say why is he moaning with so many leopards,but anyone who has been visiting for 20 years or more will notice the difference.
What do you think?

 Post subject: Re: After hours traffic.
Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:18 am 
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Afriphile, sadly there have been a lot of complaints and concerns.

Sanparks did take very decisive action against a company that involved the killing of an impala. I hope that gives a message that speeding will not be tolerated.

With tracking technology, it is getting easier and cheaper to keep tabs on cars. I hope this becomes a feature of the future. :pray: :pray: :pray: I am thinking not only of staff vehicles, but many visitors as well.

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 Post subject: Re: After hours traffic.
Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:41 am 
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Afriphile, I have been going to Kruger for round about the same time period as you, and there is no doubt that speeding has indeed noticeably increased. I'm sure there are several factors that have contributed and it cannot be easy for SANParks to monitor all their roads all the time. I believe a good option would be to use averaging cameras, placing a camera at an entrance gate and again close to the next camp. It does not help people then to speed because, in order to maintain an average speed on or less than the speed limit, they would have to either slow down drastically or stop for extended periods to compensate for periods of speeding. And we all know that people in a hurry will not find it easy to do that. I would urge SANparks to look into this option as a viable way forward, and if successful will certainly free up personnel for other duties and lower costs.


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