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Tamboti Satellite Camp

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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread postby minettest » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:39 am

:mrgreen: I'm green with envy still 9 months for us from today
29/06/16 - tamboti
30/06/16 - tamboti
1/07/16 - berg en dal
2/07/16 - berg en dal
3/07/16 - lower sabie
4/07/16 - lower sabie
5/07/16 - crocodile bridge
6/07/16 - crocodile bridge


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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread postby RondaGreen » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:37 am

I spent three nights in Tamboti. I asked for and was given a tent fairly close to the toilet block, for which I was grateful. I never saw the honey badgers (I was hoping to see them, but not too close or in the food cupboard!!) although I did finally see one late in the day south of Skukuza, racing across the road as though it had been disturbed by something. Nor did I see baboons (although saw plenty elsewhere). While driving just after dawn I saw hyenas, lion and jackals, and a pair of amorous warthogs, and on my final morning a leopard crossed the road right in front of me! On a sunset drive we saw lion and cheetah before dark, then my first bushbabies and civets. Add to this the calls of lion and hyenas at night, and that I wasn't as cold as I'd anticipated (I did have a warm sleeping bag in addition to the blankets though, and two hot water bottles and long underwear) and I was very happy I decided to spend those three nights there.
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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread postby Tessa G » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:49 pm

I am so pleased that you enjoyed your stay at Tamboti RhondaGreen. One of our favourites.

We were also lucky as far as not being hassled by the baboons on our last trip, but did have a midnight visit by the badger. We did not see him, but heard him. :lol:

Lovely sightings too. :thumbs_up:

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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread postby kssager » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:21 am

Stayed for 3 nights in August at luxury tent #39. Never saw a baboon or honey badger....just a few pesky vervets. Honestly the only animal we saw from our tent besides spurfowl and vervets was a single bushbuck and a genet. Heard plenty of hyenas throughout the night though. I will say that #39 needs the brush cut back along the fence in order to get a better view. We had a single tunnel view straight across the river bed...absolutely no view up/down the river. I did sneak over to #40 before new people arrived, and thought they also needed to trim the bushes looking out over river bed. This is the corner unit (and many say is the best)....but seeing anything along the other fence is tough unless it is right next to it as the vegetation is so thick. I walked the other way, and wish I wrote down which one was the was either 36,37, or 38 from the 5 I looked at (I think 37). I also peeked at the view from a few of the non-luxury tents (communal ablutions) and thought there view was better and more clear. But honestly I am not complaining as we are on drives all day...and by the time we get back, we have very little daylight to see anything anyways.
One thing our ranger did talk about while going out for our sunset drive was the fact that Tamboti is surrounded by a certain type of grass that the animals like (when it is green). It is the real short grass that is along the spur road once you turn off the H7. He was explaining that once the rains come, the animals will migrate here to have their young....and feed on the grass. When we were there in August obviously everything is bone dry, and of no value to the grazers. But I wonder if in fact when the rain comes, and the grass turns green...if the wildlife really do come there for this. And maybe this would be a tip/advantage to stay in Tamboti more in the green season vs the dry season?

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Re: Tamboti Satellite Camp

Unread postby Elsa » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:10 am

Great advice kssager!
and I agree with the guide info re animal movement in the wet season as we have previously stayed, not in Tamboti, but in Orpen in Feb and the plains just before the gate and the turn off to Tamboti are literally alive with animals, so much so that we often would drive out a half hour before gate closing and just park off along side the road and sit and watch the parade.
It was amazing how much and the variety we saw. 8)
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