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WCNP gate opening times

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Re: Alert: WCNP gate opening times

Unread postby annalie » Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:52 pm

Dear All

Just a little note to inform all of the latest gate hours released by the WCNP.

September to March (07:00am - 19:00pm)
April to August (07:00am - 18:00pm)
Postberg area open during August and September (flower season)
Enquiries at West Coast National Park: 022-7722144

Some other nitty gritty information:

Geelbek visitor's centre is conveniently located at the southern end of the lagoon offering visitors refreshments, curios and information about accommodation, hiking trails, bird watching, environmental education and cultural history.

Geelbek Restaurant (022-7722134) is situated in a Cape Dutch building dating back to 1744. Expect wholesome, traditional food prepared by West Coast women. Dishes portray a local history enriched by Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and Malay influences. Geelbek has a award-winning wine menu with only the best local wines.

Strandveld Two Day Hiking Trail
Day one take you through about 14 km of unique Strandveld. Day two is 14 km long and will take you through Strandveld to Sixteen Mile Beach, where you will walk along the beach for one kilomettre before turning back to Geelbek. You will also be walking amongst the dunes, formed when sediment is deposited on the beach by wave action. Different types of dunes will be visible, primary dunes and consolidated dunes, which you will learn more about whilst on the hike.

Steenbok One day Trail (only during August and September)
Distance 13.9 km. The first section follows the route of the 2 day trail to Konstabelkop and is marked with Steenbok signboards. The trail can take up to 20 people.

Postberg Two Day Hiking Trail (Only in August and September)
This is a two day one night trail, hikers to overnight at Plankiesbaai. Day one is 15.5 km and day two is 11.8 km. The trail can take up to a maximum of 12 people.

Bakoor Trail
Is a short walk from Langebaan Gate to Seeberg view point, which is 4.6 km long. Along this route bat eared foxes can be seen as well as a beautiful view of the Langebaan Lagoon.

Cycling routes:
Langebaan gate - Geelbek return 30km (tarred road)
Langebaan gate - Kraalbaai return 70km (tarred road)
Seeberg Mountain Bike Trail 13km
Seeberg Mountain Bike Trail 17km (additional)

Hope to see you soon in this jewel of the West Coast
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Re: Alert: WCNP gate opening times

Unread postby Bookman » Sat May 16, 2009 8:50 am

Bird Hides in the park:

Seeberg bird hide reached from the road near the Langebaan gate. The walk down to this hide is as important as the hide itself as you may find many smaller birds including sunbirds, sparrows, robins and Cape Penduline Tits.

Geelbek "old" hide on the tar road turning off to Geelbek. Again, scan the ponds and surrounding wetland area on your walk to the hide. Many waders, ducks and heron can be found on this stretch. Remember to look back at the trees under which you've parked: several raptors have been known to nest there.

Geelbek "new" hide reached from the restaurant. At 90 degrees to the old hide it is useful for late afternoon as you don't have to look into the sun.

Saltmarsh hides: reached from the trail that leads from the parking area at the restaurant. There are actually two hides. The first is reached after another good walk through the bush: keep a look out for bush birds and also mice and rats. You will pass a small pond so be very quiet on approach: I've found waders and flamingoes in there. The second hide is reached by continuing on the walk from the first. Also look carefully in the wetland you will be passing on the left as there are often larks there.

The saltmrsh hides are useful if you've arrived at full tide witht he Geelbek hides being surrounded by water - it seems thatw aders the move back into the salt marshes.

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