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 Post subject: Arid Parks - Index of Travel Tales
Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:15 pm 
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Senior Virtual Ranger
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Caroline & Craig's report August 2005

Reinette's report August 06
Sable's report November 06

Sharifa's report April 2007
Skopsie's report June 2007
Arks’s report September 07
Katydownunder’s report October 07

Wanderw Augrabies Falls National Park - April 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from Augrabies - August 2008
Senyetse gets hot - an arid parks trip December 2008

DB & Hawk-Augrabies-May 2009
Coala in KTP & Augrabies-August 2009

RichardJ-Augrabies, KTP-Feb 2010

ELSA-Our Wet, wonderful trip to Augrabies and KTP-Jan 2011
Dikkop Round trip South Africa Mar 2011
Boorgatspook-“Aukoerebis”-The Place of Great Noise!-Apr2011
Mads & Vlakvarkvrou Gemmies, Gommies and PCG's - April 2011
icurrie-Just What the Doctor Ordered KTP-May 2011
Rothdigga Californian's visit to KTP and Augrabies Sep 11
Rookie Sun, Sand and Cicada! Dec 2011
forestgump Kgalagadi & Augrabies, Dec 2011.
Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12

Lion Queen Another part of Augrabies Apr 2012

Wildkyker Enslin 8 Parks one trip June/July 2014 TR
Sky's An afternoon in Augrabies. July '14


Elpaco's report August 05
Caroline & Craig's report August 2005
Mashona's report November 05
Jay's sister report December 05

DinkyBird's report March 06
Penni's report March 06
Markw's report April 06
Peterpiper's report May 06
Katydownunder's report May 06
A & C's report June 06
Upalisu's report July 06
Ruth & Andrew's report August 06
Nicksteroonie's report August 06
Jumbo's report September 06
Penny's report September 06
Luisbyter's report September 06
Herman's report September 06
Dreamer's report September 06
BB's Kgalagadi Invasion September 06
Restio's report October 06
Elsa & Klystron's report November 06
Christelsabine's report November 06
Peter Piper's report November 06
Zypresse's report November 06
Sable's report November 06
Tamara's report November 2006
Doug Taylor's report December 2006

lovehyena’s report February 2007
AfricanDreams' report March 2007
wanderw's March 2007
jb72's report April 2007
Sharifa's report April 2007
anne-marie in April 2007
Madach's report April 2007
Madach's report AWC April 2007
Red dune's report May 2007
Peterbee's report May 2007
oradba69's report May 2007
jekalo's report June 2007
skopsie's report June 2007
Candy's Style report June 2007
Michele and Doug's report June 2007
Johan van Rensburg's report July 2007
seris7’s report August 2007
Dreamer’s report September 2007
Bucky’s report September 2007
Suej’s report September 2007
Obelix’s report September 2007
wanderw’s report September 2007
arks’s report September 2007
Craig & Caroline’s report September 2007
Madach’s report October 2007
Sarah_007’s report October 2007
Toddelelfe's report October 2007
Mashona’s report November 2007
Peterpiper’s report November
Jumbo’s report November 2007
Katydownunder’s report November 2007
JoelR’s report December 2007
Michele Nel’s report December 2007
jb72’s report December 2007
Safarigirl’s report December 2007

Africat’s report January 2008: Just another day in Paradise
Peterbee’s report January 2008: Peterbee in the KTP
Ingrid60’s report January 2008: Grootkolk-Africat-lions!
Madach’s report January 2008: KTP trip report
Pikasso’s report January 2008: Kgalagadi January 19 to 29 2008
Propolis's report March 2008: Just returned from a very wet KTP
Dreamer & SO's report April 2008: The Kgalagadi has called.. again
African Dream's report April 2008: Returning to KTP
Wanderw's report April 2008: Shaken .. and Stirred!
Lirritma's report April 2008: Father and son trip to "Green" Kalahari
Nats's report April 2008: Nats & Ingala – 007Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Salva's report April 2008: Salva in KTP
Wanderw-Augrabies Falls National Park - April 2008
Wannabe Nerd's report May 2008: How Green is my Valley
Suej's report May 2008: KTP Wheat Fields
Icurrie's report May 2008: Kalahari Dreamin'
Ietermagogs' report May 2008: Die Ietermagogs gaan Kgalagadi toe
Nyala's 1st KTP trip. May - June 2008
Delboysafa-Kalahari, or should I say, THE SERENGETI-June 2008
ndoto's Bushwoman Diaries. Different Parks, July '08
Blue Wildebeest to the Kgalagadi August 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from Kgalagadi - August 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from KTP - the Botswana side - August 2008
Caracal-Trailer Trash in KTP !!!! August 2008
Tigerlilli's 18 great days in KTP !!! September 2008
Scipio-Been forced into a trip report-KTP here we come…September 2008
Tony T-9 glorious days in in KTP-September 2008
Restio reports from KTP. Sept. '08
Wild Man-3 Kaapies and 2 Joburgians in the KTP October 2008
P@m-Kalahari Re-Visited-October 2008
A Moose wandering around the KTP-November 2008
Ingrid 60-KTP! That is the place to be-November 2008
The Long Trip - Katydownunder & Francolin in KTP November 2008
Senyetse gets hot - an arid parks trip December 2008
RayK-Four Hours in KTP-December 2008
Bush Baptist becomes Desert Baptist-December 2008
Sharifa & Duke KTP and Augrabies Revisited-December 2008
Lisa & Mark's amazing first trip to KTP! December 2008
Caracal In Search of a Cure....December 2008
A Pathfinder in the Kalahari - December 2008
Wanderw-Just a few tails about some Kalahari bums! December 2008
Johannes van Niekerk Prickly Breakfast 2008
Salva in KTP - April 2008

Mybs' January trip to KTP January 2009
A-J-We left our hearts (and a burned out4X4) in the KTP-January 2009
Munchkin is Hooked on KTP! January 2009
ctmole-Cooling off in the Kalahari, January 2009
Jo is Sizzling in KTP! January 2009
Sandsquirrel -January 2009
Mashona - The "Boys?" make a dash ( Here Kitty Kitty ) February 2009
Pumbaa’s + Timon’s first KTP / Augrabies Adventures February 2009
Astaztou-First trip to the Kgalagadi-Feb 2009
patries-Junkfood for KTP lovers Feb/March 2009
Caracal & Dreamer-2 Footloose & Fancy-Free Female Forumites ....March 2009
Vlekkie-A Newbie's account of KTP!-March 2009
Fugs-First Trip To KTP-March 2009
P@m-March Madness – the Mob in the Kalahari-March 2009
Mybs returns to KTP-April 2009
Caracal's 2 Footloose & Fancy-Free .... KTP, Apr. '09
DB & Hawk-KTP-May 2009
kaaiman-Off to KTP-May 2009
GavinW-Kalahari Skylines-May 2009
Tony T-Our yearly autumn jaunt to KTP-May 2009
Rieks-Beautiful world - low & high ... nature and her creatures-May 2009
Janelli-Beautiful, Beautiful Kgalagadi May 2009......
Moose-It's time to go back... KTP June 2009
Caracal-Trailer Trash returns to KTP-June 2009
A Warthog Visits KTP-June 2009
Fotomaljohan Our 'Hot' Very Cold June 2009 Trip
RichardJ-We will be back-KTP-July 2009
Mybs-KTP trip-July 2009
BasDutch in KTP July 2009
deirdrej-KTP Trip Cheetahs, caracals and cubs....August 2009
Coala in KTP & Augrabies-August 2009
Droopy-First timers-KTP-August 2009
Sable..back in the Red Dunes-August 2009
Oumie-Our short KTP trip…August 2009
sable-Sand Lover Diary-Aug/Sep 2009
Penny, Bob the Builder, Snake Lady & the Boss do KTP again-Sept 2009
Cape of Storms -KTP Hook Line & Sinker-Sep 2009
Jo-Dorsland Trek (Thirstland Trip) - KTP Sept 09
Joubie-KGALAGADI: Signed, sealed and did she deliver!-Sept 2009
Morkel777-My FIRST KTP trip in 13 years!!! Shame on me…Sept 2009
anne-marie-The Paradise... where English is not "under controle"…Sept 2009
Lusitano-16 days of images- Sep2009
sventer's Recent trip to KTP. Sept. '09
Dreamer-Arrived excited, departed on a high ....October 2009
FlyPast-Kgalagadi - Photo Trip Report-October 2009
Mooses, Millipedes & a VERY Cute Stove KTP Oct09
KDU & Francolin in KTP-Nov 2009
DeirdreJ-Foxes, Cheetahs and a Friendly Lion - KTP November 09
Mybs returns to KTP: November 2009
Mashona's Kgalagadi November 2009
Caracal-Hijackers in the KTP !!!- December 2009

Barrydalers KTP Trip-Dec09-Jan 10
Sharifa & Duke - Discovering the ABC of the KTP-Jan 2010
AFRICAT-KTP: From A to Z…Jan 2010
RichardJ-Augrabies, KTP-Feb 2010
Jo-A celebration in KTP-Feb 2010
Dreamer and SO's Visit to KTP- Feb 2010
Touareg and Mattanator-Are we there yet!! KTP March 2010
Lionspoon-Surfing the colours of the Kalahari-March 2010
Switchback-Switching OFF to KTP - April 2010
Cape of Storms-Sandy and the Silver Bird: City Slickers in the Wild-April 2010
fenwickh-Caravelle in search of Caracal in KTP-April 2010
GavinW-Of Lions and Leafsprings.............KTP May 2010
Caracal-Slaves to the Kalahari-July 2010
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Aug 2010
Truly Blessed: Bushbuddies go to KTP and KNP July/Aug 2010
lion queen 4 LEAF CLOVER IN KTP Oct 2010
Catriona back in the KTP - a very overdue report Oct 10
madach-KTP Photographic trip report-October 2010
Morkel777 KTP Blitzkrieg: In and Out in 5 days,Oct '10
Katydownunder & Francolin-KTP Adventures Nov 2010
GavinW Into the Lion's Den KTP November 2010
Graham Dyer-Kgalagadi, Nov 2010, Trip Photos
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Nov 2010
Jo KTP Highlights - Dec 2010
Caracal The Kalahari will reveal itself .... Dec 2010
mybs11 'cool' December days in KTP Dec 2010
Touareg KTP heat, dust and antihistamine. Dec 2010
Fotomaljohan Our Very 'Cool' Hot December 2010 Trip
padlopertjie My visit to Rooiputs in December 2010

Michael Borcherds-in Love with the Kalahari-Dec/Jan2011
Barrydalers TR - KTP - 2010/2011
Scouter-How green was my valley - KTP Jan 2011
wanderw-KTP Whooping Reflections!Dec/Jan 2011
ELSA-Our Wet, wonderful trip to Augrabies and KTP-Jan 2011
Bush Baptist KTP - a river runs through it! Feb 2011
Caracal An Experimental Excuse of a Trip Feb 2011
Dreamer Floods, Flower Carpets& River Roads Feb 11
anne-marie-few facts on a very uncertain travel tale-Feb2011
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Mar 2011
Tony T Kgalagadi - one of the best trips! Mar 2011
winston879-Peter Pipers' ongoing KTP adventures-Mar 2011
Dikkop Round trip South Africa Mar 2011
granjan-A WINTER'S TALE-Jan to Mar 2011
Lionspoon & Spots hunting the colours again April 2011
Tobieo-Escape to Kgalagadi - Apr 2011
lovehyena-The greenest Longest grass-Kalahari in April 2011
bosticbudgie-KTP Kids in Parks – April 2011
JohnGore-Our first trip to KTP-April 2011
Dreamer My Captured Experience Stars & Diamante Apr 11
Scouter-Scouter and Elf escape to Twee Rivieren-Apr 2011
Touareg: KTP April 2011 - Solo effort
Mads & Vlakvarkvrou Gemmies, Gommies and PCG's - April 2011
ruthp-First timers KTP Adventure (Apr/May 2011)
Blackie What Kgalagadi shared with us in May 2011
GavinW-Prides of grass, hyenas KTP May 2011
Caracal 47 hrs 45 mins and 24 secs in the KTP May 11
norms-Kgalagadi - The Thirstland In Winter-May 2011
icurrie-Just What the Doctor Ordered KTP-May 2011
WillemK trips - let the photos tell the stories May-Sep 2011
First trip to Kgalagadi - June 2011
Jo-Faraway in Feb - KTP-June 2011
Fotomaljohan Surprise! Unplanned! Visit coming up! Jun 11
Mybs 11 nights and a moon eclipse in KTP Jun 2011
Ollie Two parks, one trip..... July 2011
madach KTP - July 2011
Rothdigga Californian's visit to KTP and Augrabies Sep 11
canon-Dancing with the Stars - KTP trip report_Aug 2011
Jo Windy Winter - KTP Aug 2011
canon Dancing with the Stars - KTP & Mokala -Aug 2011
Rooies' TRs: A big thank you all Aug '11 - March '14
Tony T Our Sept 2011 Kgalagadi trip
kesheshe-Extended Visit to KTP-Sep 2011
Morkel777(A Simply Epic Kgalagadi Adventure-June 2010)Sep11
Crested Val Namaqua flowers and call of the Kalahari. Sep11
Lionspoon The colour hunt is on again - KTP October 2011
Johan van Rensburg Visits 6 National Parks in 2 weeks Oct11
Duke Ellieton In and Between the Ephemeral Rivers Oct 11
Chickadee in KTP October 2011
lion queen From you to me in KTP 2011 Nov 2011
Kgalagadi November 2011- Katydownunder & Francolin
jaykay A Difficult KTP Trip December 2011
Bush Baptist Barcud&BB in KTP 2011–A promise fulfilled.Dec12
Bush Baptist Forum Nossob 4x4 Eco trail 2011 (november 2011)
Tobieo From dust to thunder KTP a wonder Nov/Dec 2011
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story-KTP weekend Dec 11
Mashona Photographs of the November Kgalagadi trip Dec 2011
ArnePurves Our December Trip to the Kgalagadi TNP. Dec 2011
Rookie Sun, Sand and Cicada! Dec 2011
oddesy Dream of land of The Camel Thorn:Magic of KTPDec11
forestgump Kgalagadi & Augrabies, Dec 2011.
RichardJ KTP February 2011, RichardJ's highlights Dec 2011
Touareg's Dec 2011 KTP TR- Hit and miss, a matter of minutes
Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12

silvia(almost)all the Kgalagadi in 11 days Dec 2011 Jan2012
Bush Baptist Sex in the desert January 2012
Caracal My Mosaic of the KTP January 2012
Panekoek Kalahari Jan 2012, 5 days to remember Jan 2012
Son godin What Xmas presents did we get at KTP? Jan 2012
Michael Borcherd Falling in Love with the Kalahari-2nd Trip
Jan van Wyk visit to the Kgalagadi 'Feb 12'
Miros’ (ongoing) Trip Report: KTP Feb-July ‘12
AristocatKgalagadi Here We Come-Our March 2012 TR April 2012
Buglette What I Miss About KTP April 2012
Oumie Kgalagadi trip...cannot wait! April 2012
Report and photos: Kgalagadi - Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail Apr 2012
Touareg's March '12 KTP Extreme highs and lows April 2012
lion queen Take a guess at what we saw in KTP April 2012
inado's Kgalagadi: Trip report in photos - Apr/May '12
GavinW Christmas Trees in the Kalahari - KTP May 2012
Blackie The KTP trip that almost did not take place! May '12
Tobieo Searching in a dusty KTP!!! May 2012
Suej KTP May'12-Green Dunes,hungry mice & frozen toothpaste!
canon Magical Kgalagadi May 2012
WillieV Fourth time "lucky" in Kgalagadi - May 2012 (06/12)
Morkel777's Pilgrims to the Green Kalahari - March 2012
mariek Trip report - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, June 2012
SandyS An 'older' perspective on Kgalagadi-July 2012 Aug'12
WackoRhino Red sand on the soles of our shoes AUG '12
WillieV Fourth time "lucky" in Kgalagadi - May 2012 (06/12)
Timbits Memories of.......Red Sand - October 2012
PetraJ How am I going to cope in KTP without a hairdryer '12
anne-marie An eventful trip... to Kgalagadi November 2012
AlisonR Kgalagadi via Mabuasehube trip report-Aug/Sept 2012
Cape of Storms Sandy & Silver Bird:City Slickers... Sept '12
gatita's It is almost time to go back to KTP. Sept '12
wanderw's KTP! Oct/Nov. 2012
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story - Kgalagadi Nov 2012
katydownunder's Travelling the Red Dunes - Oct/Nov '12
Jan van Wyk's Kgalagadi December 2012: Heat, Dust and Rain
Shane's Through the eyes of a couple: KTP won. Dec. '12
ctv's LUCKY 13th or LUCKY 1st? Christmas in KTP! Dec. '12

RichardJ - More than Cricket@Kgalagadi March 2013
barryels: Maiden "trek" to KTP and Augrabies: March '13
Scouter's KTP Cricket Memories - Kgalagadi, March 2013
Tobieo's Cubitje Quap and other battles in KTP March 2013
Bush Baptist's Leopards please.....KTP March 2013
Mgoddard's Virgin Visit to KTP.... March 2013
Anne-marie's KGALAGADI … cricket 15+16.3.2013
Lionspoon's .... the time of my life... KTP March '13
Anne-marie's Kgalagadi 2013, cricket and... wow!!! March '13
Canon's The Kalahari Unplugged - April '13
RichardJ's And now KTP in living colour - March '13.
Sandmal's KTP - June 2013
gb225450's KTP April/May 2013
Oumie's Kgalagadi...the countdown begins... April '13
Kyknetta's Kgalagadi Adventure: April 2013
WillieV's Less animals, few great sightings - KTP, May '13
BluTuna goes West - KTP June 2013
Kyknetta's Kgalagadi : July 2013 @ OomDaan & Kyknetta
WillemK's Kgalagadi Aug 2013 (another long weekend edition)
wendzh's Year of amazing sightings. KTFP Sept. '13
Timbits' Rare Antelope, Red Dust .... Arid Parks, Sept. '13
shane's !XAUS Lodge: A brief story. KTP, Sept. '13
gatita's In search of honey badger .... KTP, Sept. '13
Ilytel & Others' Animal close calls, KNP and KTP, Oct. '13
wanderw's A Crazy Wallop of a KTP Trip! Oct. '13
PF & DD's Game of patience in KTP. Oct. '13
Tobieo's Kgalagadi - not for sissies!! Nov. '13
wildcatzoo's Both KTP and KNP in a month. Oct/Nov '13
Kesheshe's Exploring KTP In October '13
Cheetah80's Kgalagadi & Mabuasehube '13 trip report
KDU & Francolin's Thirstland Trip - KTP: Nov. '13
Bushbuddies' Warm Welcome to a Green Kgalagadi. Dec. '13

Panekoek's Kgalagadi 2014, From a students eyes (Lens)
GavinW's Kalahari Reflections: KTP March '14
Shaheen's 5 nights in Twee Rivieren. Apr. '14
Gryskat's Update - KTP 3/05/2014
OomDaan's Kgalagadi Trip Report - April '14
ghostdogg's First trip to the Kgalagadi Apr. '14
WillieV's Lion vs Leopard and the "Love Birds". KTP, May '14
Sky's Only 3 nights in KTP. July '14
Oumie's Kgalagadi trip, Sept. 2014.
Penolva's amazing time, we will be back! KTP, Sept. '14


Stoffel's Day in Mokala-Jan 2009
Mant-Mokala National Park: Mosu Lodge-March 2009
Siobain-2 Day trip to MOKALA.....Sept 2009
moggiedog Donkeys in Pajamas and Super Goats Sep 2009

Naomi c-Wish we could have stayed longer-April 2010

canon Quick visit to Mokala Feb 2011
Duke Ellieton Rest, Relaxation and Rare Antelopes Mar 2011
Boorgatspook-Camel Thorn Dreams...June 2011
canon Dancing with the Stars - KTP & Mokala -Aug 2011
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story - Mokala Nov 2011
DinkyBird Cape to Crooks Corner : a pilgrimage November 2011
Buglette Red Dust and Diamonds Dec 2011

Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12
Canon Mokala Magic Feb 2012
avon vosloo TR - Mokala – Lilydale March 2012
WillemK's Let the photos tell the story: Mokala Sept 2012

Great Dane: Mokala NP March/Apr 2013 - Aardvark and more
Wildkyker's Mokala Park Day Visit - April 2013.
WillemK's Mokala weekend edition
lemonbalm's Wayward Circumnavigation of Lesotho. May '13
Timbits' Rare Antelope, Red Dust .... Arid Parks, Sept. '13
umtali1's Nuggets from a trip to Mokala and KNP, Oct. '13.

Sky's Mokala Magic - June/July '14
Trrp-trrrrrrrr's 2 Night Stopover: Mokala. June '14


Michele Nel's report September 2007
Dreamer’s report September 2007

Senyetse gets hot - an arid parks trip December 2008

A Caracal in Namaqualand-Sept 2009

granjan-A WINTER'S TALE-Jan to Mar 2011
Dinkybird Much more than flowers ... Aug 2011
Scouter Namaqualand a-scouting & a-stalking we will go Aug11


Bush Baptist's report April 2006
Reinette's report August 2006
Foxy's trip to the Richtersveld, April '06

Emile's Richtersveld Trip report August 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from Richtersveld - July 2008
rothk-Trip Report Richtersveld-September 2008

Buglette Rambling Round the Richtersveld April 2012
Caracal Richtersveld - 3 dusty days in Spring October 2012

DinkyBird's Last Frontier. |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld, Oct. '13

Back Again
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