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 Post subject: Index to Arid Parks
Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:47 pm 
Senior Virtual Ranger
Senior Virtual Ranger
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Joined: Fri Feb 17, 2006 9:09 pm
Posts: 19661
Location: another national park.. in England
General Arid Parks

Arid Parks: Camping
Arid park round trip... some random thoughts and notes
2013 SANParks Arid Cultural Event
Flowers - 2014 season, where and when

Augrabies Falls National Park

'Meet' Augrabies Guru - the face behind the name
Augrabies Facts
Augrabies: Getting there.
Augrabies Falls NP: Advice
Augrabies: Activities
Discussion on monitoring in Augrabies.
Augrabies Game Census
Augrabies: History
Augrabies: Scenery videos pics etc
Augrabies Rainfall 2010-2011
Augrabies:Rainfall 2012
Augrabies repairs
Augrabies: Reptiles and Insects
Remarkable sightings at Augrabies
Augrabies waterfall flow
Augrabies semi-lux units
Augrabies Falls predicted to peak 22 - 25 March.....
Augrabies: Birds at Augrabies Falls NP

Augrabies going for recycling
A Short Visit To Augrabies
Augrabies Night Drive Sightings
Can you ID this plant in Augrabies.
Augrabies Morning/Day Drive Sightings
Augrabies Trap-Cams
Leopard of Augrabies Falls National Park
Sunset drive in Augrabies Falls National Park

Mokala National Park

Mokala: Animals
Mokala Birds
Mokala Facts
Camping at Mokala
Mokala: activities?
Mokala -name the rarest animal
Mokala: Scenery
Mokala NP: Advice and info
Mokala Bird Hide
Mokala: getting there and away
Mokala: Scenery: Camps: Videos and Animals
Mokala: which animals are "left overs" the hunters?
Mokala turns 6 & winners of Arid Regional Achievement Awards
Road Mokala - Augrabies - KTP
Mokala Mountain Bike Classic
Mokala: Lilydale Bungalow
Mokala National Park: The Kameeldoorn Tree House

Namaqua National Park

Namaqua Facts
Namaqua National Park: Advice
Namaqua National Park: Skilpad section
Namaqua National Park: Scenery
Namaqua NP Coastal Section Groen - Sproeg River
Namaqua Flower Report - 2013
Any flowers in Namaqualand this year (2013)?
Namaqualand spring flowers 2014-Advice needed
Namaqualand Flowers 2014
Namaqua park accessible only by 4x4?
Namaqua National Park vehicle access
How much time would be ideal for Namaqua & Richtersveld

|Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Richtersveld Facts
Richtersveld: Advice
Advice on drive from Richtersveld to Kgalagadi
Richtersveld: Camping
Richtersveld: Selingsdrift border post
Driving times within Richtersveld
Flash floods in |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
|Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park - Ganakouriep camp
Richtersveld 2014
Richtersveld Gate question

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 Post subject:
Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:04 pm 
Senior Virtual Ranger
Senior Virtual Ranger
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Joined: Fri Feb 17, 2006 9:09 pm
Posts: 19661
Location: another national park.. in England
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Kgalagadi Facts
Goodbye and thank you to Kgalagadi Guru
2013 SANParks Arid Cultural Event


Kgalagadi: Information
Kgalagadi FAQs
Kgalagadi :Weather
Cellphones, internet, GPS, and technology
Kgalagadi- Questions and Answers
Re: Kgalagadi "Magazine": in Arid Parks
General Advice when visiting KTP for the first time
Booking and availabilty of camping sites in Bots KTP
Satellite phone rental agency in Upington.
Kgalagadi: wilderness camps - General
Update on Mata Mata
Twee Rivieren - Restaurant

Getting there

Augrabies to Kgalagadi
Driving to and from Kgalagadi
Kgalgadi: Getting there from Cape Town
Kgalagadi: Getting there from Johannesburg
Kgalagadi: Getting there and back from Namibia
Kgalagadi: Getting there or away via Botswana
Kgalagadi: Getting there via Vanzylsrus
Kgalagadi:from/to Pietermaritzburg
Namibian Border Crossing
KTP via Van Zyls Rus
The small SAA airplanes that fly to Upington?
Namibia/Mata Mata Border Post
Cape Town to Upington ( MacCarthys rest)
Namibia from Mata Mata
Kgalagadi: Getting there or away via Botswana
Nossob to KAA.
TR to De Aar driving question
Kalahari Tended Camp to Upington same day
Travelling From Wilderness to KTP
Travel to KTP from Mount Zebra/Karoo NP
From Upington to George/Oudtshoorn
Entry requirements at Botswana Border posts
Botswana border costs

Cars,and Roads

Kgalagadi: Roads, conditons, distances and times.....
Kgalagadi: Info 4x4/sedansand Car rentals
Kgalagadi: trailers, caravans & motorhomes
Kgalagadi: road signs
Grootkolk to Urikaruus in one day (sedan)
road information
Roads at Nossob
Road condition from mata mata to keetmanshoop
Nossob to Mata Mata
Kia Sportage 2x4 of Nissan X-Trail 2x4???
Car hire in Upington
Road to Mata Mata on either side of the Border Post
Diesel at main kamps in Kgalagadi
Car Choice for Kgalagadi
4X4 rental
Terios 2x4 WD to rent - anyone know about 4x4 ?
Xtrail or Fortuner
Condition of roads in Kgalagadi.
Kgalagadi with an small sedan?
Routes of KTP - more than 2?
All roads to Mabua...?
Kgalagadi - Kaa entrance with one car?
Route Polenswa too Kaa, 1 vehicle
Number of vehicles at Nossob Camp site


Accomodation photos
Kgalagadi: Wilderness camps - General
Kgalagadi: !Xaus Lodge
Kgalagadi: Bitterpan Wilderness Camp
Kgalagadi: Gharagab Wilderness Camp
Kgalagadi: Grootkolk Wilderness Camp
Kgalagadi: Kalahari Tented Camp
Kgalagadi: Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp
Kgalagadi: Mata Mata Camp
Kgalagadi: Nossob Camp
Kgalagadi: Twee Rivieren Camp
Kgalagadi: Urikaruus Wilderness Camp

Camp- and accommodation-related

Kgalagadi: Camping
Kgalagadi: Best camps
Kgalagadi best bungalow locations
Kgaladi:What is your favourite spot
Current bat situation at Urikaruus? Nossob?
Kgalagadi: wilderness camps & children
KTP Staying with children
KTP Shops
Best chances for booking accommodation
Query on Twee Rivieren as part of trip
Booking in at Gharagab
Kgalagadi with babies
Urikaruus check in.
Bats "problem" (or not) in KTP accomodation ?
Children in Kgalagadi
KTP Wilderness Camps - Children Policy
Mata-mata & Nossop chalet windows--they don't open?
Children, Game Drives in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
mabuasehube pans
Accommodation advice
Kgalagadi - Nossob to Mabuasehube Driving and Camping
Kgalagadi camp sites - are they shaded
Fully booked..?
Nossob Renovations 2015
Nossob hide to go??!!
campsite sharing - maybe someone could help us?

Kgalagadi Activities

Kgalagadi:!Xerry Trail
Kgalagadi: Leeuwdril 4x4 trail
Kgalagadi Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail
Bitterpan 4x4 Trail
Kgalagadi: Walks Q and A
Kgalagadi:Drives Q and A
Walking Trails within camps
Which activities are still available in KTP?
Gemsbock Wilderness Trail on October 25
Twee Rivieren walks and drives

Topics on weather in KTP

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park Rainy Season
Kgalagadi - Night Time Temperatures
Kgalagadi in March
April Temperature in Kgalagadi.
Kgalagadi May weather
temperature in June especially staying in wilderness camps
KTP in August
KTP in September/October
Kgalagadi in Nov-Dec


Kgalagadi: Botswana section
Kgalagadi: Photography advice
Kgalagadi: Shopping inc food,wood and water
Share your handy tips
Electricity, Blue Plugs, Generators, Chargers and Inverters
How to braai
Tipping guides, camp attendants and other staff.
Kgalagadi : Use of water for human consumption
Fuel hours in Nossob
Day visitors
A hard lesson learned
When you telephone from UK
Snake bite
Fully booked..?
Flashlight/Spotlight/Torch. Which one?
General Advice when visiting KTP for the first time
Power points for campsites in the KTP
Advice for a first timer
Ktp newbie seeking help from guru
Itinerary assistance - Kgalagadi October 2015
KTP from Stellenbosch in March 2016 for first time

Animals and sightings

Predators at Picnic Sites, Waterholes and Toilets in KTP!
Kgalagadi Cheetah information & identification
Kgalagadi leopard identification
Kgalagadi:Lion identification
Kgalagadi videos
Animals:Questions, Answers, Facts,and Discussions
Kgalagadi: Resident Animals/birds at camps, picnic areas and w/hs
Links to photographs and blogs
Kgalagadi: Reptiles and Insects
Kgalagadi: Small Critters of the Kgalagadi
Kgalagadi - Animals and birds staying and/or living in camps
Recent Animal Sightings.
Two Cheetas mewing (Video)
Camera Traps
KTP: Where have all the hornbills gone?
Loving lion family on a Kgalagadi dune. (Video)
Pronking Springboks
Cape Cobra killing Puff Adder
Cheetah female and 3 cubs near Dertiende Waterhole
Caracal Kill I.D.
Lion identification: Nossob North and others
Wanted : cheetah cub + mum with collar regular updates!
Can you ID...........
Springbok Twins
Virtual Game Drive / Walk.
Kgalagadi: Sightings from inside camps
Guru Predator sighting request.
What happens at Nossob after the lights go out....
WANTED: Twee Rivieren Leopard and 2 cubs - Regular Updates!

Close Encounters of the Arid Kind

Lions and the Rooiputs tent - full story
Lions Attacking Cars in the kgalagadi
Predators at Picnic Sites, Waterholes and Toilets in KTP!

General Topics

Lions Of the Kgalagadi
Jackals and foxes of the Kgalagadi
Hyena's of the Kgalagadi
Antelopes,Blue wildebeest and Giraffes of the Kgalagadi
Raptors of KTP
Small cats of the Kgalagadi
Birds seen in the Kgalagadi
Kgalagadi landscapes, sunrises/sunsets and night pics
Cheetahs of the Kgalagadi
No elephants
Use of drones/quadcopters illegal in KTP ?
"Nightmare in Kgalagadi"
Kgalagadi Photography
When the wheels come off in the wilderness-a KTP experience
Calling all Kgalagadi tree experts.
ignoring the Park rules
Nossob hide to go??!!
Fracking in Kgalagadi?
Lioness in Kamqua toilet
KTP Panoramas
Why we Love the red sand & KTP
Game viewing etiquette?
Kgalagadi camping and snakes
Historic picture gallery of KTP camps and places of interest
Dalkeith is dry
How many Waterholes in KTP?
Know the Waterhole.........
a Fanchaise outlet also for Twee Rivieren soon ?
Kannagaus (Grootkolk)
Camping with 4x4 CaravAN
Mabuasehube Area
Save the Acacia tree at camp site 17 Mata mata
CUBITJE QUAP - Kgalagadi
Oh those Toilets (Mata Mata and Nossob routes)

KUDU's mean Well done and Thank you

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