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Bat, Mauritian Tomb

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Bat, Mauritian Tomb

Unread postby Batmad » Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:35 am

The Mauritian Tomb Bat (Taphozous mauritianus) can be found in the Lowveld, the North West Province as well as some localities along the coast. They are incredibly common in the Kruger National Park in the summer months (they migrate in winter) and can be found roosting on the sides of buildings or tree's. They have a particular liking to lala palms within Kruger and thus they are one of Letaba Rest Camps most common species although not commonly encountered as people don't know where to look for them. They tend to stick to the higher parts of the lala palms and will often move away in a crab like fashion as to avoid detection. In summer one can also hear this species as they mate with one another, emitting a sharp, metallic "tzzzzzzk". They are a rather delicate species in terms of having encountered with humans and if one views them for some time they start to get distressed and will urinate/defecate, thus it is best to leave them once one has gotten sight of them.

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