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Shake Rattle 'n Roll!

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Shake Rattle 'n Roll!

Unread postby Guinea Pig » Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:03 pm

Whatever you've ever heard about Kgalagadi roads? It's true. LOL Even our spunky Terios 4X4 had a tough time. My shoulders are still aching! But we knew that, so not complaining, just warning - Don't use your private sedan in there unless you want it properly shaken up. They are grading again at the moment. But it doesn't last long. Won't keep me away though!

Then camp by camp.
Thanks Eric. Nothing more needs mentioning. Great job done.

Kalahari Tented Camp.
Spotless like all the rest. No complaints except no ceiling fan in the bedroom?! It got stinking hot in there. But we're assuming it has to do with the tent construction. Would be a nice addition though! Maybe look for other options?

A special word of thanks to Willem. When we arrived I saw in the sightings book that a Brown hyena visits every night, so we didn't go out for a late drive. It didn't show at the normal time though. It was mentioned to Willem. Later that night we were doing dishes when he actually pitched up at our back door and told us it was at the waterhole. He promptly went back to his unit and used his spotlight so we could follow the hyena and photograph it. Well done, Willem. We ran out of gas - he replaced the bottle immediately.

Twee Rivieren. No complaints. Slight bat smell and poo but we've had worse in Shingwedzi. Clean camp overall.

The restaurant at Twee Rivieren is an absolute must. Highly recommended. Fantastic food, good pricing, generous portions. We were 8 diners who all had varying dishes. No complaints. The Take-away restaurant is a fantastic addition to the camp! The Curry Vetkoek I had was supposed to be the smallest. I could barely finish it. Filled to the brim.

Shops. We found ALL shops, including Nossob, stocked fully. Nothing wanting. Just remember Nossob has no ice - it simply melts on its way there. No fresh veggies, but fruit was available in Twee Rivieren and Mata Mata. Watermelons included. Bread was for sale in all the shops. White, brown and rolls. Tons of water available everywhere. Thanks to SanParks for taking over the shops and restaurant! You're doing a fine job.

Petrol available everywhere.

We walked to the Namibian side to do shopping. If you have your passport on you, they couldn't care less what you do over there. LOL Very friendly.

Then a very special Thank You to Kgalagadi Guru and Kaalvoetklonkie. We arrived in the heat of day and dropped off stuff for Tsammaland. They simply refused to let us drive to Urikaruus and opened their home to us and some other forumites without a single frown.

Then we saw how important Tsammaland and the Kalahari community is to these two special people. There home looks like, in Kaalvoetklonkie's own words, the local Cash'nCarry. LOL And trust us, ALL your donations go the way you intend. Kgalagadi Guru takes no prisoners where that is concerned.

Kudo's to the two of them for the work they are doing against all odds and fighting for what is right. They are a mean team!

Kgalagadi will definitely see us back. Next time Grootkolk and the other camps up North.
On a quest to visit 9 new National Parks in October. :dance:

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Re: Shake Rattle 'n Roll!

Unread postby DinkyBird » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:59 pm


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