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Old Kruger park Stories

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Re: Your Earliest Memories of Kruger

Unread postby moobox » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:53 pm

I havent read through the whole thread here but I remember when I was a pup and my old man drove a little Mini Minor.
And he had a wooden bench and he'd get us all up at like I dont know what hour but it was in Springs and still dark when we got to KNP gates so go figure.
Anyway, he'd pile us all in the car.
And my sister would sleep on the back seat of the Mini and I'd sleep on the bench squeezed between the front and back seats.
Child abuse I reckon but we loved it.
And my Mom would make boiled eggs and little cocktail sausages.
And we'd eat this on the way.
And zoo biscuits. Plenty of them.
So many that the inside of your moth got raw from sucking and licking that marzipan off them.
And then we'd actually wait at the gates for opening time.

Anyway, when we got to go in there was always a prize for the first oke who spots this or that animal or bird or whatever.
And the person who spotted the most got the title game spotter number 1.
Really nuts and childish but heck, we enjoyed it and these memories are so vivid whereas a lot of others have faded.
I don't know why.
And when we go to KNP nowadays, even if it's just me and my wife, I force this little game on her.
And she complains a bit but joins in OK after a while.

In the camps I remember swept sand around the bungalows.
And when you wanted to cook meat or something on the fire, then some oke would bring you a shovelful of coals and toss it down where you can cook.

Now one time the old man reckoned it was time for him and his son to bond a bit so he brought along a two man tent.
An orange one and I still have it and I cabinned with my son in the thing when he was pretty small.
He's mid twenties now.
Just in the backyard here and my staffie chewed up the tent posts because we let her sleep in there with us. But anyway, that night that the old man and me got to bonding was pretty interesting.
Because I had these little brown leather sandals.
Like the old granny sandals we all used to wear.
And in the morning there was one of them lying outside the tent chewed into like a little ball of leather and rubber.
And the other one was gone.
And the game ranger reckoned it was a hyena so we only did the one night of bonding because my mom said the old man could go and do some bonding out there by himself but her kids could bond with him back home.

I went on a few school trips as well but didn't really enjoy them.
I remember the movies out in the open and the dormitories and things.
Not bad but not the ideal way to go for me.

Cheers - Ed

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Re: Your Earliest Memories of Kruger

Unread postby Stampajane » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:41 am

I remember as a little girl in the mid sixties, playing on a concrete structure that had a iron pole jutting out of it in Skukuza overlooking the river. We played imaginary games there for what seemed like hours.

I also remember all the kids playing cricket on a big open patch near the entrance to Satara camp when a couple of lions strolled through the gates. Us kids all rushed to have a look, our mothers all yelled for us to come back and the guards hurried to shoosh them out and close the gates. Pandemonium reigned for a short while!

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