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Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibility ?

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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibili

Unread postby AjayB » Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:43 pm

Its a complex one this with quite a few factors for and against as mentioned.
There must be some great possible sections in the north and the south.
The biggest problem in my view would be seasonal predictability of water levels in that part of the world. Fluctuating water levels change the river a lot.
They also change the speed of a trip radically.
A bare-bones low water day section could take all day and be really hard work to navigate .
The same day section could take you a couple hours at high water.
And that changes the trip a lot.
One would probably not be able to book too long in advance.

Overall I am in favour of the idea because if numbers and the rules of the trip are strictly enforced then I don't believe that a few people in a couple of rafts will have anywhere near the impact on the river or the ecosystem than has already been inflicted on it upstream of the park.
And some of the best birding one can ever hope to experience can be had drifting silently down a river.
It takes calm to a whole new dimension when you include water

It gets my vote only if.....

1--A very limited number on a shortish day trip length section only.
Def no overnight trails.

2-- Only if the section was very carefully chosen to ensure that safety on the water was not a concern. Basically not a whitewater trip so grade 1 and 2 rapids only making safety much less of a factor.
Higher grade rapids would complicate it a lot ITO safety setups.

3--Only a section where a low impact lunch spot could be placed with ablutions.

4-- A section also needs to be chosen where if the need arose for someone to have to leave the boat outside of the put-in, the lunch spot or the take out point, that it might be possible to do this.
Emergency toilet breaks do happen.
Toilet paper doesn't burn properly either and is really unsightly and transporting a chemical toilet on a day trip might not be practical or desirable.
This needs to be considered too

5-- ONLY two or three 5 or 6 man rafts with a guide in each.
And a do-able section for those width of raft. No 2 seater fibre glass mohawks or 2 seater croc inflatables.
It leaves too much for the individual inexperienced day tripper to do sometimes resulting in a very spread out group.
This is highly undesirable especially in a wilderness area or when you're on a schedule.
Also sometimes your iron-men wannabees are all constantly chomping at the bit at the front and people who are battling or not as strong are doing donuts the whole way down the river at the back.
If you're in a 5 or 6 man raft with a guide it evens things out .

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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibility ?

Unread postby Oryx » Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:42 am

Yes BH, as I have mentioned in another thread, this increase in activities or so-called adventure- tourism is steadily building up and will, in my opinion, become a threat to the sense of place similar to what other types of tourism have become in many ways. It is just a matter of time. Can we do anything about it, I don`t know anymore.

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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibility ?

Unread postby Josh of the Bushveld » Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:45 am

Am tending to agree with you Oryx. Where does it end?
There are plenty of other places to paddle, abseil, ride horses etc. Why do those activities have to be presented in a Sanpark, where it pushed back the only 'untouched' frontier left?

There's another thread for all of this, so I won't say any more here.
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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibili

Unread postby Grantmissy » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:42 pm

I am so glad that dinghy trips in Kruger are not a possibility as Kruger should remain a place for the nature and the animals. Imagine sitting quietly under a tree admiring the river and Kruger natural surroundings and all of a sudden come by a brightly coloured dinghy :| :doh: :shock: scaring away all wildlife in its path :sniper: .

But other rules that are broken are also not good and I think over the December holiday period that has started it is a bit more possible as more people have time-off to visit. So I wish Kruger peace and quiet for the holidays and no inappropriate activities :thumbs_up: .
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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibili

Unread postby johanrebel » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:18 pm

Bush Baptist wrote:Dinghy trips should be possible now that the rivers are flowing strongly. :thumbs_up:

Come on SANP cash in on it.
Yeah, and instead of crossing the park in a leisurely four days, you can set a world record and do it in about 4 minutes :mrgreen:


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Re: Dinghy trips down major rivers ... what is the possibili

Unread postby Elsa » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:44 pm

And get a free trip to Mozambique! :tongue:
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