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Compliments and Complaints - what to do

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Compliments and Complaints - what to do

Unread postby DinkyBird » Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:24 pm

Dear members

SANParks has a dedicated channel for general complaints and you are encouraged to please use this channel. Please note that the SANParks forum is not a channel for general complaints. Any complaints posted on these forums will be moved to Service Related Feedback and have these rules applied to the post/topic.

All general complaints are to be emailed to .

Members can also take the following steps:

- Fill in the Guest feedback form (all the data gets stored in a database and is analyzed on a "global" scale once month. The main goal is to establish which parks/camps are managed well and which not, and put appropriate measures with management where necessary.)


- Fill in the Feedback form for complaints (this handles the emails as "cases" by forwarding them to the responsible department for follow up and resolution.)

Should you counter any problems with the above, please contact one of the the moderators.

Please continue to share your compliments Under the Ubuntu Tree. RosemaryH will ensure these are forwarded.

Kruger National Park Emergency Call Centre:

Guests who observe people disobeying the rules and regulations of the KNP to report their observations to the 24-hour KNP Emergency Call Centre on (013) 735 4325. For issues in the camp one can also use the number listed for the camp on the leaflet issued to you at the gate upon entry.

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