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Orpen Webcam - monthly summaries

Discuss the Orpen (KNP), Satara (KNP), Addo and Nossob (KTP) webcams
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Orpen Webcam - monthly summaries

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:53 pm

24-12-2009 - Christmas Eve
Matthys departs for a well earned holiday – leaving no-one to control the addictives who are watching “Frozen” Cams.
A new animal spotted on the cams – Yes it really was Rudolph!!!

25-12-2009 - Christmas Day
We were given a a lovely Christmas present with an Ellie in the middle of the WH, followed by Warthogs and their cute babies and Impalas.

26-12-2009 – Boxing Day
Some technical problems on the cam – then later a collared Ellie spotted and JenB (love the Avatar) LS & Mel showed us Impalas & more Impalas and later on Zebras and then later on in the afternoon a herd of Elephant with teeny weeny babies


giving us a spectacular show, romping in the water for about an hour. Late afternoon brought loads of Impalas again.
As the sun was setting another Ellie came to drink and then after dark a few hours later more Ellies with babies again!!!
A late night hyena arrived then just before midnight another Ellie.

WOW today was most assuredly ELEPHANT DAY at Orpen. :D

Early this morning Hailey caught a BBJ for us (unconfirmed). SlyviaC and JJ loved the Pinks of dawn


but at 6am it started to rain, by 10am it was over and Impala cautiously returned coming to drink.
Close to midnight Tilandi captured a Leopard and his reflection giving us a double sighting.


Lion, Honey Badger and White tailed Mongoose :big_eyes:
Melph showed us the Blue colours of dawn


During the day an Impala was caught dashing across the stage – we all hoped a Lion would follow – but it was not to be. :pray:

This morning the Orpen doors were opened with Impalas, Wildebees and some ducks swimming.
Then a large herd of Impalas with many babies came to drink followed by Zebra and Wildebeest and at 2pm the days sightings ended.


Impala, Zebra and Wildebees continued to utilize the WH together, we saw some Baboons quenching their thirst and two Impalas rutting.


Warthog ended the days’ viewing and a Hyena opened and closed the evening sighting.

31-12-2009 - New Years Eve & Blue Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse
Early morning Impalas and then Wildebees, Zebra and more Impala during the day
Late afternoon brought us an Ellie coming to drink and splashing water all over.
A night herd of Ellies also came to drink.
Then Danie showed us a “Marvelous Night for a Moondance” with the Blue Moon


2009 said goodbye with a picture of the moon at it’s highest point visible on the Cam.

1-1-2010 – New Years Day
A duck swimming was Orpen's contribution to the first sighting of the 2010. The sun rose showing us more birds and some Wildebeest practising their “Synchronised drinking skills”


Warthogs, Impalas, then Zebra & Wildebeest filled our view in the morning.
In the late afternoon an Elephant came to drink and we experienced our first “Shower Hour”
The first evening of the New Year gave us Buffs in the late light which was saved for us by “spots” :dance: and posted by Lionspoon :huh:

Tom returns and his “Your Favourite Sightings” is up & running again. :D
Today Mel snapped very early morning birds & geese, also some Impalas and Warthogs with their cute & tiny little piglet in tow.


Today we were presented with morning Buffs, Zebra and Warthogs and in the afternoon a Buff having a good wallow in the water and eventually after an hour he emerged.


Close to midnight Mel snapped either a Honey Badger / White tailed Mongoose.

Just after midnight Mel posted a pic of a Buff and Hailey gave us a beautiful dawn picture including a Hyena to boot!!
The sightings continued with birds and Impalas and a large herd of Impalas with lots of babies


… and at midday the “The Green monster Screen” appeared and stayed until the 11th January when Matthys alerted the techies and Orpen was back online… :lol:

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Orpen Webcam Summary - January 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:26 am

Orpen Webcam Summary - January 2010

1 - 9 January 2010 reported in the Festive Season TR

10 January 2010 - the cam was still offline.

11 January 2010 – Monday

The cam came back online today thanks to “Matthys” alerting the techies about the problem.
The first sighting was an array of different birds around the waterhole, with a Marabou Stork spreading it's wings for us.
The morning continued with ducks swimming, Zebra & Impala drinking.
A large group of Impala gathered at the waterhole – I think the Impala are the “Angels” of the Kruger Park, especially the females. They serve as a visible reminder of the majesty God.


The day brought lots of birds and Impala & Warthog both with their babies and even Egyptian Geese and their offspring.
We also saw Wildebeest.

12 January 2010 – Tuesday

The sightings continued as yesterday – birds and Impala with babies and a close-up of this Grey Heron.


Then Danie continued zooming to all the animals and birds around the waterhole, felt as though we were looking this Zebra in the eye!!!


Sightings ended at sunset with a reflection of a male Impala.

13 January 2010 – Wednesday

“Mel” caught the midnight Buffalo for us, and at dawn we saw a row of Impala drinking.
The Warthog and their babies were back as well as more Impala. There were also Marabou Storks seen throughout the day.
Danie again zoomed for us showing us a wonderful close up of the clouds, and the Impala grazing on the other side of waterhole.
And a close up of this female Comb Duck - ID provided for me by Lionspoon, thanks :clap: it is really good to see them close up, as they always appear so small on the cam.


We also saw another excellent close up of a Grey Heron – night brought a possible White tailed mongoose or Honey badger but no one could confirm exactly what it was.

14 January 2010 – Thursday

Early morning showed us ducks swimming, and Wildebeest with babies having a drink and churning up the water.


The rest of the day was very busy, with all the usual visitors coming and going.
In the evening “Lionspoon” spotted an Owl near the water and that ended the days’ sights.

15 January 2010 – Friday

There were large herds of Impala at the waterhole during the whole day as well as Baboon strutting their stuff. Wildebeest crossed our screens also just in picture, a sight of a Warthog‘s nose.
Zebra were at the water today as well, later in the afternoon all the different birds returned to the water.
It rained in the evening and then it poured - and the cam went offline, until Sunday.

17 January 2010 – Sunday

Cam offline most of the day and yesterday as well – then it came on at about 15:30 for 2 hours – it looked very overcast so perhaps this is the reason the cam was off.
“Flip&Elmein” posted to the cam for the first time since I have been watching – Hello you guys, please continue! :D

18 January 2010 – Monday

Cam back online but only intermittently and there were very few posts today. Either the weather was keeping animals away or cam offline.

19 January 2010 – Tuesday

A few Impala around the water hole in the afternoon and an Elephant came for a stroll around the pond.


and then as the last sighting a Buffalo soon afterwards.

20 January 2010 – Wednesday

This morning Wildebeest and Impala came for an early drink and a Warthog was also seen, while lots of ducks were swimming.
Then a herd of Wildebeest churned the water while some individuals sprinted across cam.
We saw an Impala in the water, swimming across and having great difficulty getting out :big_eyes:


Eventually finding her footing she scrambled out. The water returned to a calm place again soon afterwards.
The last picture was of Impala eating and ducks swimming.

21 January 2010 – Thursday

Today there were the same visitors as yesterday, doing the same things…except in the late afternoon a Giraffe turned up.


And we saw a family of Warthog trotting off cam in single file.

22 January 2010 - Friday

Today brought some unusual happenings at Orpen:-
First up at midnight we had – Two swimming Hyenas – then two Warthogs drinking and two Elephants after them..


Late afternoon a big male Impala stood in the shadow of the campole and it looked as if he had a saddle on his back :shock: but after looking closer the shadow was visible. :D

Danie zoomed across to the far side of water for us and we saw Impala, then a view of the sunset over the camp and some bungalows in the camp itself.
An Elephant came to drink in the night, then a friend joined him, but maybe not, they appeared to be facing each other head on!!
An hour or two later another big Ellie came and had a drink and watered down his back.


Most cammers had a very satisfying day with all these sightings.

But in the morning we all learnt of the sad news that Martie had ended her “Living my Dream” leaving Kruger today. :(

23 January 2010 - Saturday

There were pretty Zebra in the dawn light - Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog were all on stage this morning.
A herd of Elephant came to drink with their tiny young ones carefully protected by the adults on their flanks. One baby seemed to walk off on his own but mom appeared right behind – watching.
Impala rams posed for the camera and guarded the waterhole.
There was a fabulous action shot of an Elephant spraying water over its back.


And some more pictures showing a large silhouette against the afternoon light.
In the evening another Elephant came to drink trying each side of the waterhole, deciding which tasted better? A little later a Hyena strolled past..


And then a few late night Buffalo.

24 January 2010 – Tuesday

The first visitor of this day was a very late night/early morning Elephant coming quite close to the cam.


An Impala stood lone sentry duty in the morning and some Wildebeest came by, joined later by a Warthog.
"Lionspoon" captured a great picture of Wildebeest, Zebra & Impala sharing the waterhole.


One or two animals visited the waterhole as the day continued and we noticed the clouds building up …
Three Elephants walked from behind the far bushes then were joined by rest of herd crowding to drink.


They left the water to the Impala who were later joined by a single Elephant.
The last animal of the day was a late night Buffalo.

25 January 2010 – Wednesday

Half an hour past midnight an Elephant spotted by “Hailey”. Dawn showed us large herds of Impala, Wildebeest & Zebra coming to drink. We saw such beautiful colours and “Ladyhawke” commented with
“ Beautiful pics, beautiful colours. I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA :clap: :clap: :cam:

We all agree Ladyhawke, we all agree !!!

29 January 2010 – Tuesday

The cam has been offline for the last three days – but while it was down we have been assured by Danie that necessary repairs have been made as well as the scratches on the lens have also been cleaned away. :lol: Thanks so much for seeing to that problem, it will make a huge difference to our viewing, especially in the early morning!

There appears to have been a lot of rain at Orpen and our first view showed a large puddle at the back of the waterhole.
We had a Marabou Stork standing in the puddle for hours on end, and it was the only moving animal.
To relieve the monotony of the Stork, Danie zoomed across to Orpen camp and we spotted - two bungalows, an electric cable, one Bakkie, and a trailer, all of them surely a first on the cam.!!! :dance: :doh:

30 January 2010 – Wednesday

“Hailey” remarked how ugly and cute Marabou Storks are when she posted the first picture today.
Some Warthog were seen, but nothing else during the day.
We were given a picture of the rising moon through the cloud cover and “his” reflection in the water.


Buffalo were the last fellows on cam for the day.

31 January 2010 – Thursday

The night-shift cammers “Hailey, Slyvia and Snow Zee" were very worried about a duck swimming around & around in the middle of the night. Was it confused or perhaps trying to evade a predator?
There was a Lavender Dawn this morning - so beautifully described by Slyvia.


A Marabou Stork and some Warthog were seen.
Then a herb of Elephant came to drink, giving us an afternoon surprise.


Also seen were two Impalas and then again Elephant seen with a tiny baby among them.


Last sighting was the Nocturnal Swimming Duck, a new specie perhaps? :hmz:
I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


My Trip to Marakele National Park- Here

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ORPEN Webcam Summary - February 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:24 am

ORPEN Webcam Summary - February 2010

1 February 2010 – Monday

The first sighting for this month was a midnight bird on the far side of the waterhole, it then moved around the waterhole and “Janeli” posted the picture for us.
A couple of hours later Buffalo came to drink and gave us a magnificent left-flank view by the cam-light.


"Mel" captured a beautiful artist’s dawn of pinks & blues.


Later in the morning a Marabou Stork descended from his perch in a tree and stood beside the water. Some Buffalo came to wallow in the mud pool alongside the waterhole, and kind Danie zoomed in on the action or non-action, whichever you prefer? :lol:


and a Marabou Stork getting ready for take-off or landing!


Eventually the Buffalo emerged from the mud looking very satisfied with their mornings “work” :big_eyes:

In the afternoon Danie again zoomed for us :clap: and we saw the Warthog family; mom and 4 little piggies. Then a close-up of a Marabou who spread its wings and we saw what looked like a ready plucked & trussed bird for the table. We were also given a view of their huge wingspan!
Some Egyptian Geese were included in the ZOOOOOOM mode and the Warthogs again visiting the Spa and having a mudpack facial and wrap!!! :shock:
Danie really gave us a treat today – thank you so much!!!

2 February 2010 – Tuesday

The cam was back online at lunchtime and we saw a few Geese pecking the grass around the waterhole.
As well as a dainty Impala and the resident Marabou, the last view was of it perched in a treetop for the night.

3 February 2010 – Wednesday

First sight this morning was Mr. Marabou – then every position that was available was tried out around the waterhole: to the left, then to the right, then the foreground very close, then a few steps back? :huh:
Some Egyptian Geese and Warthog joined the day’s parade. Another Marabou came into view and the pair were the last sight of the day in the late afternoon.

4 February 2010 – Thursday

Before our eyes opened this morning the Marabou and Egyptian Geese were already at the waterside?
A bit later two male Impalas casually grazing in front of the cam, joined them.
Then a Buffalo came into view and sniffed around the far mud-hole, had a bit of a wallow then got up and disappeared into the thicket?
A bevy of swimming Ducks & Geese was the next scene including a few Impala.
The Buffalo were back for another wallow, the wallowing continued the whole afternoon with an in-between chat to the ducks?
Then Danie did his afternoon shift at Orpen and zoomed in on what appeared to be a LARGE golf ball in the fork of a branch in the mud puddle. (We think it is actually Frog Foam?) and then onto the setting sun next. :dance:


A Hyaena came by and was the last animal on cam in the evening.

5 February 2010 – Friday

We saw an amazing sight of Impala streaming in single file past the waterhole, not even stopping for a drink?


Fairly late in the afternoon Danie got handy with the Cam again and we saw some really fabulous close-ups, including the “Frog Golf ball”


In the evening we danced for joy :clap: :D as a Leopard came into view and had a quick drink at the pool behind the waterhole, Even though it was not the greatest sighting “Lionspoon" & "JJ” had the distinct pleasure of posting the pictures. :clap: :clap:

6 February 2010 – Saturday

“Mel” spotted an early morning Hyaena (excuse the pun again – but I cannot help myself). We do not see Hyaena that often at Orpen, so it is really one of the UP THERE sightings.


The morning went by with us seeing all the Orpen regulars, as well as the pretty Zebra that we do not see that often with a foal snuggling close to mom.
The Zebra left the area then came back – not drinking – just walking past, then past again in the opposite direction.
As evening started to fall, Impala came by for sundowners and a snack.

7 February 2010 – Sunday

In the middle of the night Buffalo were drinking at the water, they were also first to be seen in the early morning.
We also saw a Terrapin and Impala and an excellent view of a Fly stuck on the Cam lens. :sniper:
Throughout the day Impala, Zebra and the ever-present Marabou were seen
The evening brought the Buffalo back to the water and so the day ended as it had started.

8 February 2010 – Monday

Just after midnight two Hyenas came past the water, we did not see them drinking, but also great to spot them.
Again the usual suspects were on Cam, Impala, Warthog, and Marabou Stork.
Danie did a quick zoom in for us, first to the camp and then to the MUDdle puddle – but no creatures were enjoying it.

9 - 10 February - 2010 – Tuesday and Wednesday

We again saw a very pretty dawn at Orpen and Baboons were the early visitors.

The Cam went offline and only cam back online the next evening with Buffalo again filling the view.

11 February 2010 – Thursday

Early this morning around 1am the Buffalo were back and we continued to see them on and off until the pre-dawn blue sky could be seen.
Again we had a very pretty dawn picture!
A Heron was seen mid morning which is quite unusual and also this large group of Impala.


As the midnight hour approached “farfaraway” spotted a Civet in the corner of the view. All those watching prayed it would move towards the centre – but no it did not and we were all satisfied with this amazing sighting, not realizing of course what tomorrow would bring. :roll:


12 February 2010 – Friday

At half an hour past mid-night the Civet was back. :big_eyes: It must have heard our pleadings and slowly slowly encouraged by “Mel” eventually came into full view for us. :clap: Definitely a case of "Collective Consciousness" coming into play here!


WOW that was a wonderful sighting and so clear that we could almost see its face!!!

In the morning “Hailey” commented that the scene on camera was nice but it was never as exciting as the Civet – We Cammers have the same rush at a sighting as those at the “live” event. :D

The usual animals were seen during the day and even this sight was just normal today!


We also saw a Heron get close to the camera and then late afternoon the Cam went offline.

13 February 2010 – Saturday

Mid afternoon Cam back online and we were :) again!
A family of Warthogs marched through our view, and nothing else was seen until the evening when this herd of Elephant came for a wash & shine.

The baby thought getting into the middle of the waterhole was a much better option, the adults watched on very carefully from the side to make sure the baby emerged safe and in one piece.?


This Ellie decided to imitate the "Leaning Tower of Pisa", we did not get the chance to see if he returned to vertical?


14 February 2010 – Sunday

Today opened with an overcast sky and a Marabou Stork centre stage, and a few hours later an Elephant sharing the water with Baboons.


Then “Magic Guarri” posted a picture for us – Nice to see you here Karin! :yaya:


Impala, Baboons and Warthog were the only visitors during the rest of the day.

In the evening “Tilandi” spotted a creature that could :pray: have been a Leopard, unfortunately the sighting was not clear enough to identify it.

15 February 2010 – Monday

The Cam came back online just before midday, with Impala on screen, and then this family of Warthog on the nearside of the water.


A lone Ellie also came for an afternoon drink.
Then Danie took control of the Cam and panned across to the camp then onto the water where we saw close-ups of Birds and then some visitors on their bungalow verandah enjoying the “real” view!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Then we watched while they got their fire going for the evening braai – Danie, Danie, Danie what are you doing to us? :naughty:

Last sight of the night was a Hyaena having a swim!

16 February 2010 – Tuesday

The Warthog family were first up this morning and then a large Elephant came for a drink, and a while later was joined by his two brothers/friends? Here he showed us how flexible their trunk’s are and of course versatile as well! (Eating, drinking, washing, ripping, tearing, grasping, plucking, flinging, snorkeling and of course a very important use - smelling - it is their nose after all).


Herds of Wildebeest and Impala shared the waterhole together during the day a real gathering of the clans.


Danie showed us the beautiful cotton wool clouds and then a close-up of a Marabou Stork.
How ugly or gorgeous is this specimen? The old adage “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” surely was coined after seeing one of them? :tongue:


Danie continued with the close ups and we saw a beautiful Impala “eye to eye”
In the very late afternoon an Elephant was again seen coming for a drink and we saw a silhouette and reflection in the water.

Late in the evening another Elephant came for a drink and “Lionspoon” caught the moment of impact as he splashed water on his head and back! The complete sequence has been animated and is most entertaining (go to the animation thread on the Webcams Forum to see it).


so with this Elephant walking off camera our day’s viewing ended.

17 February 2010 – Wednesday

An Impala filled our view this morning with the water background looking like a mirror, not a movement or ripple to be seen.
Even when the rest of the herd came to drink it remained glass like. Then a herd of Wildebeest disturbed the water and something disturbed two of them and they bolted across cam front!
Then a magnificent Impala ram with impressive horns stood proud and steady for us.
At lunchtime Danie panned the camera skywards and we saw a build-up of storm clouds! :(
When cam view went back to normal – we could see the cloud pouring its load on the horizon!
Zoom view again of a Heron, its blue and grey colours matching the surroundings perfectly.

Again late night Ellie came to drink and the camera light giving us a “photo shoot” picture. This Elephant has only one tusk on his right hand side?


18 February 2010 – Thursday

Very heavy clouds greeted us at midday as the cam had been offline until then.
Then it went off again until 6:30pm and we witnessed spectacular sunset colours.
Later on we again saw the one-tusk Elephant in the almost identical pose as last night? :huh:


which I absolutely had to show you. How was this possible? I had to check I had not duplicated a picture! :hmz:


This angle gives us a better view of the missing tusk!

19 February 2010 – Friday

Dawn presented itself with rain clouds gathering and one more picture was posted before the cam was offline for the rest of the day

20 February 2010 – Saturday

The cam was back on this morning and we saw the Marabou Stork standing alone until at 9:30am it started to pour with rain, drenching a Warthog family while they were drinking.
It continued to rain and only Birds were seen until about 1pm when it cleared and we saw blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds. The Warthog family was back and taking their preferred beverage in the sunshine.
All that was seen in the evening was possibly an Owl by Katja.

21 February 2010 – Sunday

Two Elephants were first up this morning as it was around 8am the sun highlighted some of the scratches that are still on the lens cover.
Half an hour after them, another Elephant put in a quick appearance – the viewing continued with Marabou Stork, Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog.
We also saw Baboons around the water – this troop does not swim like the ones at Satara, they sometimes even appear afraid in the manner they lean over the edge to drink?

In the late afternoon the camera angle was changed and we had a much loftier view of the water.
We also saw the scarce Zebra and in the evening a startled insect/grasshopper was caught mid flight. It could have been a bat in Halloween getup tricking or treating in my opinion?

22 February 2010 – Monday

This morning we first saw two or three Wildebeest drinking under an overcast sky, then a few more from the herd joined them as well as Impala.
A dozen bachelor Impala spaced themselves evenly around the waterhole to have a drink. Zebra and Wildebeest joined them. Throughout the morning herds of Impala enjoyed the water, then a herd of Wildebeest, then a herd of Zebra.
A very threatening sky was seen and shortly afterwards it began to rain!

This first, Then the rain and ..
Image Image

and afterwards this!

There were some Buffalo in the evening, but it seemed as though the spotlight had the dimmer switch turned down which made it very difficult to see the far side of the water.

23 February 2010 – Tuesday

Again this morning we were awoken with overcast skies and very few animals making an appearance.

This weather, together with Satara undergoing an upgrade the Favourite Sighting thread was put to bed with no entries to vote for.
A few cammers crossed-fingers and held thumbs hoping for a break in the dearth of game.

24 February 2010 – Wednesday

There was a scarcity of animals again today, but these Wildebeest came and interrupted the monotony of us staring at a view of “nothing”.


:clap: :clap: for the Gnus…

The day dragged on with a lot of nothing happening! :wall:
We were overjoyed to see a few Impala and Baboons around the water, but were wondering if the weather could have affected the game viewing to this extent – Not even a solitary Elephant? :hmz:

Then puzzled :hmz: we watched fascinated as the camera was turned to view the “Spotlight” Oh yes! Danie was responding to the query about the spotlight becoming so dim. When the cam was turned back to normal view – our viewing was back to pre low-dimmer setting. :lol:

Thanks Danie for checking so quickly – was a bulb blown in the spotlight?

25 February 2010 – Thursday

Very early this morning “Mel” could see something moving on cam? :hmz:
Then it, an Owl, came closer. The “repaired” spotlight has made a huge difference to the early morning/late night brigade’s viewing.

At sunrise we were shown this beautiful picture.


As the skies cleared the animals and Birds started returning. First the Marabou Stork, then Wildebeest, Impala and Zebra – the Marabou spread its wings and next picture we could see it atop a tree!

Mid morning the Ellie was also back :wink: – where did they all go???? He moved around the waterhole taking a sip at each point on the compass except North. First South, then West, then East.


A herd of Wildebeest was next up, circling the waterhole for their drinking ritual?

The sightings slowed down in the afternoon.

This beautiful scene was the last sight of the day.


26 February 2010 – Friday

Shortly after opening an Elephant was seen doing “Trunk Gymnastics” so aptly described by Katja.


There were all the usual suspects today, but the sightings were slow and the weather looked decidedly overcast. :(


This family of Warthog were seen many times today, coming and going, very busy, the parents teaching them to build their houses with bricks and not straw because of the Wolf always looking for that opportunity! :big_eyes:

Our last sight of the night was the Elephant with only one tusk!!

27 February 2010 – Saturday

We saw baboons drinking this morning, then a large herd of Impala followed by a single Wildebeest having a drink.

Then around mid morning the “One tusk” Elephant arrived, he has now become a regular.


In the afternoon we were treated to a close up of Impala enjoying the long grass near the camera.

Then in the evening another Elephant came to drink and he was on camera for about fifteen minutes, first this side of the waterhole dipping his trunk and filling his mouth with water, we watched as he repeated this a few times, he then strolled around to the far side of the water and eventually out of view. He was our last visitor for today.


28 February 2010 – Sunday

Not much happening at the water today, the first picture showing the Orpen Ice Rink so white and as smooth as glass.

The Warthog family were enjoying having the area to themselves. Eventually departing in single file.

Wildebeest visited as well, and they assumed their circle arrangement around the water to drink.
A few large Impala rams were also seen and we could see how big the chap on the left horn’s had grown. There was also a Heron in the foreground.


Disappointingly our viewing for today and February ended in the afternoon!
I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


My Trip to Marakele National Park- Here

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ORPEN Webcam Summary - March 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:12 pm

ORPEN Webcam - Summary – March 2010

CIVET AT Orpen – voted the Favourite Sighting for February.

As February was a short month the vote only took place on the 2nd March and was not included in the February Summary.

Monday - 1 March

First sighting at Orpen for the month was of a Hyaena :D Then shortly afterwards a Honey Badger. Guinea Fowl visited the waterhole in the morning and then a Giraffe (amazing, as we saw not a single Giraffe last month). :shock:


As Giraffes go, this one seemed much taller than any other we have seen. Perhaps an older male? Wildebeest and Impala also visited the water during the morning.

The picture below is just quintessentially Kruger – Zebra and Wildebeest drinking together, with an Impala ram in foreground.


An hour or so after the previous Giraffe left, another Giraffe appeared :shock:
Again we watched how gracefully it stooped to drink.
Then again we were treated to a Giraffe sighting, this time, a mother and baby, the baby mimicking its Mother to the letter.


The next view we had, was baby drinking on its own with mom in background concentrating on feeding. How fast the baby has learned to manage on its own – just 30 seconds! :tongue:

In the evening Danie decided to treat us - by focusing the cam on a beautiful sunset, then zooming in on an Egret preening itself.


Last sighting of the day saw a Buffalo coming to drink close to mid-night.

Tuesday - 2 March

This morning we were awoken to this exquisite dawn :D


Then as the day lightened we saw both an Impala and a Wildebeest herd sharing the water, Zebra then joined them.
Later Warthog came to drink as well, followed closely by more Zebra and a family of Baboons spread around the pond, each making sure its “personal space” was not invaded.
A not often seen during the day sight of a Buffalo coming to drink and again a Giraffe came to the water – This one was even taller then yesterday’s Giraffe?


How lucky could we get, two days in a row seeing Giraffe?

As the sun began to set, a flock of Guinea Fowl gathered around the water, and an Impala herd also circled the water, heeding the final “last call” of the day.
During the night we saw this cute Hare hopping in for a drink!


Wednesday - 3 March

Middle of the night Buffalo were seen again. We awoke to an overcast day and saw a very large Baboon and a Terrapin visiting the waterhole just as it started to rain.

The rain must have affected the cam and only saw a sighting again in the late afternoon. The sky was still very overcast.

In the evening we saw a very cloudy and rainy picture with an Elephant approaching the water.


That was our first Elephant of the month, a month that turned out to be an incredible “Month of Elephant" sightings.

And the Buffalo during the night ending the day’s sightings.

Thursday - 4 March

It was still overcast this morning and a Heron took full advantage of being the only creature on cam.
Wildebeest and Zebra also visited the waterhole.
As the skies cleared, we saw this pretty picture.


Nothing else seen for the rest of the day.

Friday - 5 March

Our first picture today was this mid-night Ellie.


We also saw a Jackal having a drink and a Mongoose/Honey Badger near the water.
The dawn was spectacular with all shades of blue imaginable! A few minutes later either a Mongoose or Honey Badger came for a drink – making “Hailey” a very happy lady!

A lone Buffalo once again visited the waterhole, followed by three beautiful Kudu cows.


Not long afterwards we saw the waterhole being shared by Zebra, Wildebeest and Impala, with one Wildebeest not content with sitting on the sidelines.


Mid morning our signature animal of the month visited the waterhole.


Then a herd of Wildebeest had the water to themselves, some kneeling, others just bending their heads to drink.
Late afternoon another Elephant was spotted, and a Kudu shared the water with two Marabou Storks.
Not long after that two Elephants showed off their drinking talents. :D
Danie again kindly zoomed up close to a departing Elephant. :whistle:


Then we had a view of the sunset over the roof of the camp, and also a close up of tourists watching the waterhole action while having a hairdressing session :rtm:

During the night an Elephant came to visit. .


. . . a bit later these Hyaena came for a bath.


Saturday - 6 March

First view of the day/night was of a Honey badger. We also saw a beautiful picture of the coming dawn.

Heron and Marabou shared the tranquil morning waterhole. Later some Impala and Zebra joined the Birds at the water. Warthog were also seen.
This beauty came for a drink and we watched in awe! :lol: :lol:


Sunday - 7 March

Today was another overcast day, and the cam only came on close to 6pm. We saw Warthog during the night. The Owl was spotted as well as a Buffalo.

Monday - 8 March

The Owl and Buffalo again visited just after mid-night. Then a quick sighting of an Impala in the early morning and nothing else until midday, when we saw a troop of Baboons feeding.

The afternoon continued with Marabou Storks, but a different position to the usual poolside spot…


.. a little while later another sighting of the two regular Elephants! One of them could clearly not hold his drink. :whistle:


As the sun’s last light was disappearing from the scene, a lone Buffalo came to drink.
We saw an Owl do a fly past as our last view.

Tuesday - 9 March

A Hyaena at the water, was our first view, then at sunrise and just before the spotlight was switched off we witnessed this gorgeous picture of pinks and blues.


Again a herd of Guinea Fowl (well that is what they look like, can only call them a flock when in flight :thumbs_up:) and some Warthog arrived for a drink.

Only Impala were seen until mid morning, first one, then three, then four, then half a herd, then a full herd, which got bigger and bigger with each change of the cam :big_eyes: Wildebeest decided to join them and push in for their spot at the water.
The Impala left them to their own devices and they; the Wildebeest were frightened by something, and started running away from the water!!
At lunch time these Five Little Piggies took a stroll near the water, and this Little Piggy even walked in the water :D


In the early evening, before the sun had fully set a little Jackal came for a drink – Very pretty picture of you, I must add!


Danie then gave us a view of the lights being turned on in camp and a close up of something in the bush – but we could not make out what is was? :hmz:
Ah ha! Danie was checking what the picture looks like with a different setting on the cam.
Some of us thought it might be a bit over-exposed? We could now see far to the back of the waterhole, but the near viewing has lost some definition.

Wednesday - 10 March

An Owl and a Pussycat - no, no, rather - An Owl and a Hyaena were seen during the early hours of the morning. :whistle:
The Hyaena clearly thinking a little snack was to be had, but the Owl had other plans and survived the ordeal, ending our sighting of it, taking a bath!


Early morning brought these Wildebeest right into the centre of the water?

Thursday - 11 March

Impala and Wildebeest also made a return visit to the waterhole.
This Kudu bull and cow were a welcome sighting!


When the male Kudu exited the picture, he left a very skittish and alert female behind, her ears pricked up listening to every little noise, our voices dropped to a whisper, so as not to disturb her further! Wait a minute – she cannot hear us, what are we thinking! :slap:


Just after lunch the three Kudu were back – unfortunately all but one kept their distance from the cam. A female moved a little closer and we viewed her beauty. :wink:
Then an hour or so later, the whole Kudu family were back, still keeping to the far side of the water. :evil:
As evening approached a few different animals came to the water, giving us beautiful shots in the fading light.

The Owl came back tonight, and so did the Jackal.

Friday - 12 March

Very early morning cammers “Mel” and “Lionspoon” clicked away at the Owl as it moved from one side of the water to the other.
In the first light we saw the waterhole being shared by the Guinea Fowl and an Impala.
A bit later in the morning four Elephants came to have a splash and drink, as the sun is getting up a bit later now, the rays are catching the cam at a bad angle and highlighting the scratches, disrupting our viewing. :cry:

A herd of Impala took over the waterhole, and when they left a solitary Elephant made a visit, then he called in his three friends and they all cavorted in the water – these two going for the “Full Monty”. We were surprised to see that they left some water for the other animals when they had finished?


The Wildebeest and Impala that followed having to take a few extra steps to get to the water with the level visibly lower! :big_eyes:
One Elephant returned for a final shower!
In the afternoon, four beautiful Kudu came to drink :D , what gorgeous looking antelope they are!

Elephant, yes more Elephant came for a thoroughly good drench at the waterhole. There were so many poses of them posted that it was difficult to decide which one to include. :wall:


In the late afternoon a Buffalo came and rolled around on the ground close to the cam, and Danie panned the cam to the right hand side to give us a better view :clap: He then gave us an EXTREMELY Close up view of the Buffalo!!!

The Oxpecker in his ear, making up for the missing horn. :shock:


Our first view of the night was of an Owl :D The cam stayed focused on the right hand side of the water hole and was left in that position until the next morning.

Saturday -13 March

This was the incredible view that greeted us this morning!


Oh to be there - what a pleasure!!
As the light strengthened we saw a Jackal “leopard crawling” to the water and we could be forgiven for the mis-identification. :shock:
Next up, very shortly afterwards, was an Elephant. Usual suspects took their turn at the water. A large Warthog plopped himself down at the waters edge and had a nap!
Again Wildebeest and Impala shared their morning drink, but this time we had a slightly different view of them.


A lone Elephant visited at around noon and twisted his trunk every which way!


Three beautiful Kudu came by in the afternoon. Mid afternoon we saw one sighting of an Elephant.
Then a Heron couple were dancing a "Love Story" for us. They left us with the last sighting of the evening walking off into the sunset hand-in-hand (actually neck-in-neck).


The cam was down for maintenance until Monday the 15th at 3pm.

Monday - 15 March

A Marabou Stork was the first sighting after the cam was restored. Then a lone Elephant came by and had his afternoon fill.
After that we saw a cute Warthog family in the foreground and two Elephants came to enchant us in the late afternoon.


We had a view of the regular Owl in the middle of the night visiting the waterhole.

Tuesday - 16 March

First up, an Owl on the far side of the waterhole. Then a Buffalo came to drink and then a small Jackal, at first, very close to the cam and then having a drink.


The cam was “frozen" at 5:28 today and we have been reassured that the experts are working all out to restore the pictures.

At about 3pm the cam was again operational. We had a glimpse of a Marabou flexing its wings… Then cam offline again. :sad:

Wednesday - 17 March

The connection to the cam was up around midday and we saw three Impala rams and then the Marabou Stork.
Just after lunch, a Giraffe family with baby in tow visited the water hole.

they hung around for quite a while giving us a good view. :D

Our next sighting was in the evening of a breeding herd of Elephants with the cutest babies you ever saw – trying best to drink and this little “b u m” winning the Daily Favourite Sighting! :clap:


An Owl ended our viewing for today.

Thursday - 18 March

An early morning Hyaena came to drink and a Hamerkop posed in the beautiful morning light.


Zebra, Impala, Marabou Stork and a Buffalo also visited today.
Mid morning an Ellie came for a drink, followed by a group of Impala and a close up of a Marabou with a Baboon Troop drinking.


Again an Elephant came to drink in the late afternoon.

Two hours later the breeding herd were back with their gorgeous babies. :)
We could see how well they guard those babies.


An antelope came by in the night and we saw exactly what is meant by “caught in the headlights” Shortly afterwards a Hyaena was seen drinking, hopefully not after an antelope meal :shock:
Cammer “**Emma**” joined the ranks of the addicted. Image and posted a Hyaena picture.

Friday - 19 March

A very early morning Ellie came to drink – early as in half an hour after midnight.
We also saw an Owl in flight and two Jackals drinking before dawn arrived.

Dawn brought Marabou, Warthog and Impala, then an Elephant dribbling while drinking was a great sighting!


Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog were seen during the rest of the morning and then a lovely Waterbuck strolled across our view. :big_eyes:


We saw an afternoon Elephant as well as the breeding herd came by in the evening!
“Matthys” snapped them coming to the near side of the waterhole.


Then. . . . A Friday Leopard – must have been reading “Magic Guarri’s” - My Pic of the Day!!!
This also gave us a portent of sightings for the rest of the month…..


Saturday - 20 March

An early morning Ellie was seen sniffing out any possible trouble in the air.


All the usual suspects were seen this morning, which at Orpen at the moment includes Elephant/s.
This one nearly putting paid to the cam :shock:


The Owl was seen utilising every side of the waterhole.
Then the distinctive tail of a Leopard as it departed the waterhole after being seen having a drink. (2nd Leopard of the Month)

Sunday - 21 March

Early morning “Mel “ & “Aussie Ranger” posted pictures of a Hyaena and then an Owl.

Then daylight brought the usual sightings of Wildebeest, Impala, Zebra and a Marabou Stork and of course the regular Elephant, but today he was eyeing the Baboon sharing his water – watching very warily he was!!


Mid afternoon another Elephant was using the facilities. :D

Then two Elephants partook in some pushing and shoving!


. . and the winner doing a Victory lap around the waterhole for us. Image
Again the Owl came to the waterhole as well as an Elephant in the night. Other night time visitors included a Hyaena, and a really close sight of a Jackal.

Monday - 22 March

First animal seen this morning – an Elephant – they are becoming as common as the Jackal at the Nossob waterhole. Impala, Warthog were seen during the day.
Then the two jostling Elephants were late afternoon visitors, but only a little bit of pushing happened. They thought it better to stake their territory on opposite sides of the water.


A Jackal was seen during the night, as well as an Elephant.

Tuesday - 23 March

Impala and Baboon were seen this morning.
In the afternoon three Elephants decided they needed to take a full drenching and entered the water, giving us a superb sighting. :dance:


We saw an Owl and a Jackal during the night.

Wednesday – 24 March

Buffalo were the first sight this morning – for a change. :huh:
Then Impala and Warthog were also seen.

A Gecko was a welcome diversion for the cammers.


Elephant were the afternoon visitors, first at the far side of the water, and with each sip coming closer and closer. Once again we had a view of an Elephant at night.

A stunning Leopard walked onto cam for the THIRD time this month!!!


then five Zebras visited the waterhole, very cautious indeed they were – must have had an idea there was a Leopard about? :whistle:
Not much later a pack of Hyaena came to the water, all having a swim and a sleep/rest and even a bit of fun, if we looked closely. :redface:


They stayed in view for a good hour or so, a Jackal later also visited the waterhole.

Thursday - 25 March

As the new day started we were treated to a wonderful sighting of a Hippo!!! Well done “Mel” for being awake while the day shift was having a sleep.


This was not only a wonderful sighting, but the picture was excellent as well, not forgetting the rarity!! :lol:

The day carried on ever so boring after last night! :wall:
Swimming Elephant – Herd of Impala.. Ho Hum . . Image

This chap was too beautiful to ignore. :slap:


A small antelope was seen eating the lush grasses near the cam and could have been the reason the next visitor was sighted. :hmz:


4th time this month :big_eyes:

Two hours later the Leopard was back, sitting, standing, drinking!! Wow we were happy. (Could this be called the 5th sighting – definitely YES).
Then, the breeding Elephant herd were back – Oh so cute – next minute they were off in a BIG hurry??


Then these tussling Gentleman were on cam.


At exactly the last minute (23:59:00) to be precise, an Owl took the honour of being last creature on cam.
With that, our viewing ended for the day. Very satisfied we were :D

Friday - 26 March

Our little Owl friend was still on cam at midnight or the first minute of the new day. :D

Half an hour later a Hyaena and two Elephants were at the waterhole together – but it appeared the Elephants dominated the waterhole for awhile, but the Hyaena was still lurking around and made a solo appearance again a few minutes later.

At 3:30am there was no mistaking the figure of a Leopard coming to drink (6th Sighting :big_eyes: :big_eyes: ) “Mel” & “Hailey” and “Melrockson” were rewarded for their late night virgil. :clap:


An extremely beautiful dawn picture was posted this morning. :lol:
Impala, Zebra and Warthogs were the order of the day, as well as Baboons.
Then a Buffalo decided to enter the water and lie down and have a thoroughly lazy afternoon, at one point, watched by a curious Impala and then a Baboon and when it emerged from the water, it seemed as though a Warthog was being chased for disturbing the R & R time. :wink:


In the early evening we were treated to a magnificent series of close ups of an Elephant coming to drink.
At one point we could see the “whites of his eyes”


Then he came closer and closer to the cam and was surely thinking about giving it a nudge! :naughty:
Then the waterhole was miraculously back to normal as though nothing had happened. :huh:

Saturday - 27 March

Just after 1am our 7th Sighting of the Leopard – unbelievably and after checking yesterday's picture had not inadvertently been posted twice an almost identical Leopard picture! :big_eyes: :dance:


Again in the daylight we saw Impala, Warthogs, Guinea Fowl and then a gathering of Impala being “overseen” by a Baboon?


A few Impala also ventured very near to the cam and we admired their pretty/ daintyness. :)

In the evening an Elephant came to the waterhole and warily watched a herd of Impala on the far side. The Impala really look so exposed at night, and we know there is a Leopard somewhere close – WARNING Bells were silently ringing out.


Sunday - 28 March

Very early in the morning a Jackal walked by and then unusually these very timid Impala were seen. “Hailey” commented ‘Leopard Food’ – you had better get there quick to tell them Hailey!


Two early morning Buffalo were also seen – not taking a wallow this time?

In the daylight we first saw a hectic waterhole – Impala and Zebra & Wildebeest sharing the facilities and the next picture was of pure peacefulness – a lone Marabou Stork standing watch.
Not much else happened beside the previously mentioned animals, in the evening we again saw Buffalo coming to drink.
This Steenbok was seen. . .


ending today’s sights.

Monday - 29 March

in the wee hours this breeding herd of elephants came en masse to the water.


The rest of the day saw a few Impala and two Buffaloes, but not much else.
Danie kindly broke the “boredom” for us and zoomed up to them.


As darkness (now much earlier) descended around the water, the Buffaloes had a last drink and departed the scene. They were replaced a few hours later by an Elephant, displaying the amazing agility of its trunk.


Tuesday - 30 March

First sighting in the early hours was of a Buffalo and then a Hyaena coming to drink.


then this Jackal may have had a grandiose plan, thinking a Buffalo may be a good snack???


In the morning most of the usual suspects spotted as well as a small group of Buffalo at the water – one of them giving the ‘cammers’ the beady eye. :shock:


After lunch these two HUGE Ellies paid us a visit – Thanks :roll:


In the evening a nightly visit, first by a Steenbok and then by Buffalo.
Not long afterwards we saw a typical Elephant scene – first an adult at the head of the file coming to the water, followed by babies, then adults (if we could have seen in the dark) I am sure they were holding the one's in front tail?
What a fantastic family portrait we saw. :clap:


They left after about an hour and then very soon afterwards an exact repetition – a Single file of Elephants coming out of the darkness to drink and generally giving us a beguiling view of them and their beautiful offspring!


A lone Elephant gave us the last view of the night.

Wednesday - 31 March

The cam came back online in the morning, presenting us with a delightful picture of the sun slowly peeking somewhere over the horizon.


In the morning light Impala were seen.
These baboons were grooming in the “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” style. What a unique picture on the cams. :thumbs_up:


We also saw the Breeding Herd during the day, giving us a new perspective of them.


In the evening they were back again. Two jousting Ellies were seen and the last sighting of the month was of a Hyaena drinking and its rear view as it exited the scene.

Hope that your Easter Weekend is restoring you and that you have managed to spend time with your loved ones! :D

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