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Find, identify & discuss the marine species of SANParks
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Unread postby Ferdelance » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:15 pm

Mfezi. I agree with your listings for the reptile big 5.
Is this list for south Africa in general or just for the Kruger.
If it is in general then I would say :
1 Black Mamba;
2 African Rock Python;
3 Gaboon Adder;
4 Boomslang;
5 Cape Cobra

I would think we should make it a big 6. This would help distinguish it from the mammal big 5 and also we can then include the Puff Adder. :dance:

The reptile big 5 I'd say:
1 Croc;
2 Water monitor;
3 Python
4 Leopard tortoise (as it is a member of the small 5)
5 Chameleon (don't know the species that well) :redface:
Stiffneck on the loose.....
Latest Lifer:= Lesser Crested Tern; Rufous Winged Cisticola.

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