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Trip November 2015

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Trip November 2015

Unread postby amecullen » Tue Sep 22, 2015 4:36 pm

I have been using the wonderful information and advice in these forums to plan our upcoming trip to Kruger National Park. I now need some extra advice and I am hoping you can help me.

Just a bit of background, we (my husband and myself) have been to South Africa twice before, once in 1985 and then in 2007. On our first trip we had three days in May in KNP and stayed in a private lodge. In 2007 we spent two months in South Africa and did a wonderful self drive for seven nights in Kruger, staying in Letaba, Satara and Skukuza ( 1st week December).

We arrive this time on 28th October and stay for two nights in Johannesburg (never stayed there before). Two nights free. Then we are 10 nights in the KNP,
1st Nov Shingwedzi (BD3),
2nd Nov Shimuwini (GD4),
3-4 Nov Letaba (BD3U),
5-6 Nov Satara (BD2N)
7-8 Nov Skukuza (LR2W)
9-10 Lower Sabie (BD2U).

When we havent been able to get a perimeter/view unit we prefer one that has been more recently renovated. I have been in touch with all the camps (email and calls) and have been lucky enough to be allocated some of the units recommended on these forums. The staff have been wonderful and I am very grateful to everyone involved.

We love birds and all kind of animals and we were lucky enough to see lots of lions on our last trip. We wanted to see the north of the park this time and to experience one night in a smaller bush lodge.

We drove the panorama route way back in 1985 and want to do again on our way from JNB to Kruger. We have one restriction on our plans, the Rugby world cup. We are big fans and we need to be able to see the runners up match on Saturday 30th Oct at 8pm (GMT) and the final on the Sunday 31st Oct at 4pm (GMT).

So, we would welcome any suggestions where to stay for these two nights en route to KNP and where we best to go to see these matches?

Also, in terms of Shingwedzi, there is still lots of accomodation available and I wonder would I be better booking a BD2 rather than the BD3, but I cant really work out what the differences are? Are any specific units recommended?

We would also like to book some activities, maybe a bush braii? Are there any particular activities you would recommend for us on this visit?

When we leave we travel to St Lucia for four nights with a one night stop over in Swaziland. Then on to the Drakensbergs for 6 nights.

Any advice much appreciated.

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Re: Trip November 2015

Unread postby DinkyBird » Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:00 pm

Hi amecullen

So excited for you! You have a lovely trip planned!

Rugby is such a big thing in this country, I am sure you will easily find accommodation that will provide the necessary TV channels for those matches. I am not sure which channels will screen those matches, so will leave that to those more up to date on that info.

Looking at the map of Shingwedzi, I only see BD2 or BD5 or and EH3 - the latter do not have bathrooms. When we were there a year ago, there was construction on the BD2s, perhaps find out if there is still construction happening in the camp, and where. That would be my only concern regarding choosing a unit.

The experience of a Bush Braai is really worth it imo. That will also cover a sunset/night drive especially if booked from a camp that drives a way to the venue. Then a morning walk is also a must, unless walking in the bush is not your thing.

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Re: Trip November 2015

Unread postby Karin Mitton » Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:00 am

If you are entering The Kruger Park via the Palaborwa gate to drive to Shingwedzi, you may want to look at accommodation options in Tzaneen - I have never stayed there, but I will be looking at similar options when I travel to Kruger next year. always has many options, and their booking process is quite simple. When you send your enquiry, you can add a request to confirm whether there is satellite TV for the rugby - I would not want to miss it either (well, that depends on how the rest of SA's tournament goes! :? )

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Re: Trip November 2015

Unread postby Meandering Mouse » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:16 am

A very warm welcome to you, Amecullen. :gflower:

I have sent a private mail with suggestions for the 2 nights.
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Re: Trip November 2015

Unread postby amecullen » Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:56 pm

Thank you Dinkybird, Meandering Mouse and Karin.

We have decided to drive up through the panorama route and stop off along the way, possibly Graskop.

We plan to enter Kruger through the Phalaborwa Gate, so we will spend our second night around there or Tzaneen.

We are not going to book accomodation in advance, keeping it flexible, so we can work out the Rugby sitaution when we get there.

They converted the BD5 accomodation in Shingwedzi into BD3, taking out the upstairs/loft beds and stairs. Have left our booking as is for the moment, there really doesnt seem to be much choose between the BD2 and BD3.

only have to organise a bush braii now....

thanks again

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