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What to do with camping stuff when you go for a drive?

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What to do with camping stuff when you go for a drive?

Unread postby Nimrod » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:58 pm

We have a canvas dome tent and a gazebo and we are going camping in Addo main camp for 5 nights next week. I was just wondering what will we do with all the loose bits and pieces like food, ice boxes, freezer, cutlery, and all sorts of expensive stuff , when we go for a game drive. We dont have a veranda we can lock the stuff in and I don't really want to take our Venter trailor with camping either. Every thing fits in our bakkie. Only option i can think of is to take our smaller tent with also and use it as a lock up room. Or I must just trust that nothing will get stolen. Or just carry everything into our canvas tent each time we go for a drive.

Would like to know what everybody else does?

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Re: What to do with camping stuff when you go for a drive?

Unread postby Madalla » Thu Apr 23, 2015 7:48 am

I drive a motorhome and we pitch a tent to keep our place when we drive off and also to have somewhere to sit besides inside the motorhome.

We have a lot of loose articles like a battery charger, pots, a loose gas bottle, gas braai, chairs, table and even once a slow cooker that is standing inside the tent or under the verandah. Just like caravaners have a lot of camping gear standing outside. We even hang washing inside the tent. Nothing has ever been stolen from me.
I have read in other threats, some time back, that there was a problem with theft at Augrabies but I do not know if that is still the case.

Your biggest problem with thieves will probably come from the monkeys that raid tents looking for food.

Enjoy your trip.
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Re: What to do with camping stuff when you go for a drive?

Unread postby s2000ap » Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:16 pm

Hi Nimrod,

I've camped many times in the parks including Addo using a little two man tent and have had no problems but as Madala says monkeys can be a problem. What I've done is buy those storage containers (500mm X 750 X500) +- and stack them and then wrap that pile with the cooler on top with rope (monkey secure) and leave them outside the tent. (even endured a badger attack in Kruger). Main thing is not to leave any foodstuff inside the tent so monkeys have no reason to try and get in.

I've seen many tents used as a fun park or ransacked for the food inside though so be diligent about the "food inside" bit.

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