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Have you ever killed an animal in the park ?

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Re: Have you ever killed an animal in the park ?

Unread postby rufie » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:34 pm

Thanks Scipio!!

I'm really an big fan of the KNP and love going to Shingwedzi but have also stayed at Tamboti,and Skukuza before! I have had amazing sightings before and but I got engaged 3 weeks ago and is searching for so much info because I'm taking my future wife to Shingwedzi and it will be her 1st time ever to the park so I want to make it memorable! I also do read a lot of KNP books as well as follow Latest sightings on facebook! I also try and read most treads that has to do with the KNP and try and reply on some!

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