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What is on your Kruger menu?

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Imax » Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:42 pm

I agree with Gerhardb - but in stead of pancakes make flapjacks. You can make them on a rented cadac at a picnic spot and they go great with grated cheese, jam, syrup etc.

Make some the dutch way by putting snipets of bacon in the dough before you turn them over, the bacon then bakes into the flapjack (good with cheese) - Called a spekpannekoek.

then a big bag of dried mango for snaks in the car.

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby wild man » Wed Oct 15, 2008 1:47 pm

I rather luckily discovered a thing called a "kob" when it came out right in the begining of its life - its price has soared as it becomes more popular.Its like a small weber.I find it great in the KNP and will be taking it with me on my upcoming trip to KTP.It is just big enough to do a roast (lamb,beef,chicken) and gives a break from doing a braai every night.I usually alternate between a braai and something on the cob.It uses very few brickettes.I put on a roast about 2 hours before gate closing time,go for a evening drive and when I get back throw a salad together or some potatoes and you are eating half an hour after you are back!Someone posted the ribs from a place in honeydew they are awesome for a treat I can smash a 2kg pack by myself!

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Elsa » Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:54 pm

My son has a cob as well and brought it with us one one of our trips, it certainly is a wonderful little invention and cooks up a feast on a couple of coals as you say.
Very convenient and versatile. :D
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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby kathy sa » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:39 am

Hi Fieryneck....
Your Honeydew ribs are no secret and they are the best :clap:

For us the braai is part of the KP experience and we can't wait for that magic wood braai. Try onions and potatoes in foil cooked in the can't beat it especially with the ribs (from our secret place :thumbs_up: )

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Timepilot » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:50 am

One of my favourites when in the bush is peri peri corned beef hash - believe it or not.

Tomatoes, onions, chillies / peri peri and whatever fresh herbs and spices cooked in the pot on the fire, when that is all cooked through chuck in the corned beef and bingo you have a tasty meal. Served over large potatoes baked in the fire and it keeps you going for a while. Two tins of corned beef gives you a couple of nights meal - especially if you can freeze it.

Thats been one of my favourites for years and - back in my hiking days, was always the first meal on the trail. It was always worth it carrying the tins and fresh veggies for one day. Cooked that one a couple of times on the escarpment looking over the lowveld at the end of a good days hike :)
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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Fanta » Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:29 pm

What I cook for our annual family weekend at breakfast is a curry breakfast. Tin of mixed veggie curry, tin of pineapple in pieces, bacon, chutney, two eggs per adult (one per child), onion, garlic and mushrooms (fresh or tin depends). This is enough for 2 kids and 7 adults. I served "spiked" orange juice with it for the adults :wink:

If you are not in the mood for potjie (or not experienced at making it like myself) you can try 2 minute noodles and tuna. We usually sleep in safari tents or own so I make four packets and two cans of tuna in water for two adults. It's enough for the next morning also!

I have some more but I'm too hungry now! :lol:
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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Shidzidzii » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:03 pm


please expand a little more on your recipe .
bread pan - is that a flat bottomed cast iron one that you put over moderate coals with some more on the lid?
maizena - how much ?

here is my beer bread recipe .
500 g self-raising flour in a mixing bowl
340 ml can of beer or stout
pinch of salt
mix this lot and knead with your washed hands
grease (lard or butter is better than cooking oil) the inside and lid of a flat bottomed cast iron pot
put in the dough and let rise a short while (heat will do the rest)
bake over slow coals with a couple on the lid too for about 45 minutes to start
carefully lift the lid and tap the top of tyhe bread for a hollow sound indicating fully baked
tip out once cooled a little
eat while warm with butter

bread flour and sachet of instant yeast instead of self-raising flour . (needs more raising time )
spoon of sugar or honey
spoon of cooking oil or melted butter
pieces of bacon or cheese
suitable spices or savoury flavourants (imagination)

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Zorro » Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:51 pm

Hallo to all,

MmMMM I miss the braai already, I think it will be a home bound braai tonight....

Been going for years... same ideas as what all of you have....

Breakfast: Eggs yougurt fruit left overs.... We do the scramble eggs with viennas etc... we call it "gubbi gubboes".... I think the name came from that wilh haired guy with his bear Ben... can't remember the program anymore....

Lunch is on the move.... snacks, snacks and snacks... anything goes..... we never do Lunch BIG....

Dinner, I agree with one of the other replies... the fire WILL burn, no matter what's on the menu.... Few tricks up my sleeve though....

Baked Whole Garlic in foil, Fire baked potatoes in foil.... I prepare all ahead of time, chuck it in the Microwave for 8min max both of the above.... cover with foil and travel.... all you have to do is heat it up on the fire... That garlic thing is delicious.... cut of the head of a whole glove.. bit of Balsamic and Olive, mic it, cover it and enjoy after its been on the fir for 1/2 hour.... lovely on anything, it's like marrow, and because it cookes so well, your dearest will not hate you....

My other trick is our Wildtuin Pasta Salad, it will work for any person who doesn't enjoy salads, and it's filling: I prepare it at home, chuck into the tupper and it gets better the "older" it gets.... Here goes...:

500g Cooked Shell Pasta
500ml All Gold Tomato Hot & Spicy Sauce
60ml Olive Oil
50ml Vinegar
10ml Curry Powder
1 Chopped Onion (Raw)
1 Chopped Green Pepper (Raw)

Mix everything together and enjoy.... it's alot of salad and goes along way...

Easy one this:
Packet of Romany Creams
Ultramel Custard

Half the biscuits, poor the Ultramel and let it stand for a while so that the biscuits become soft.... Tastes like "ouma's" baked chocolate pudding....

I miss the Kruger...

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Lyndal » Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:49 pm

Well, this trip was the first one I ever had to cater, and i think we did ok...

I pre-prepared a big blik of roast veggies - mixed them with couscous and served with pork chops one night, and made a quick Thai chicken curry with the rest.

A braai (or several) is mandatory. I made some wicked braai'd mielies (pre-cook them first so they don't go hard), which made for fantastic padkos the next day! Roasted marshmallows are also a must... they also go into all coffee, hot choc etc..

Mom used to make "Camping breakfast biscuits" when we were younger - so I made a batch for old-times' sake. They're super-healthy and delicious!

Snacks in the car included popcorn, dried fruit, biltong, muffins, biscuits... and lots and lots of pre-frozen water!

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby KNP-Junkee » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:18 pm


Yes I think we've got the same Breadpan and recipe,
use 500g Self-raising flour with a 340ml beer and a pinch of salt.

Mix together and knead in a bowl and place your dough in the cast iron flat-bottom pan.
Now carefully add pieces of bacon inside the dough before placing it into the pan.

Now the fire temperature should be just perfect - I've tried it on a Weber before-unsuccessfully, maybe it was because it was not in the Kruger :) .
Place the pan with your bread mixture inside directly in the fire and place a few bits of charcoal on top of the pan.

You can have a beer before checking the state of your bread but be alert form ten minutes after placing the pan into the fire.
It usually takes another 10 to 15 minutes before it is ready to be served.
When your bread turns a golden brownish colour - open the pan and add cheese and thin slices of biltong on top for the last two to three minutes.
Like mikev said,tap the bread on top to listen if its ready,it makes a hollow sound

Slice the bread and spread some butter while still hot - very nice just like this or you can have it next to any braai with a salad.

For the 3 times we had our beer bread in Kruger we've spotted a leopard the next day!!

Its a simple and very affordable recipe!

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby karasu » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:03 pm

The sounds coming from my stomach right now are VERY strange :shock:

Here is our routine:
Breakfast: NO TIME! Need to get spotting straight away, we have coffee in the flask, rusks, biltong, droewors, cabbernossi and chips in the car. That usually sustains us until we reach a picnic spot.

We then have BRUNCH. This is usually huge, combining breakfast and lunch.
Eggs, bacon, kaasworsies, mushrooms, onions, tomato, toast etc. Whatever we can stuff ourselves with :lol:
What's also GREAT is making french toast on the cadac or "toad in the whole" (Slice of bread with centre piece cut out and replaced by egg)!!!

Strange how we always stuff ourselves at brunch, but 10 minutes back in the car... and we're eating again.
Something we LOVE to have in the car is melting chocs!
We usually buy a bag of those miniature cadbury / nestle choccies.
Take one of those choccies, place it on the dashboard of your car and in about 3 minutes in the Kruger Sun they are melted.
Then you bite a small hole in the one corner of the wrapper and suck on the melted chocolate while doing your game spotting.
(GREAT replacement for smoking in the car!!!)

Supper: MEAT! MEAT! with whatever comes to mind. We also do the potato and mielie in tinfoil, potbroodjie, pap-en-sous (we call the sauce JOLLIE - Don't ask me why?)

:huh: Are we the only people who over-eat when in Kruger?

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Shidzidzii » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:08 am

Looks like we got the bread recipe sorted .

Mgoddard gave me one for " swedish rye bread " which I have still got to test for those who need to be health conscious , myself included .

Zorro , I also do your "WILDTUIN (GAME RESERVE) PASTA SALAD" and use all kinds of DIFFERENT additions including tuna and the juice from the pepperdews . Usualy add foods that spoil quickly to only a portion of the pasta "feedstock" so that it's eaten up in one go . Next day you do a different combo . I will try your baked whole garlic out too .

It's amazing how many creative ideas come out using basic foodstuffs that travel well and need simple preparation .

Next week I will post our game pie recipe , just need to check the baking details .

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby batman » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:25 am

Hi all,

You guys have come up with some amaizing ideas. One of our fevourites is a mushroom and bacon kebab. Individualy wrap each button mushroom in a piece of streaky bacon and skewer on kebaba stick, (you can normally fit about 3 or 4 on eack stick) then chuck on the braai.

Does anyone have a recipe for mielie bread?

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Shidzidzii » Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:00 am

Mielie bread is the basic potbread recipe to which you add a tin of drained whole kernel corn (or frozen) just as you would cheese, bacon, biltong, caraway seeds, dried fennel , brown onion soup powder , sundried tomatoes , olives , feta etc.

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Re: Best Kruger food Ideas

Unread postby Shidzidzii » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:21 pm

GAME PIES (Part 1 - the meat)

1 Prepare pies at home before you leave , to have pies for the road and instead of a braai for a meal .

2 Into your pressure cooker put a generous knob of butter and on high heat brown 2 or 3 roughly sliced onions , as this will give the meat it's colour . Stir a few times . Could do in a large pot but much longer cooking times .

3 Spices . Couple of cloves , and juniper berries (if you can get them but they are excellent with game) broken/bruised into small pieces . Other spices and coarse salt to your taste .

4 Game meat (rough portions on the bone) about 2-3kg .

The butcher has a lot of these available when he prepares the cuts off the carcass . You can of course use beter cuts like the shins but these are normally saved for the potjie . Mince also is good for cornish pies .
What it comes down to is that the butcher dosn't spend overly much time stripping the bones completely for the wors etc. and there are a lot of "bones" with meat , gristle (gelatine) and marrow which are perfect for pies (and not much else) .
I personly won't shoot an animal , but I do go with on the hunts and just buy a few surplus carcasses for the butcher to process into biltong and meat cuts for me . Many suburban butchers stock game meat , but you could even make "game pies" with cheap cuts of beef .

5 Just before the onions burn , toss in the meat and a very little liquid , possibly stock or even balsamic vinegar , to set off steam build-up inside the pressure cooker with it's lid now on. Turn the temperature down low as soon as the pressure is up . The bones will give off a lot of liquid of their own under pressure that is why you use only a little stock .

6 A very little bit of diced vegetables can be added but I only think potatoes , leeks , Celery and carrots are suitable . Potato do thicken the gravy (and leeks, celery and carrots impart flavour ) but to much veg thins the gelatine so the meat is not sticky and falls out the pie .
A note on health issues .
Eat your game pie with salads to balance the vegetarian intake .
Besides game meat is 100% organic and because the animal grazes and/or browses on many various plant species so is much healthier than battery fed , feed lot , growth hormone , and geneticaly modified domestic stock .

7 After an hour and a bit , cool of the cooker and in a big dish strip the pieces of meat off the bone . The bones are bleached white but not crumbly and the meat and gristle is still intact and firmish . Big pieces can be roughly cut into smaller cubes .

8 Return the meat and the cooking juices to the pressure cooker and simmer for another hour under pressure . The meat fibres become tender and break into strands - called "fynvleis" or "fine meat" . Remove the lid and render down the gelatine , stirring (and if needs be cutting) often to break up any big pieces of meat .
There meat will still be in juicy gravy but not floating in liquid . Some chefs would add sherry and even mushrooms but I would rather have them separate - this is a MEAT pie afterall .

9 Let the meat cool completly and then chill it in the fridge . The jelly will set with the meat .

10 This has been a lengthy process but effectivly has been looking after itself , leaving you plenty of time inbetween to have some wine a-la-Floyd-in-Africa (or read a book) . Let's put it this way - much less work than stuffing boerewors casings .
The recipe is also more of a guideline and you can be as creative as you like with the pie filling medium as long as it's not watery . I often take left over potjiekos or savoury mince and bake a "pub lunch" pie .

Part 2 the pastry and baking, follows Monday morning.

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