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Nossob Webcam - monthly summaries

Discuss the Orpen (KNP), Satara (KNP), Addo and Nossob (KTP) webcams
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Nossob Webcam - monthly summaries

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:08 pm

24-12-2009 - Christmas Eve
Brian the Brown Hyena sighted in the evening at Nossob, as well as a Lion which was the start of an epidemic of Lion sightings over the festive season. :big_eyes:
M@rie captured 2 beautiful lion close to closing time on Christmas Eve.


25-12-2009 - Christmas Day
Cam offline today. :(

26-12-2009 – Boxing Day
Slyvia C and JJ caught the early morning Lion,


the BBJ’s made their usual appearance and Aussie Ranger said hello with a post of Brian the BH.


Oryx, Secretary birds spotted throughout the day and Brian again came for a drink in the evening snapped by LionSpoon.

Cam again offline :(

A day where all three Cams were up & running :D
Melph kicked off the morning shift with a BBJ & Wildebeest as well as a baby Wildebeest a bit later on.


People in hide decided to play games and covered the cam with a book of some sort..
There were lots of flocks of birds and many Springbok seen in the evening.

Cam online from 11:30 and LS captured a tiny baby Wildebeest


Secretary Birds & Springbok featured heavily for the rest of the day.

:big_eyes: Then the sighting of the festive season from 18:57 to 23:26 a total of 5 ½ hours we watched, snapped, Oohed and Aahed at the magnificent Lion who somehow knew he was on Cam!!, He was later joined by a Lioness. They were last seen before midnight and many cammers went to bed very happy :lol:


A great sighting of Brian the Brownie was spotted by Melph :clap:


rest of morning the usual sightings of BBJ, Oryx, Wildebeest - with BBJ’s dominating the night sightings.

31-12-2009 – New Years Eve & Blue Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse
Hailey woke us this New year Eve morning with a BBJ & Oryx, there were lots more BBJ’s Oryx and Springbok during the day.
Danie zoomed in for the Blue Moon but there was cloud cover and we could not see the Moon over Nossob. :(
2009 departed with a sighting of a BBJ.

1-1-2010 – New Years Day
What will be first animal spotted for the New Year & Decade??
Yes a BBJ was the New Year Champion at Nossob caught by Tilandi at 12:36am,
then a Lion captured by Melph then 40 minutes later 2 male Lion, then they were joined by a third male.


In the evening the rain poured down, but we were rewarded with another Lion sighting of 2 males.

1st sighting of the morning is a Lion in the distance, but not much else the rest of day or maybe the Cam offline?

Springbok spotted and Red Hartebeest with a little one, LS snapped an Ostrich. Spotlight from hide helped us see the BBJ’s in the evening.

Someone's fingers captured covering cam :huh: Wildebeest on cam during the day – LS spotted a snake :clap: and we saw BBJ’s throughout the evening.

Hailey again kicked off the morning with a Lion – Nossob has not disappointed us over the Festive Season. Danie gave us a different perspective of the WH & hide and we saw a dust Storm


in the early evening, followed shortly thereafter with rain.

Melph thought a Lion was spotted in the early morning? Danie zoomed in really close to water & hide and lenses that were poking through the slats in hide.
Only BBJ’s featured for the rest of the night.

Katja opened the sightings this morning with Red Hartebeest then only Springbok & BBJ’s for the rest of day/night.

Again Katja started the day with a BBJ and Red Hartebeest and a Lion, who was later joined by a 2nd one and they kept us glued to cam for the better part of an hour. The afternoon brought the rain and it poured and poured. A group of BBJ’s in the evening ended the days sights.

Birds, Red Hartebeest & Wildebeest were the order of the day. The evening brought us a very blurry picture of a BBJ and lastly Brian (BH) put in a very late appearance, but before he could get close to water for us to see him better, the cam went down. :cry:
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Nossob Webcam Summary - January 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:00 am

Nossob Webcam - Summary - January 2010

January 1 to 9 was reported in the Festive Season TR.

We saw so many Lion at Nossob over the festive season that we are all hoping that they continue to grace our screens. :)

10 January 2010 – Sunday

Dawn brought the beautiful colours of sunrise and some Springbok, then screen blank until late afternoon, after which we saw two Jackals, and a Wildebeest. In the evening some more Springbok.
The small run-off puddle seems to have become a very deep hole now with just a small amount of water at the bottom, but the waterhole is full.
“Lionspoon” spotted she hopefully thought was a Lion, but it turned out to be a Jackal again, as the night progressed we saw a few more Jackals around the waterhole and nothing else.

11 January 2010 – Monday

At sunrise the first picture was of a Jackal, until mid-morning nothing then an Ostrich, then two Ostriches, followed by a Wildebeest, as the day continued a Secretary Bird appeared, joined a few seconds later by a second one and also a Wildebeest.
After the lunch break a herd of Springbok, that blended in so well with the surroundings we could hardly see them.


There is very little water around a Wildebeest had to kneel to drink at a puddle. Please someone put up a sign “Water This Way -→”.
Gosh that was fast, because they came straight over to the waterhole. Perhaps it was the birdie in the tree that let them know?
About mid-afternoon an herd of Wildebeest rushed across the cam – to where?
Then they did a U-Turn and crowded around the waterhole.


Two Secretary Birds and a Jackal came for a drink and as the day continued Jackals kept popping in for a drink almost up to midnight.

12 January 2010 – Tuesday

Sunrise was spectacular on the cam this morning and in the background we could see a Jackal, later on we saw a Red Hartebeest, followed by Wildebeest with their little ones jostling for a drink. The rest of the morning we saw Wildebeest & Red Hartebeest – in the afternoon we had a clear view of two Red Hartebeests and their beautiful colouration.


The rest of the afternoon groups of Springbok drinking from the run-off puddle and later an Oryx in the distance, he moved a bit closer but as he blended so well with the Kgalagadi ('land of thirst') sand we had to look really close to see him – then he came a little nearer again and we had a much better view.


There were more Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Springbok and Gemsbok (Oryx) on screen for us throughout the day.

Magnificent late afternoon colours cast their spell across the waterhole.
Night time Jackals and Brian the Brown Hyena was back for a drink. :D


13 January 2010 – Wednesday (LION DAY)

Today “Hailey” showed us an early morning Lion and “Aussie Ranger” snapped the pair drinking from a “Pool of Gold” so beautifully described by a mite.


They must have been very thirsty after eating all the “Springbok Biltong” as they hung around for a 45 minutes.
Wildebeest again crowded the waterhole in the morning, at 8am the Lion were back in full force – for over an hour this time there were 4 lions drinking.


Then an hour later they were back again!!!.

We watched Red Hartebeest & Secretary Birds over the next few hours and at 2pm Lion were back on camera, drinking from the now full run-off puddle.
The regular Jackal came for a drink and at 20:30 our view was filled by the three growing puddles/ponds, a Jackal sitting looking most confused with all the rain was the last sighting.

14 January 2010 – Thursday

Today we awoke to a view of “Lake Nossob”


There were also Wildebeest doing a ‘Desert Caravan’ in single file in the background.
Very few animals were spotted for the rest of the day and the night brought a Jackal wandering from his favourite “Watering Hole” to the next, deciding which would be his “local”.

15 January 2010 – Friday

It was raining this morning and a close-up by Danie showed us how sodden the Kgalagadi sand had become.
“Lionspoon” gave us a beautiful picture of the setting sun colours reflected in the water.

We saw a fantastic picture of a Lion in the early night. .


.. and that was it for the day.

16-18 January 2010 – Saturday-Monday

Not much going on over these three days, still lots of water in the three ponds, there was a distant Red Hartebeest, and as usual in the evenings there were Jackal spotted sniffing around the waterhole.
The cam may have been offline on the 17th as well.

19-20 January 2010 – Tuesday & Wednesday

Again not much happening over these two days, just the usual Red Hartebeest, Jackal and far off Wildebeest.

21 January 2010 – Thursday

A Lion spotted by Mel - our early morning cam lookout - in the distance, but still a Lion, then there were two of them in the picture.


This ended the little drought of animals over the past few days, again the evening finished with a sighting of a Jackal.

22 January 2010 - Friday

Danie gave us a pulled back view of the waterhole and then zoomed in on a pair of Yellow Billed Kite perched on a branch.


Usual sightings until 21:30 – then we saw a male Lion drinking at Puddle No. 2.
The spotlight from the hide assisted us to a clearer view of him, which we enjoyed for over half an hour.
Is it not wonderful to have Lion as regulars at the waterhole ? :P

23 January 2010 - Saturday

Today only a bird in a tree, a distant Red Hartebeest & Wildebeest and Jackal then more rain.


Also a lone Jackal came & went during the night.

24 January 2010 – Sunday

Today we saw a very green Nossob, believe it or not it shortly thereafter it rained again.

We caught a glimpse of two Ostriches very far off and then more rain that has almost turned the three ponds into one!!
The water quickly dispersed and we saw the three ponds again.

25 January 2010 – Monday

Pretty dawn colours snapped by “Slyvia & farfaraway”.


Some far off Springbok could be seen as well.
Afternoon pictures showed the water drying up, which seemed to draw Springbok closer for a drink.
Then Danie gave us a brilliant close-up of a Springbok.


And we could see how long and green the grass is.

Late afternoon it rained again, and the puddles/ponds filled up once again.

“Lionspoon” showed us a different picture of the waterhole with beautiful colours.


The evening closed with a Jackal, some blurry unidentified animals and a Springbok.

26 January 2010 – Tuesday

Katja noted how Nossob is getting greener & greener – How right she is. :lol:
Danie zoomed out for us to see the bigger picture, and the viewing ended with a Jackal once again.

27 January 2010 - Wednesday

There has been an erratic cam connection today & yesterday as well, therefore very few pictures posted.
However at midnight a “dog” spotted doing the waterhole watch and his picture is recorded in the Nossob Cam sightings – January 2010 for posterity.

28 January 2010 - Thursday

Today there was a technical problem on the Forum and no one could post any pictures, those that saved some posted them later in the day.
We had a side view of the hide for a long time – and were hoping an animal would approach the water from this direction, but no luck. :pray:
“Lionspoon” posted her saved picture of the sunrise with a Jackal in the foreground.
Only a Jackal was seen during the night.

29 January 2010 – Friday

Again Jackal were the early morning visitors, then a few Wildebeest drinking from the puddles. Red Hartebeest also came into view. In the afternoon another herd of Wildebeest with their baby who has grown so big!!
The cam was on and off continually during the afternoon.

30 January 2010 – Saturday

The three puddles are giving us spectacular sunrise pictures, one gold, one pink and one blue all at the same time.
Red Hartebeest and then Wildebeest came to drink and then an extremely rare sighting at Nossob - Kudu.


Some more Wildebeest & Red Hartebeest during the day and as the day began so it ended with first an early evening Jackal & then another one a few hours later.

31 January 2010 – Sunday

We saw the trio of coloured puddles perfectly this morning.


The rain at Nossob has changed the surroundings at the waterhole so dramatically over this month, rare sightings and lots of greenery. :shock:

Wildebeest, Jackal and a far off Secretary Bird on cam during the day.
Then in the afternoon a huge flock of Abdims Storks (identified by Caracal).


January at Nossob dished up wonderful and rare sightings for us. Hoping that February will do the same. :pray:
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NOSSOB Cam Summary - February 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:34 am

Nossob Webcam Summary - February 2010

1 – 3 February 2010 – Monday to Wednesday

The cam has been offline for three days, we do not know the reason and are hoping that we have not missed anything exciting. Withdrawal symptoms are awful, we keep peeking at the Webcams Page to see if the Green Monster has been slain? Image

4 February 2010 – Thursday

Cam back online at 4pm.Image
“Tilandi” posted the first sighting and we saw that the three puddles are starting to dry up – for the moment Puddle No.1 at the waterhole still has a fair amount in it!

Shortly afterwards a Red Hartebeest came into view and we watched so happily as the postings became more & more!!!


Seeing the Jackal in the afternoon, we did not realize how much we had missed these little guys!


During the night we had first one Jackal on cam, then two, then three together and also a lovely reflection of the rising moon in Puddle No.1.

5 February 2010 – Friday

This morning the cam was on and off like traffic lights turning RED then GREEN then RED. Our first sight was of the blinding sunrays reflecting into the cam from the puddles.
We saw Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest and Jackal throughout the morning – Danie zoomed onto a flock of Tawny Eagles that were crowding the waterhole and nearby tree!


In the afternoon we again saw the two earthy Red-toned Hartebeest close to the cam. :D
Later on in the distance the elusive Gemsbok and the evening brought with it some lazy Jackal having a snooze.
Late night viewing was aided by the Spotlight from the hide – This is always welcome as the Nossob light seems to have limited candle power, and if it was not for the sharp eyes of “Katja” we would not even known a Lion had come to drink. :big_eyes:
Is the problem only the strength of the light and "Matthys" will follow up this problem for us!

6 February 2010 – Saturday

“Hailey” started the thread this morning and due to the sun reflecting off the lens we only saw the outline of far off Wildebeest drinking.
As the morning progressed and the sun rose, so the picture cleared to reveal much reduced water lying about, but there is still a lot of long vegetation to be seen.

A flock of birds came and washed and spruced themselves up for the day ahead. The now very regular Secretary Birds were seen in the distance.
A large herd of Wildebeest slowly approached the waterhole, their little ones protected in the centre of group!


These monochromatic colours of Nossob never fail to show us what beauty arid scenery has.

In the afternoon The Eagles were back, but only at the Hotel Nossob and not the Hotel California, with some Wildebeest appearing as well.
A Jackal was the usual night visitor.

7 February 2010 – Sunday

The first Sunday morning sight looked like the Clouds had descended to Earth, that should have had angels perched upon them, it was a special reflection in the mirror of the waterhole!


The Secretary Birds were back and seemed to be imitating their cousins in the Ballet “Swan Lake” to an audience of Gemsbok & Wildebeest.

Sunday Lunch we saw the Wildebeest getting their share of water in the furtherest of the puddles.
For all intent & purposes the other puddles have dried up.

As the evening descended the colours on our screen changed completely and we saw fiery pinks, oranges and mauves, with a hardly distinguishable Jackal in the foreground. (Not in this picture, so do not squint your eyes :tongue: )


The night brought more Jackal and “Hailey” optimistically hoping she could see Lion prowling in the blurry background.

8 February 2010 – Monday

The morning started with a very pretty pink sunrise, highlighting how much the puddles have dried up.


We saw Wildebeest in the distance, then they come closer in a dusty haze.


Secretary Birds made wise moves around the waterhole, first one, then two and three together. They really seem to be changing their position to show the best pose to the camera!

A Jackal approached the water and Danie seized the opportunity to zoom in on this fellow, lapping up some water. Wow what a fantastic picture you saved “Ceazar”


When we see Jackal on cam they are really just ignored a lot of the time, but to see them close up really paints them in a different way.
Danie panned to the hills in the background and we could see how different the scenery is there.

In the evening the Spotlight from the hide isolated Jackal at the waterhole, without which we would not have seen them.
The very sharp eyes of "Lionspoon", "Tilandi" and a few others saw a lion and not until virtually the last post did we get a semi-clear picture of the it. :(
"Matthys" has put in a request to the Section Ranger as to why the Night viewing has deteriorated so much over the last few months? We will wait for an answer and may be able to report what feedback we get.
The Lion left the waterhole for half an hour or so and then came back and his blurry figure was the last sighting of today.

9 February 2010 – Tuesday

The cam was offline the whole day today.

10 February 2010 – Wednesday

In the pre-dawn darkness a Jackal was spotted at the waterhole and as the light grew stronger a Red Hartebeest and a far away Wildebeest. Most of the water has dried up and we see only a faint reminder of the two puddles catching a stray sunbeam reflecting off their surface.
The foreground puddle still dazzles us with beautiful colours at sunrise.


Who could ask anything more than this scene to wake up to without actually being there?

At approximately 8am the Wildebeest he(a)rd the breakfast bell ring and they crowded around waiting for their turn at the water.

Later in the morning what appeared to be a new water bird visited the waterhole? What are they and have asked the BIRDS Forum with identifcation help.

They came back very smartly with an answer "White Storks" Thanks guys :clap:

A Secretary Bird came by and stretched its wings and in the afternoon the Wildebeest herd again came by for a drink. “JoyceW” snapped a magnificent picture on a Gemsbok stooping to drink.

A Jackal came for a drink, but if not for its reflection in the water his “camouflage” would have worked 100%.


then he dropped down to the ground and resting was the order of the day.

Again the night viewing made it virtually impossible to distinguish anything at the waterhole, despite this a few pictures posted.

11 February 2010 – Thursday

“Hailey“& “Slyvia” showed us what a real sunrise on the cams looks like.


A few Jackal were spotted as well as another Gemsbokl. Mid-morning the Wildebeest arrived for their daily tipple.

Then a conference of Secretary Birds gathered for a natter at the water?

A lone Wildebeest and then Springbok triplets quenched their thirst.

Some Eagles were seen as well as the regular Jackal or two, one of them “caught “ stalking the birds!
Late afternoon again brought the Jackal/s to the waterhole, and then we saw a majestic Gemsbok by the cam light. What a beauty!!


12 February 2010 – Friday

Again this morning there were Jackal around and another beautiful sunrise. We could see Gemsbok through the sunrays on the cam lens.
The Wildebeest came to drink much earlier this morning and later in the morning Red Hartebeest were also spotted.

A Red Hartebeest appeared to be falling over :huh: when we checked in the next picture all was calm as though nothing untoward had happened?


The afternoon Wildebeest herd came to drink while Red Hartebeest patiently waited their turn and when it came up we saw that these animals are also quite beautiful!
Pretty Springbok also arrived a bit later, then in the early evening a lone Gemsbok gave us an awesome silhouette and we also saw the distinct markings on its lower back!

Image Image

And so the viewing for today came to an end with “Lionspoon” posting one of “Spots” saved pictures!!
What else is in his album? Hope you have posted all the best ones "Lionspoon"?

13 February 2010 – Saturday

We were awoken with literally a brilliant sunrise this morning, submitted by “Foxy” and posted by “Mel”
Our regular morning Wildebeest herd arrived like clockwork to drink and kick up another dust storm.
A fly got stuck on the cam lens and we also saw the Jackal slinking around about the waterhole.
Lots of Springbok came to drink at a now very dry scene. A Secretary Bird showed us why their name should rather be “Daddy Long Legs” as it strode past the waterhole.
A beautiful lone Red Hartebeest came to drink and then an equally beautiful Gemsbok - both sharing the water with a White Stork.


As night descended we again saw the blurry Jackal.

14 February 2010 – Sunday (VALENTINES DAY - A Lion Lover’s Day)

Early morning had the cammers very excited as two male Lions took their drink, unfortunately the picture quality is very bad and they looked the part of a Ghost Story in the making?


But the light changed and we thanked the dawn-patrol for turning up the watts to give us a much better view.


About two hours later they were back! This time our view hampered by too much light as opposed to too little! :shock:


The day progressed with the usual sightings of Jackal, Wildebeest, Springbok and Secretary Birds.

Then mid-afternoon were saw first just a nose of a Lion, then he came into full view for us!


Not long after we were treated to these animals jumping out of their skins. They must have got a sniff of those Lion.


As the evening drew in, we could just see Jackal drinking. Later on a Lion came to drink but the sighting was so blurry that it was virtually impossible to see him, later Jackal were back and the spotlight helped us see them.

15 February 2010 – Monday

Early this morning the bad visibility at the waterhole continued, but as the sun started to rise the viewing became much clearer and we saw some Wildebeest in the distance.

Then Danie changed the angle of the cam – What’s happening we wondered, but nothing over there!
He zoomed in to the waterhole and we were treated to close ups of the water, then the cam turned to the other side of hide and we saw close-ups of the tree branches?
At 5pm the cam went down until late in the night when we again saw the blurry Jackal on cam.
After that the cam went down.

16 February 2010 – Tuesday

At 11am today we saw the roof of a “bakkie” in the corner of the picture and we got the VERY good news that the branches of the tree were been cut back, this is the reason that our nighttime viewing has been so severely hampered.

Brent the Section Ranger and his team at Nossob fixed all the problems and we all waited with baited breath for the night viewing to begin!

It was so clear, the difference as noticeable as the difference between day & night (excuse the pun) and we THANK you all so much for listening to us and taking action! :clap:
Now we have a clear view of the BBJ’s going about their business and we wait, expectantly, ever optimistically for the nighttime Lions to arrive.

A new cammer "Toko" joined the ranks, posting great pictures and taking part in the revived “Your Favourite Sightings” thread that JJ and Katja have volunteered to run after Tom its founder moved to a remote “Internetless” location. :clap: and :(

17 February 2010 – Wednesday

The morning viewing opened with an indistinct Wildebeest outline due to the lighting conditions. Then we saw a whole herd in the background. Danie then did some zooming magic for us and we saw a close up of the dead tree at the waterhole.
The day proceeded normally with us seeing a small herd of Springbok and a few Secretary Birds.
Then late afternoon Danie again zoomed in for us we saw a close-up of the birds sitting on edge of water, he then turned the camera onto the people in the hide and a VERY close close-up of a water bottle – Katja noted was very necessary to keep taking in fluids in the heat.
Then the camera was on the move again, first out to the distant trees and then around to other side of hide.

Then this awesome view – Thanks Danie, it really is fantastic to see the whole picture, especially for those of us who have not been to Nossob.


Then back to the waterhole in ZOOOOM mode, fortunately a Jackal arrived and we could see it in minute detail and the close-up also afforded us the opportunity to understand why it is called “Black Backed Jackal” Danie you rock!!! :clap:
The Jackal lay down for a while, then gave a good scratch and a lick of "you-know-where" and we saw every possible movement of the Jackal. To see all the pictures that were posted go to Nossob Cam Sightings : February 2010


then Danie outdid himself and gave us a view of the breath-taking sunset. Night viewing was made up of a Jackal and a Wildebeest.

18 February 2010 – Thursday

We saw an early Jackal this morning, and the shining eyes of another small animal, but were not sure of its ID? As the sun’s first light slowly crept across the Nossob canvas it painted a beautiful picture for us of mauves and sparkling water! 8)

Secretary Birds and Wildebeest were seen, also a solitary Springbok having a drink.
As the shadows grew longer in the afternoon the Jackals were out and about again.
At around 8pm we saw a fuzzy animal that could be Brian the Brown Hyaena? A few hours later after watching Jackal & more Jackals – Brian (the Brown Hyena) was back!!! We have not seen him for a long time, but this could just be because the visibility was poor and he is difficult to see at the best of times. Even with the light been fixed it was still a fuzzy picture – seems as though Brown Hyaena’s do not reflect light very well.
A few minutes after that the last sighting of a Jackal.

19 February 2010 – Friday

Oh Joy! This morning “Hailey” & “Mel” caught the early morning Black-maned Lion and we were treated to the exquisite purple colours of dawn in the deal! :dance:

Image Image

As the day proceeded we were so hopeful of many great animals sighting, because of the HIGH we were on, but unfortunately our hopes were dashed when the cam went down around 10am.

20 February 2010 – Saturday

The diamond-shaped reflection on the cam hid a Red Hartebeest in the background.
A reflection of two Springbok created an X symbol on the water – so unusual :)
Some Wildebeest kicked up a dust storm, then galloped one way, then back again.


All the usual game & birds were around today and in the evening of course brought the Jackal.

21 February 2010 – Sunday (CHEETAH)

This morning was a superb example of African Dawn colours and we enjoyed the pictures Hailey had posted of Jackal, Wildebeest at the waterhole and the ever so gorgeous Gemsbok drinking.
Then she put up a picture of…. Yes! A Cheetah with a cub no less!
Not believing her eyes she queried the sighting thinking they were Lion!!!
The Cheetah posed for us, first drinking, then sitting, and walking around the waterhole and then left the scene all the time on camera as they walked off – We danced and cheered with jubilation at seeing these sleek, regal cats. :dance: :dance: :dance:


When were Cheetah last seen on the Webcams? (Anyone know?)

Needless to say the above sighting was chosen as “YOUR Favourite sighting” for today, as well as for the WEEK. This fun thread has been restarted after TOM its founder was no longer able to run it. If you have time please vote for your favourite on the Webcams Forum.
We carried on watching the cams as a Jackal, Red Hartebeest and Wildebeest were seen praying the Cheetah would return! – but they did not and we were so disappointed that we could not get another glimpse of them when we knew they were in the area. :(

In the evening two Springbok came to drink which is a sight not often seen – they looked very skittish, perhaps it was the light?


22 February 2010 – Monday

A solitary Wildebeest was seen moving around the waterhole, first far off, then closer, a pair of Jackals came next to have a drink together.
Then a herd of Wildebeest churned up the puddles around the waterhole and left behind mudholes instead.

Then at 11:30am the cam went offline.

23 February 2010 – Tuesday

Nossob cam back online for an instant today and “Lionspoon” managed to catch & post a picture to prove it to us.

24 February 2010 – Wednesday

Nossob back online today :clap: and this morning “Hailey” informed us that it has been pouring with rain and now the scenery is back to water water everywhere!

Not much going on today, the usual Wildebeest and Springbok seen, but they were off at a distance. A Secretary Bird was also seen. The last view was of the Wildebeest.

25 February 2010 – Thursday

As usual a Jackal was first out of the gates this morning and once again a very pretty dawn picture – sun lighting the re-filled water puddles.

Ostriches seen in the distance, then Springbok and after them Wildebeest coming for a drink, with a Secretary Bird cooling its feet off in the water!
Then at midday Danie zoomed to two Gemsboks milling around the waterhole – unfortunately they never heard the instruction clearly from the cameraman to bend down so we could see them completely in the frame. :( Nevertheless when the cam was zoomed out again we saw this beautiful picture of them.


Then they returned to the camouflaged background and disappeared from view.

A Wildebeest and a Secretary Bird (which is depicted on the South African Coat of Arms) came for a drink.
An unidentified bird came into view, and the shadow cast from the spotlight giving us the only hint, telling us it was a bird!

Jackals last animals seen as the day made its exit!

26 February 2010 – Friday

Very little seen on cam today – A couple of Wildebeest, Secretary Birds and the usual nighttime Jackals.

The last sight of the day was unusual in the sense that a Wildebeest was seen drinking at night, with a Jackal in the foreground.


27 February 2010 – Saturday

The day started with a fiery reflection of sunrise, then a huge herd of Wildebeest came to drink and when they were finished they slowly drifted off towards the horizon.

We do not often see this sequence happen, so let us view it as it happened.




We then saw some Springbok at the waterhole and their stunning markings were reflected in the water.

The sightings ended with Jackals, first singly, then in pairs – they were the last sight of today.

28 February 2010 – Sunday

Again today a large herd of Wildebeest approached the waterhole appearing on the horizon, coming closer as each frame changed – an amazing sight to behold as it looked like a wagon train in the wild west - minus the wagons.
The two Gemsboks were back mingling with the Wildebeest and then they were left alone at the water hole. This unique picture shows their symbiosis.


We saw a few Springbok and some more Wildebeest and then the dead tree at the waterhole was suddenly filled with birds in a line across the branches obviously waiting to take their turn at the water.

The rest of the night was filled with Jackals as usual they were the last animals on cam for today and this month.
I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


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NOSSOB Webcam Summary - March 2010

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NOSSOB Webcam - Summary – March 2010

Monday - 1 March

Our viewing started with the usual Jackal scurrying around the waterhole.
As dawn arrived we saw the possibility of a Lion coming to the water, with just the tip of a nose peeking into view – but it was not to be, as the sunrays started striking the cam we saw that beautiful Springbok were out and about.
The Wildebeest have a routine, we see them approaching from afar, and slowly they come to the water, crowding it, all of them satisfying their thirst and jostling for prime position.
Then as they approached so they leave – disappearing towards the horizon – suddenly gone.


Then we saw our first Lion of the month, snapped by a new mite “terrifirma” :clap: an indication of what was coming for the rest of the month.


An hour later another Lion - the picture as clear as a bell, showing us a very thirsty Lion drinking for about five minutes.


There were no more sightings until late in the afternoon of a Springbok having a drink.
Then Danie zoomed to the waterhole and showed us a close up of these Egrets.


They were the last sighting today.

Tuesday - 2 March

As yesterday began so did today - with a Jackal on cam.
Only two sightings the whole day, one of a Wildebeest and one of the morning light in shades of blue.
The little Jackal was again out and about in the evening.

Wednesday - 3 March

Today the sunrise produced varying colours on the water puddles, some pink, some yellow and blue as well.
A Secretary Bird was seen first and then Wildebeest & Springbok sharing the drinking facilities. :D
As the evening drew in the two Jackals were again seen, they are such busy bodies, rushing around the waterhole scratching here, then over to the other side, seeing what is to be had there. :D
This looked like a sand storm was taking place, also it appears that from the hide a spotlight was being used.


The viewing ended with Jackals.

Thursday - 4 March

Opening seen today – Jackals, I wonder what they do all night? Do they have dens close by?
Again we saw a glorious sunrise – Cammers are resorting to all kinds of excuses to post pictures without any birds/animals. Fortunately most of the time there are teeny weensy birds at the water. :whistle:

Most of Nossob’s usual suspects (Wildebeest, Jackal and Secretary Birds) seen during the morning.

Then the Wildebeest began their routine, but only at lunchtime! In this picture they have drunk their fill and most are starting the trek back to the horizon.


A short while later a lone Red Hartebeest was seen drinking, as well as the now regular Egrets.
The very late afternoon shadows produced this stunning view of the waterhole.


Then in the last light a herd of Springbok came to drink, the light creating a stunning view of them. :D


I would like you to guess which animal was last seen today? :huh:

Yes! You are right JACKAL :?

Friday - 5 March

Please guess again which animal was seen first? :hmz:

Could it be a Jackal again -Yes! :thumbs_up:

The Wildebeest again changed the time of their water gathering routine and today it was mid morning? :shock:
Even though we see them everyday, they do not fail to create that wonderful “HIGH” feeling of a special sighting.
A new activity is happening with the Wildebeest – they are taking a mud bath now.


Danie swung the camera around to show us the tourists watching the action from the hide! Oh my! What big lenses you have!!


We then were treated to a 'zoomed’ view of the dead tree at the waterhole.
The Jackals continued their nightly parade around the hide area.

Saturday - 6 March

“Hailey” & “Mel” were snapping away this morning, showing us the beautiful sunrise – fortunately the pictures included the resident Wildebeest, arriving for their favourite liquid refreshment. :clap:


Then the Wildebeest returned for their rolling in the mud regimen.

Springboks and Secretary Birds made their appearance in the late afternoon.

There were the usual Jackals in the evening.

Sunday - 7 March

In the very early hours we had a vague glimpse of a Gemsbok, but it would not move into full view.

We saw the pretty pinks & yellows of dawn reflected in the water puddles, a Wildebeest and a Jackal were also seen.
The Wildebeest again came for their daily drink, this time some having a roll in the mud.
Thoroughly covered in their favourite beauty treatment, they departed in a long line towards the horizon, eventually all disappearing over it.
A Secretary Bird settled on the rim of the waterhole and a few straggling Wildebeest returned for another fill up.
At lunchtime a Gemsbok was spotted and some more Wildebeest.
Later on in the afternoon a family of Springbok came for a drink.


At 5pm a Gemsbok got the call to join the Happy Hour for a drink.


In the dusk light the Springbok’s beautiful markings were emphasised.
Late in the night a herd of Gemsbok shared the water with Wildebeest.

The day’s sightings ended with two Jackals on camera! :lol:

Monday - 8 March

This exquisite picture of Nossob colours is what we have the privilege of “waking” up to on the cams.


A single Wildebeest and then a single Red Hartebeest were seen - later, appearing on the horizon, the herd of Wildebeest performing their daily ritual.

As the sun began to set, the Egrets were back, perched on the dead tree. A Jackal was again spotted in the evening.

Then, way past their bedtime Springbok came to drink. :naughty: They are so easy to see in the poor light as the slightest ray picks out their distinctive marking. :)

Tuesday - 9 March

First on cam this morning were two Red Hartebeest, their colours matching the reds of the sunrise.

During the day we saw all the usual animals – Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Jackals, and Springbok.
As the light faded, Danie zoomed to this Jackal and suddenly their nightly visits becoming far more exciting. :big_eyes:


Wednesday - 10 March

Again Jackals were active in the dark hours, as the sun broke through so Red Hartebeest were seen.

The Wildebeest herd was back, this time early in the morning and then a Jackal walking on the waterhole parapet.

An Eagle, a Secretary Bird and a Wildebeest…(Sounds like the start of a joke :tongue: ) utilised the waterhole together.

Then three Secretary Birds were seen. Then all the usual creatures paraded around the waterhole, like contestants in a beauty pageant.

At around 9pm when all we thought was left to see were the Jackals, we saw a head of a Lion :big_eyes: lapping at the water. Immediately the spotlight from the hide was switched on :clap: thanks you lucky people to BE there! - giving us a better view. We did not even have time to pray that he would come into full view when this magnificent Lion strolled across centre stage for us! :dance:


. . and then he was gone from view, we all sat back allowing our heart rate to return to normal! What a fantastic sighting as the last for the day, don’t you think?

Thursday - 11 March

What do we have as the first sighting today? Yes! A Jackal again :slap: Oh my! after last night we have NO time for you little fellow.

But wait ! What does “Hailey” see on the horizon? Cats? :big_eyes: :big_eyes:
For the interminably long time of 17 minutes they remained at a distance, each cammer mentally coaxing them to come closer. As if they heard us, three beautiful Lions approached the waterhole.


and so a day like we have never seen before started. These three beauties hung around for about an hour.
Then they disappeared off cam, and we were all very satisfied with our sighting – except of course “Melrockson” whose Internet connection dropped at that precise moment and a cammers' “First Lions” were not to be or so we all thought - little did we know that this was NOT the end.
An hour later they were back! “Melrockson” recorded :cam: “first Lions"!!!
This time they hung about for 20 minutes or so, trotting off to some appointment? Again!!! They came back, this time only for a quick drink.

Then after a Red Hartebeest came for a drink – Danie zoomed the camera, we thought what a lovely view….but he had other reasons. :whistle:
First he turned the cam to the hide – no-one there, then back to the zoomed view.
The we got a looky at what was under the tree and the reason for Danie searching so far off.
One of our Feline Friends was resting under the tree, we then saw another Lion strolling across the plain, coming back towards the waterhole :D Danie, Danie! YIPPEE we all yelled across the ether!


..those fortunate enough to be watching the cams could not believe this wonderful treat. :clap:
The Lioness returned to the tree and joined the other two there – many hours went by, with an occasional yawn, stretch or change of position and roll over.


and at 4:30pm Danie returned the cam to “normal view” and the ubiquitous Jackal and Secretary Bird, were seen.

Then Danie also treated us to a new perspective on the Wildebeest herd. :lol:


Again Danie panned back to the “Tree of Lions” and they were still there. Danie added a comment “Lions sleeps for 20 hours a day, you know”!!Image


Close to 6pm after 10 hours on the cams Danie finally pointed the cam at the waterhole and a Jackal was sighted in close up mode having a yawn, perhaps just awakening for the night escapades. :huh:

This was the last close up of the Lions.


But Danie had not finished for the day – we saw virtually inside the hide, then down to the Jackals below the hide, which made a stunning picture, perhaps the light was attracting creatures for them to nibble on?


Friday - 12 March

The curtain opened this morning with Jackal, then Wildebeest and a Gemsbok, followed by a Red Hartebeest and Springbok drinking.
Then a small group of Red Hartebeest with the cutest little ones came for a drink, soon afterwards something must have spooked them - they sped off at a gallop. :shock:


In the late afternoon Danie gave us a fabulous close up of a Jackal, first lapping at the water, then looking around and also having a rest.


Then we had a view of a herd of Springbok in the distance coming in for a drink, and another view as they came closer and closer. Eventually they were as so close we could almost touch them!


then we watched as the herd departed towards wherever they go to graze?

In the night, we saw the usual Jackals.

Saturday -13 March

Beautiful morning colours, with a barely visible Wildebeest quenching its thirst.
Then three Gemsboks made an appearance and the Wildebeest herd.
The herd of Red Hartebeest, looking so beautiful, with baby just visible, hidden amongst them.


At lunchtime they were back, also with a single Wildebeest, sharing the water. All was very calm at the waterhole, different herds coming to drink – then suddenly ACTION..


As the shadows got longer in the afternoon, we saw another kind of animal on cam. Yes! Tourists, snapping away, then videoing (could see change of camera from still to video quite clearly).

Then we were warned that the SANParks website would be going down for urgent maintenance and we watched and watched and waited till the “final hour” before our viewing was cut off.
Danie treated us to this picture of a Jackal & a Springbok drinking side-by-side (bet the little guy wishes he was a big 'ole Lion right now).


Then onto the birds, capturing them flitting this way and that, first perched in a branch and then onto the ground.


Almost the last view we had was of a tourist - appearing to be locked in “Medieval Stocks” must have done something naughty. :naughty:


Nossob was the last cam to close at 8pm.

The cam was down for maintenance until Monday at 3pm.

Monday - 15 March

The IT department have been working overtime restoring the cam.

Tuesday - 16 March

The cam was “Frozen" at 5:28 today and we have been reassured that the experts are working all-out to restore the pictures.
At 2:30 the all-clear signal came through from IT. :dance:

The sightings continued as though we had never been away. :D
We saw a different pose from the Jackals, having a lie down in the foreground – and it was so early in the evening.. :huh:
Then at 10pm it started to pour with rain…


and shortly afterwards Nossob closed for the night.

Wednesday - 17 March

A late start this morning, but at least we are seeing the view.
:roll: The puddles have filled up so much overnight, that it was almost all water in our view.

Beautiful Springboks came to drink, and the colours of the surroundings enhancing their beauty.


Another beautiful picture – really breathtaking and all it was, was a herd of Wildebeest coming to drink?


During the afternoon a large herd of Springbok were seen grazing near the waterhole – a Jackal perched on the wall, must have been trying to conceive a plan how to get Springbok on tonight’s menu. This :sniper: may help in your endeavour?
As darkness closed around the waterhole and the lights came on, the Jackals were seen to-ing & fro-ing across the our picture?

Quite a bit later a very blurry Lion came for a drink – unfortunately he did not come closer than the edge of our view, but we know he was there. :?

Thursday - 18 March

Cam offline today.

Friday - 19 March

The cam has been on and off throughout the day, but “Trigger-fingers Mel” managed to snap these six Lions coming for a drink. Well done :clap: immediately afterwards the cam went offline.


The cams have gone into a very erratic mode, we see a picture for a minute or so and then the “Green Screen “ comes on. Most cammers are feeling very frustrated by these technical problems.

However we did see a few animals in between these outages. Sure enough the last animal seen on cam – a Jackal.

Saturday - 20 March

What a beautiful sight met our eyes this morning.


but still the cams are intermittent, and only a quick glimpse now and then of the waterhole.

Sunday - 21 March

Very few sightings today as the cam was still behaving erratically. We did however see two Jackals and two Wildebeests drinking in the same shot.


Even with so few pictures today the viewing ended with a Jackal.

Monday - 22 March

No pictures posted today (Cable on its way to Johannesburg to be repaired!

Tuesday - 23 March

Very few sightings again today as the cam was still behaving erratically. Pardon me, it is not the cam, but the cable that is causing the problem and is being repaired as we “speak” We did however see a couple of Ghost pictures and this one of these Springbok.


We were all looking out for “Lionspoon” as she waved at us from Nossob’s hide, but it was not to be – very bad timing on the part of the cables. :twisted:

Wednesday - 22 March to Wednesday – 31 March

Only had fleeting glimpses of the waterhole but a very quick picture by “cedipa” showed us two Lions having a drink at night.
So we at least know that the animals are there regardless if we are watching them or NOT!


Thanks for taking your time to read this “tome” I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did compiling it?

Have a very Happy Easter!

I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


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NOSSOB Webcam Summary - April 2010

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NOSSOB Webcam - Summary – April 2010

Nossob Cam has been offline for most of the month, due to a cable been repaired!
Fortunately when weather conditions are perfect pictures come through. :D
We have named this phenomenon “The Ghost” and all the pictures in this summary are thanks to our “Benefactor” :clap:

Thursday - 1 April

A couple of pictures posted today of the beautiful sunrise and a midday posting showing us LARGE pools of water around the waterhole.


Also a magnificent moonrise.


Saturday - 3 April

Today the Ghost was on duty for a longer period and we actually managed to see some animals at the Waterhole, :D


The last picture we saw was of a Jackal lit by the moon reflecting off the water.

Wednesday - 7 April

Today we thought the cam was working again without Ghosts, but no we were still getting intermittent pictures. :(

At least we were getting beautiful glimpses!


As per normal our viewing ended with a Jackal at night.

Thursday - 8 April

Early morning pictures ghosting across our screens!


Also we were treated to lots of glimpses today..


Friday - 9 April

These Gemsboks were seen in the distance, but the cam was just teasing us and went offline until the afternoon.


We saw two Wildebeests at the water having an extended “lunch hour" :naughty:


Saturday - 10 April

Each time we saw a picture – it was with great excitement and expectation that perhaps the Cable was fixed, only to be disappointed again!

This early morning Wildebeest was one of our possible portents.


Then another beautiful early morning picture with animals in it!! How lucky could we get?



The cam stayed on for a few hours – continuously and the regular Cammers really believed permanancy was back.
We saw a Red Hartebeest drinking in this time capsule.

The biggest excitement was a Hyaena (not even a Brown one) in broad daylight in the waterhole! :dance:


At lunchtime a graceful Gemsbok came into view.


and a while later some Wildebeest as well as a Secretary Bird watching the herd.

Evening brought the usual jackals skulking around and a Brown Hyaena albeit a very “shadowy” form in front of the waterhole.

What a fantastic day at Nossob today was.
1. Cam working most of the day.
2. Spotted Hyaena
3. Brown Hyaena

There were no more sightings until four days later :shock: The Ghost had gone, perhaps to haunt elsewhere?

Wednesday - 14 April

Fortunately the Ghost was back today with a Jackal close to the cam in the morning light.


This Wildebeest epitomised the song “Another one bites the dust”


Early evening a Springbok was spotted and showing us the still beautiful colours of the Kalahari.


Our last sighting of the day was a very clear picture of the ever-present Jackals. :P


Thursday - 15 April

We saw “something” to one side of the waterhole having a drink – Let us tick a Jackal off the list, surely we cannot be wrong? :tongue:
Then a flock of birds crowding around the water.
A few minutes later a few Wildebeest arrived for a drink, then nothing else for two days.


Saturday - 17 April

Today we were privileged to see the dawn colours of Nossob, which never fail to make us gasp at the beauty of the desert.


The cam stayed online for a few hours today, we saw Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest during the morning.

This snapshot showed a Jackal and two Red Hartebeests, with Two Wildebeests, one of them rolling in the mud/sand. :lol:


A little later, the rest of the herd of Wildebeest came to the waterhole, and they all partook of the Spa facilities at Nossob.


At approximately midday the Ghost decided to leave Nossob.

Sunday - 18 April

Cam gave us some pictures in the afternoon today and the puddles around the waterhole seemed to be larger than yesterday :huh: Was there rain overnight?


Sunset colours are just as beautiful as at Sunrise. 8)


Last picture? You guessed it….. We got to see another Jackal Image

Tuesday – 20 April

It is now two days later, seems as though our Ghost is moonlighting at another waterhole :rtm:
After seeing this herd of Wildebeest we forgive you!


Remarkably our last sighting of the day/night was of TWO Jackals at the waterhole. :whistle:


Thursday – 22 April

A lunchtime glimpse of the waterhole.


Then mid afternoon the Wildebeest came to the water/mud and enjoyed a whole 30 seconds there (according to us).


Jackal was the animal of choice to be seen last on cam. :D

The cam only came back online EIGHT days later. .

Friday – 30 April

As the waterhole was online this morning we thought the cable had been replaced and our “Nossob viewing” was back to normal..


The next picture we saw made a LOT of cam watchers very happy!
A Lion at the water, drinking YAY – and he even has a name now courtesy of Lionspoon ‘Mr Handsome’


but only this one picture was all we were allowed to see. :naughty:

The cam was on and off intermittently over the next forty minutes or so, but no Lion to be seen.

Then it was off until late afternoon as the shadows grew.


Our final picture in the early evening, once again showed us Nossob’s stunning colours. :clap:


We are hoping that the cable is repaired soon and our Nossob viewing will be back to normal in May giving us sightings of Hyaena, Lion, Cheetah, Brown Hyaena, Gemsbok, Springbok and our little friend/s the Jackal/s who we can always rely on for a :cam:

Thanks for reading, see you all next month. :D

I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


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