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Satara Webcam - monthly summaries

Discuss the Orpen (KNP), Satara (KNP), Addo and Nossob (KTP) webcams
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Satara Webcam - monthly summaries

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:28 pm

25-12-2009 - Christmas Day
Slyvia.C & HaileyIdaho captured a Civet for this special day, Welcome to the Cams Hailey with a Civet sighting :big_eyes:


there was also a Giant Eagle Owl, baboons, Terrapins and of course the baby Wildebeest, Hyena and Buffaloes.

Snow Zee is looking for a “tree fella” to remove the dead tree – preferably the original culprit?

26-12-2009 – Boxing Day
All the regulars were sighted today – but specials were baby wildebeest and baby Zebra.
Most notably there was a plethora of Zebra & Wildebeest coming to drink


Very few animals came to Satara today, maybe the cam was off for an extended time..

Hailey captured a CIVET for us again, :dance: Warthog, Impala & baboons on the cams with a BABY Impala being a highlight


Buffs, Hyena, lots of Zebra and bathing baboons with a far off Ellie and a flock of birds drinking and a late night Elllie made an appearance.

Some Buffs & wildebeest spotted but the water level starts to drop :hmz:


This lovely baby wildebeest was spotted as well as some Elephant and a Hyena.

31-12-2009 – New Years Eve & Blue Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse
Level of water starts to get really low – reported on thread, but no-one listening :evil:

We were treated to Satara's Blue Moon, but no Eclipse because of restricted cam tilt


1-1-2010 – New Years Day
Satara's first animal of 2010 - A baboon :tongue:
Water level still dropping, still no-one listening. Even the Wildebeest had to kneel to drink.


Shi first picture posted on Webcam thread was of a Hyena - Have not seen another one yet? :wink: :dance:

Water level close to empty :doh: only a few animals spotted looking confused about the water situation.

Water level drops even further! Buffs climb into the water trough to drink


.. they were the lucky ones. A bit of rain fills the trough up some - and then Cam offline

Cammers hearts breaking for the thirsty animals, but we are assured water available close-by.

Mauxie phoned Satara camp to report the water level :dance: and was told a water pipe broken, which took another 2 days to fix. :huh:

Rained today, so trough filled up a bit and animals took advantage of it.

A tail of a LION captured, as it walked past the WH. which seemed to have some water again? – and then. . .Broken Pipe fixed – water flows – trough fills…2 Sanparks staff inspect the FULL waterhole.


Flocks of birds were the first to return to the full waterhole.

Mainly flocks of birds and wildebeest back at WH.

The animals are back :dance: Ellies, Impalas and a late night hyena – Cammers are happy. :lol:

A sunny day with lots of Impala, the terrapins are back and an African Wild Cat captured by LionSpoon.

I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


My Trip to Marakele National Park- Here

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Senior Virtual Ranger
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Satara Webcam Summary - January 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:22 am

Satara Webcam Summary- January 2010

1 - 9 January 2010 see Festive Season TR

This picture was voted “Your Favourite Sighting” for January 2010. :)


10 January 2010 – Sunday

Many sightings today as a lot of cammers have returned from their holidays including Matthys - the inspiration for these summaries – it is also a Sunday, so regulars are not at work.

There were late night Buffalo, early morning Elephant where we noticed how bad the smudge on the Webcam is.


We saw Wildebeest, Zebra & Warthog and the resident Satara Baboon troop came to drink and play, with a baby watching & learning from ”mom”.


Animals were photographed throughout the morning. A herd of Elephant arrived for a mid-morning drink & drench.
Early afternoon again brought Elephant to the waterhole to have a SLURP (this is the Afrikaans name for an Elephants’ trunk, how delightfully descriptive :D .
With that we were treated to the first ANIMATION by “Stuartmck”. :clap:
“Lionspoon” showed us some more pics that were saved by “Spots” – Come on “Spots” join the Forum. We see how much you enjoy our company.
Another Elephant in the late afternoon. Then a different Elephant gave us some action shots again saved for us by “Lionspoon”.


Early evening some Buffalo and then for the curtain call of the day, they were presented to us in animated form by “Lionspoon” with great success. :P

11 January 2010 – Monday

Hyena spotted (excuse the pun) half an hour into the new day. As dawn arrived a lone buffalo and a hazy shot of a warthog.
Mel and Hailey continue the night watch and they save great pictures for us. :dance:

Then an action view of Wildebeest – “What scared them, we wondered?”

Two Elephants joined the parade early in the morning and then started ‘jousting’. We were treated to this argument until the bigger Ellie won – Mel animated this sequence. This technique makes this kind of action really fun to watch.

The jousting Ellies' picture was voted the best for today in the “Your Favourite Sightings” thread.
Later on another Ellie came for a drink and at 11:11 on the 11th we saw Marabou Storks captured by Katja. Midday brought another Ellie and mid afternoon giraffe gave us a display of their amazing drinking posture.
Buffalo hung around the WH then one proceeded to climb into the water,


then obviously became very tired from that activity and he lay down next to WH and had a nap, as the last light of day disappeared he arose and left us.
Then as night settled in, the Buffalo presented their posteriors to the cam. A Hyena was the last sighting of the day.

A separate Animated Sightings thread was created – as the file is a large download and would slow down the Daily Sighting Thread. It is amazing to watch these animated sequences. :clap:

12 January 2010 – Tuesday

Very early morning Buffalo sighted, Hailey & Mel into their routine of greeting each other on their first post of the day.
Zebras came to drink in large numbers


The baby wildebeest seen to be learning the waterhole etiquette and a trio of Buffs drinking in unison.


Wildebeest seen as well as Zebra in the early morning and a mother with baby Zebra in tow.
The wildebeest with the two babies that we saw as new-borns in December are learning how to kneel at the WH to drink.


Lots more sightings of the two youngsters during the day. Buffalo were last sighting of the night.

13 January 2010 – Wednesday

The days’ sightings started off very early with Buffalo at 2am, then as the light started a single file of Zebra coming to drink. The pair of Egyptian Geese were waddling around waterhole. Then wildebeest in a panic jumping through the water - to get away from what? But they calmed down and returned with the two babies. Flocks of birds took advantage of the quiet WH and sat around the edge, and the baboons were back again also with a baby.
Late afternoon brought Wildebeest, Impala and Buffalo to drink, again the Buffalo entered the water – hope they kept it clean for the next visitors? Is this not a PARK rule guys?
A herd of Elephant ended the sightings for the day.

14 January 2010 – Thursday

On the stroke of midnight the last Ellie from last night was seen disappearing off camera.
The morning first brought a herd of Wildebeest with their babies to the WH, then a herd of Zebra with their baby.


Again the Wildebeest were back with babies, but also rushing around a lot?
A group of female Impala came to drink – they really are the ladies of the park, so refined.
The swimming baboons are back.


A large group of Marabou Storks seemed to just chill out around the pool, after them, there were Wldebeest and a swimming Hyena and late night Buffalo to end the day.

15 January 2010 – Friday

We saw Buffalo, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Zebra & Impala at the waterhole today as well as a group of Marabou Storks.
Then we had “The Night of the Jackal” early evening a Jackal running around WH and again in the late night it was back again visiting both sides of waterhole.


Lastly there was a dark shadowy glimpse of an Elephant.

16 January 2010 - Saturday

Buffalo, Wildebeest & Zebra came to drink, then an Elephant who tried to empty the waterhole. :wall:


There were lots of sightings of Impala as well as a squirrel drinking, thank goodness the Ellie did not drain the water or we would have had a thirsty squirrel on our hands. :P
The sightings ended with an Ellie and a Buffalo.

17 January 2010 – Sunday

The morning started as the evening ended with an Elephant, then about 2 hours later a Hyena and next a Zebra drinking.
In the morning a few skittish Zebra and the possibility of rain. Then it did rain. :lol:
After the rain, appropriately a pair of Egyptian Geese – they are really ducks after all.
Later, a very big, fat Warthog joined the geese, then a couple of beautiful male Impala with impressive horns.
The last sightings seem to confirm the annoying smudge on the CAM lens has disappeared! :clap:

I could not resist showing you this Bushbuck in my garden this morning, while I was having my belated holiday break. (I know it is not a WEBCAM picture, but you will have to allow me poetic license here. :pray:


18 January 2010 – Monday

The wee hours of the morning brought nothing until 4am, when an Elephant came to drink, then a few minutes later a Buffalo – rewarding Mel & Hailey for their patience. :clap:
The light of day showed us Zebra, also a bachelor herd of Impala.


Then a magnificent Buffalo came to drink, followed by Wildebeest - again with babies and then a herd of female Impala.

An Elephant appeared far off on the cam and we waited hoping he would get closer, but it was not to be.
Then a few hours later it was him again - showing us what a punch he packs ! :shock:
His picture not shown here. :redface: (family forum as you all know).
Another Buffalo and an early night Hyena, some more Buffalo as last sighting.

19 January 2010 – Tuesday

The first sighting of the day captured by Mel - 2 African Wild Cats in the same picture. :big_eyes: :big_eyes:


An Ellie had a 2-minute drinks break in the night, as well a Buffalo and Jackal. Morning again showed us the Wildebeest herd with babies.
A tiny baby Zebra appeared on the cam today – So cute, hope we will watch him grow up?


Buffalo, Zebra, Impala all strutted their stuff today – and 2 baby Impalas took their turn at the water.
Then in the afternoon an Elephant (hopefully the same culprit who destroyed the tree behind the waterhole) came back and adjusted the position of the tree again. Did he get a trunk call from Snow Zee?
Quote: 25th December - "Please would that dead tree be moved – preferably by the original culprit."
"Snow Zee's" Christmas wish was answered.



We saw another Ellie cavorting at the waterhole, as well as Giraffe and Zebra and Impala rutting.

These two gentleman were spotted – perhaps some maintenance taking place, but what did they know that…


…these two did know that they had to protect themselves against?


“Lionspoon” spotted two Jackals together at waterhole.
A most entertaining day ended with a sighting of a late night Buffalo.

20 January 2010 – Wednesday

Early morning Buffalo and three Hyenas having a dip. :shock:
Dawn showed us Zebra, then rest of morning Impala with lots of little ones. Some Wildebeest and Giraffe coming to quench their thirst. The sheer beauty of these animals drinking is against all laws of physics – but Nature is quite incredible?


Marabou Storks were spotted and during the night Elephant and Buffalo.

21 January 2010 – Thursday

Today kicked off at a minute past midnight with a Buff and 2 hours later a Hyena – In the early morning there were Buffs, followed by Wildebeest, and a peep of an Ellies' trunk first then more and more revealed until we saw the whole package. Impala, Zebra & wildebeest on cam.
Then another Ellie entering stage left, with a peep again of a trunk – and again the whole Ellie came into view?
Another Ellie appeared but only saw his behind. :o
Wildebeest, Buffalo, lots of Impala during the day – the night gave us two Buffalos “necking” and then the curtain went down.

22 January 2010 – Friday

“Eagle Owl” made the observation that “I must say there is a lot of new developments at the cams. The three ponds at Nossob, the Impala in the Orpen pond two days back, Hyenas dipping in the Orpen pond, I thought it only happened at Satara and the Elephant rearranging scenery all around Satara. Thought the close up Ellie at Satara a few moments ago was having a go at the webcam pole.... ”
This really does sum up what’s being going on up to now on the cams.
We saw the Zebra & Wildebeest utilizing the waterhole together, and the baby Wildebeest are now fully participating in herd activities.


Then S-T-R-E-T-C-H the Ellie came to visit and like a child tried to see into the cam Lens?


Have you noticed how the water seems to encourage the Ellie to display the family jewels – doing this summary - could not help but notice? :redface:
Late afternoon Danie zoomed in on Satara’s restaurant (thanks man, we all are now longing to be there eating a Buff Pasty) Then a close up of birds and wildebeest and a zoom out of the waterhole to give us a really different perspective of the waterhole CLAP

23 January 2010 - Saturday

Early morning pictures by “farfaraway” and “Hailey” showing us a Hadeda.
Wildebeest & a pair of Zebra Bookends at the WH


Impala graced the cams during the morning and a baby Zebra was spotted having a nap while mom grazed close by. STRETCH was back again and also the usual Zebra and Impala.
In the evening it seemed as though all the animals came for a drink, including an Elephant.
Early night-time there were two Hyenas, a Jackal and a Buffalo, late night the Hyenas were back for a swim.

24 January 2010 – Sunday (YOUTH DAY on the cam)

At half past midnight Buffalo came to drink and a Wldebeest – Hyena were also back, must have been really thirsty?

Early morning Wildebeest & babies and Zebras & babies, Impala & babies, Warthog & baby and Giraffe & baby – of course not all at the same time, but close. :big_eyes:

“Flip&Elmien” have joined the cam watchers and giving us great sightings. Mom & baby Warthog drinking!!! Superb job guys !



We were also privileged to see three Kudu Ewes on cam – Stunningly gorgeous animals. An Impala male with huge horns put in an appearance.
Many Zebra seen throughout the afternoon. Could not resist adding two more “baby pictures”.



Perhaps we should have a new topic just for Mother & Baby Webcam posts – :lol:
Some big dagga (sic) boys seen drinking at the bar…
After a long day with many many posts (being a Sunday) it ended with Buffalo, a Jackal and Wildebeest having a cooling drink.

25 January 2010 – Monday

The sightings opened with Buffalo in the night, and dawn Zebra with baby, also Wildebeest and Impala both with young uns.
These Wildebeest on cam were in the “Posterior Presentation Position”.


There were many Impala and Zebra then we saw a very clear view of a Hyena cooling down and having a drink in the water. What a cheeky look he/she has?


Marabou Storks at WH as well as Zebra, with this little one enjoying everything the water has to offer.


Then the cam went offline for about 4 hours, but came back with lovely sunset colours.

Buffs, Wildebeest, Hyena visited during the night and the last sighting was a Jackal.

26 January 2010 – Tuesday

A blurry Hyena was first up at 3am – Was he blurry, or was it the cam or our own eyes?
When the cam came back online we were happy to see a flock of birds, then we saw Zebra & Elephant during the morning and “Slyvia” snapped those delicate Impala for us. In the afternoon an Ellie was back – Is this the same guy from this morning or a different one?
“Tilandi” caught two male Impalas very close up and we saw “What big horns you have!”


Some more Zebra & Impala and “Ceasar” joined the fray with a Warthog. The late afternoon highlighted the lovely colours of drinking Zebra & Wildebeest & their babies (Who are really looking so much like their parents now, colour darkening and mane growing.


The night viewing ended with Buffalo & Hyena.

27 January 2010 - Wednesday

First sighting today was of a swimming Hyena at midnight, then a Buffalo.
In the early morning it rained a lot. Some Wildebeest and their youngsters spotted looking forlorn in the rain.
The baboons were back today and these were snapped drinking from a puddle.


The weather remained overcast and the evening ‘pinks’ was posted by “Lionspoon”.


Shortly thereafter Danie zoomed in on a swimming Hyena.


28 January 2010 - Thursday

“Mel” spotted a morning Terrapin and then the Forum was plagued by technical problems with no-one being able to post anything.

Danie swiveled the cam to show us the Verandah at Satara and we were all very :mrgreen:.

The Elephant, Wildebeest & Buffalo sightings today were all missed by the Cam Watchers that usually post. So thanks to “peter77, PAXO and NIKNAK” for saving these highlights. Keep it up guys, look what we may have missed.


29 January 2010 – Friday

“Mel” could see something drinking in the middle of the night, but the rain on the cam really made it far to blurry to identify. Then a Buffalo came into view, this sighting and a picture of a Warthog spotted by Katja in the afternoon between the pictures of the rain was the sum total of sightings for today. :D and :(

30 January 2010 – Saturday

This morning it was still a very rainy day but a few mournful looking Buffalo came to drink.
It continued to rain for the rest of the day and no more animals were seen.

31 January 2010 – Sunday

There were very few sightings today. The morning started off with a Hamerkop with the pink colours of dawn as a background.


The swimming baboons kept us entertained with many action shots of them either jumping around the waterhole or into the water.


What wonderful entertainment they provide - this is a a rare sighting indeed.
They were the last animals seen on the cam today as well as for the month.
I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


My Trip to Marakele National Park- Here

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SATARA Webcam Summary - February 2010

Unread postby Jungle Junkie » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:02 am

Satara Webcam - Summary - February 2010

1 February 2010 – Monday

This month’s sightings started at close to 1am with a Thick Knee (Dikkop for the New-Bird-Names challenged - I am at the top of this list). As the bird was close to water - I’ll take a guess at a Water Thick Knee but I could be totally off the mark and it could easily be another Bird.
Next up in the early morning was a close-up of Wildebeest in the hazy light.


Happily “Mel” spotted a terrapin sunning itself next to the pool. No more sightings until about 8pm when Buffalo came to drink and ended the sightings for today.

2 February 2010 – Tuesday

Our first very early morning visitor was a Hyaena and exactly ONE minute later Wildebeest. :big_eyes: Had the Hyaena already eaten or were the Wildebeest just being a little careless with their safety?
TWO minutes after that a Hyaena was back – really what is going on here guys, are you just playing Hide 'n Seek with each other?


The cam was down a lot of the time today and we only saw far off Wildebeest, another Terrapin and during the night an Ellie came to drink, and one minute to the midnight hour we saw a Hyaena.

3 February 2010 – Wednesday

The same Hyaena from last night was back (the reason I KNOW that, last night was only a minute ago) then a couple of hours later it was back again – Is it the same one, maybe the “Satara Hyaena Watch” guys can tell us?
When the sun rose a Marabou Stork posed proudly for us and later during the morning a few Impala were seen, this one with an Itch?


We saw more Marabou & Impala as well as a close up of Satara Camp and that was the end of today’s sights.

4 February 2010 – Thursday

Again a Bird was the first sighting, but have no idea on ID. Then two Impalas looking very intently into the distance – was a predator approaching? :pray:
No predator sad to say, the two must have been scanning the bush before they gave the troops the all-clear signal.


When they came to drink, we noticed how they kept the water between them and any possible danger, as well as they were NOT turning their backs in that direction! Must be something lurking there?


The morning continued with Impala and a possible “surfer” in the water making its debut.
There were again few sightings until at night Buffalo came to drink and a Hyaena came for a dip in the cool water. A short while later an Elephant approached the waterhole and his tusks looked like they were fluorescent white under the cam light.
Later on in the night a pair of Hyaena came to drink and ended today’s sightings.

5 February 2010 – Friday

Buffalo were first on cam just after midnight, then not another single sighting until 8pm and it was again Buffalo that we saw. A Jackal and a Hyaena were the last to be seen.

6 February 2010 – Saturday

"Sylvia" spotted an Impala that did not look too healthy this morning – how would we know if this is the case? Calling Doctor Ranger to investigate please?
A lone Wildebeest came to drink and then a trio of Impala rams posing for the camera.
A Warthog family were eating and drinking around the waterhole with their little piglets. :D
An elegant Marabou Stork visited, as well as one of the regular Elephant. Some more Impala were seen and more grazing Warthog as well.

We caught a glimpse of an Ellie in the distance and watched as he approached the waterhole frame by frame and “Tilandi” noticed that he has an injury on his leg! – Cammers were very worried and "Matthys" has reported it to the Ranger at Satara, hopefully they will be able to find him and check him out? Again a call to Doctor Ranger! We will wait for some feedback on the two patients?


In subsequent posts we saw the Elephant running water over the injured leg and we had a better view of the tear and skin hanging off the injury? :(

7 February 2010 – Sunday

The first sighting late in the morning was Impala, then mid-morning an Elephant in the distance? Is he coming to the water?
Yes, it looks like it! Then he arrives and has a thorough cooling down and thirst quenching and afterwards off he trundles.

Next up a Warthog and her piglet having a drink, and just a peep of a Kudu around the corner of the cam. :lol:

In the evening a Hyaena came to drink followed by Buffalo and that was it for the night.

8 February 2010 – Monday

The cam was off until 10am this morning and “Mel” excitedly showed us the first picture of a single Wildebeest kneeling to drink – How awkward and uncomfortable these animals look when they drink?


Then a single male Impala followed by a single Elephant. This would not do if Noah were in charge TWO by TWO is the requirement!!

Next to the view were mom & baby Warthog and also a shadowy Elephant in the night. (Please don’t misunderstand me, the Ellie is not shadowy, but the low wattage light).

9 February 2010 – Tuesday

First today was a HORDE of Impala.


Two Ellies came to the waterhole but they only presented a rear end view all the time they were in view, even right up until the moment they disappeared off camera!!
A few minutes later another Elephant came to drink.

Now I have a question for you:-
Is there an animal that we see regularly at Satara that has NOT yet made an appearance on cam this month? :hmz:

Perhaps if I hint at STRIPES that will give you a clue?

Yes, you are right – Zebra – Welcome back my Avatar friends! :P


. . they were closely followed by Angels masquerading as Impala and a bit later we saw Wildebeest, their babies now hardly distinguishable from their parents.

Early nighttime brought the shadowy Elephant back, doing Trunk Gymnastics - maybe getting into shape for 2012 in London? He was snapped by "Lionspoon". :clap:


and an early evening Wildebeest closed the days viewing.

10 February 2010 – Wednesday

“Mel” started the thread this morning with Wildebeest. The herd arriving slowly and eventually all were there to drink – plus the “baby” who is now definitely a teenager in Wildebeest years. Anyone know the ratio to human years?
Dogs = 7:1 – Wildebeest = 20:1 possibly? :huh:


Next Zebra joined them with quite a little one in their midst – Are they still having babies at this time?
Not long afterwards the “Satara Swimming Baboons” gave us a quick one-picture act of their antics.

An Elephant was seen arriving for a drink and going off, then returning, this time - not with the family jewels – but he brought the crown jewels. :redface: Immediately the cam went offline. :huh: Perhaps the Camera operator (we know who is there!!) wanted to save us any further embarrassment. A mite started a separate topic commenting/complaining about the cams being down.
“Lionspoon” replied, echoing our sentiments exactly! :thumbs_up:
“I understand your feelings quite well. Every time I switch on my computer and go to the cams (first thing in the morning, last thing at night, almost the whole time throughout the day... ) and I find one or more of them down, I feel a bit depressed. Then I have to remind myself that SANParks is not obliged to offer them to me at all. It's a treat that I can't take for granted. The cams take up quite some bandwidth which, I'm sure, could be saved or used for business matters. Plus, they are in a location where power failure and broken pipes are not that uncommon, meaning they are in the middle of the bush. Hence, I'll have to live with the cams working erratically and make the most of what they offer (which usually is a lot) when they are on. Also, I do throw in an occasional buck or two into conservation or the webcams directly and hope it'll help to keep them alive altogether.

The cam was back online quite quickly again and we saw the same Ellie in the distance chewing on a bush/tree or so we thought, as we could not detect any movement and thought maybe the cams had frozen, but no: birds were seen at the water moving! He must have taken 40-winks after his earlier energy sapping activity!! :tongue:

Then he was back – this time it looked as though he only had three legs, for a moment we were :big_eyes:.


there were no more postings for today – the cam must have been offline.

11 February 2010 – Thursday

The cam was off for a long time today, but we did get to see Buffalo, Zebra and Wildebeest and this beautiful Kudu, which is a relatively rare sight at Satara and we appreciate so much. :wink:


A Warthog painstakingly snuffling up the tender shoots out of the ground. These two Buffalo sharing the alternate heads-up routine making sure they are not tonight’s Main Course on the Lion’s menu.

Image Image Image

The last sight of the night may have been a possible glimpse of a Wild Dog? :slap:

12 February 2010 – Friday

Satara opened her eyes this morning and we saw a gathering of “Angels/Impala” sipping the water.
Then we again enjoyed the Baboons cavorting in and around the water, a tiny Impala watching them quite perplexed :?:


Marius posted the “Time-Lapse Video on YouTube” of today’s sightings, you can see it on this thread on the WEBCAMS thread!

A Wildebeest was the next visitor and then an Elephant with Standard issue number of legs – drinking his fill. :?

A few hours later another bull Elephant visited and a Scrub Hare (unconfirmed) had a drink.

There were more Impala later in the day and Zebra as well. These two Impalas were sorting out their differences!


Next we were treated to a herd of Elephant with babies coming to cool off and drink. We do not see this very often at Satara and it will be remembered as a very special day!


Lastly we had a faint glimpse of a bathing Hyaena and for the final sight an Elephant.

13 February 2010 – Saturday

Early morning Zebra were at the waterhole, with their baby hiding behind its mother? Camera shy so young?


It looks as though there has been rain at Satara and a new mud-hole has formed. Sure to delight the Warthogs & Buffalo (maybe it is too small for Buffs)? :hmz:
More Zebra and Impala were seen and then an Elephant came for a drink - After he left a seemingly shy Kudu popped her head into view :) Wildebeest, Zebra and Impala visited later in the day and lastly a Hyaena came first for a dip then a snooze, then another dip, then a lie down – must have looked really inviting and a friend joined in and also had some R & R around the pool? :huh:


14 February 2010 – Sunday (Valentines Day)

Wildebeest were first on the scene this morning, followed by a neat row of Impala, some Zebra more Wildebeest and just the trunk of an Ellie visible having a drink.
The crowd of Impala were back occupying every inch of space around the water – a Wildebeest managed to push his way through them to have his drink. Then the Impala closed ranks and saw the Wildebeest off!!!
After the commotion was over these two Warthogs came into view – what large tusks they have!


The Zebra with the baby were back, as well as Wildebeest. The swimming Baboons made their appearance at lunchtime and entertained us with their waterside capers. Then a beautiful Kudu came to see what all the disturbance was about? They of course ignored her and carried on oblivious to any other visitor.


A stately Stork (Marabou) or two passed by later and the ubiquitous Impala that we always pretend are not a “sighting” but really we know they are!!
Mid afternoon a lone Elephant Bull came and had a good drink & splash of water and The Baboons were back again for a swim after the “One Hour After Eating, No Swimming Rule” we also got a good view of a Baboon’s rear end – did he know we were watching? :naughty:
It then rained after an apparently overcast day. As soon as the rain stopped, the Baboons were back for a third time today?

During the night we saw a pair of Hyena also having a swim, and are starting to wonder if there is a special additive in Satara’s water? (Remember last month there was a Buffalo and a baby Zebra in the water) :whistle:
Half an hour before close an Elephant made a quick visit.

15 February 2010 – Monday

First up and within the first hour of the day Buffalo were seen, then as the light brightened Zebra were round about the area, also stopping for a drink. A Wildebeest was next, and some Warthog after that.

The vegetation is really changing now and our view is filled with Brown grass, trees and shrubs.
The lack of colour especially noticeable with these monochrome mammals.


Mid-morning we caught a glimpse of the Elephant with a broken tusk! Somehow we have missed seeing this before – perhaps it only happened recently, or this particular chap has not been here before – Are diligent cammers now scanning all their saved pictures trying to find a picture!!
This picture probably gives the best view of it.


An Eagle came for a bathe (Definitely something in the water!) and then dried off next to the water.

As lunch time ended “Broken Tusk” was back!! (Now I am going through ALL Elephant pictures saved from Satara).


Zebra, Impala, Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest came and went this afternoon. Okay just checking you are still awake :rtm: – NO Red Hartebeest in Kruger!!

Then Danie gave us a panoramic Vista of the surrounds – we want to be there now soaking it up, and we get an idea of what part of the waterhole the cam is focused on – Also realising that we could be missing a WHOLE LOT MORE goings on, on the left side of waterhole. :mrgreen:


The enormous amount of sightings today ending with a stunning sighting of a swimming Hyena

16 February 2010 – Tuesday

Early morning Wildebeest & Buffalo shared the waterhole this morning, and not long after an Elephant gave us a fantastic close-up when unusually he came to the near side of the waterhole.
This is clearly not “Broken Tusk”.


We saw lots of Impala, Wildebeest and two more far off Elephants! There were lots of different animals on cam together – Zebra, Wildebeest, Elephant and Impala.
Then an Elephant came closer for a drink. Lots of sightings of perfectly posed and poised Impala this afternoon.
The cam was offline for a few hours and when it came back online at least half of the water was gone from the trough! We could only have missed a herd of Ellies emptying the water! :cry: Fortunately there was some left for this individual.


Last sightings of the day included Buffalo as well as a Hyaena having a bath. A new cammer joined the ranks today “Toko”?

17 February 2010 – Wednesday

The late night/early morning cammers were rewarded with a Giant Eagle Owl sighting and “Mel” posted its picture. Owls have not been seen for awhile now – so this was really special! :thumbs_up:

A little time later very clear sightings of a Black Backed Jackal (BBJ if anyone was wondering what the three letter acronym {TLA} stands for), we often dismiss these little guys as nothing important, but they too give a great “high” when spotted.
“Melrocson” has also joined in posting – and gave us the bathing Hyaena.

At sunrise we saw Wildebeest, Zebra and a Warthog who looked very longingly at the mud-hole but did nothing about his craving! Then an hour or so later he was back and LOVING the mud! :P


then the other Warthog in view joined in the fun in the mud.

As the sun got up higher Impala and more Warthog were seen strolling around and nibbling the grass.
Then a sight we have not seen for a long time at Satara a Kudu bull and three ewes. :dance:


Wow! They really are majestic animals. We can see why the SANParks symbol is the Kudu horn.

The rest of the day Impala, Warthog, Wildebeest and Zebra took their turn at the waterhole.
It looked like rain may be coming and then the cam was offline until the next day.

18 February 2010 – Thursday

Very few sightings on the very rainy day at Satara – but we certainly saw raindrops falling on the lens.

It cleared a bit later in the day and a few Wildebeest came near the water, but not much else. Then the cam went offline!

19 February 2010 – Friday

The cam back online at 7am and we were happy to see Warthog and a Wildebeest and then a really close view of this Elephant having a drink mid stream!! We also saw his rear-end which always looks like his pyjamas are too big and are sagging with all the wrinkles.


After he strolled off, the swimming Baboons were back – they really know how to have fun, while doing their daily ablutions?

20 - 23 February 2010 – Saturday - Tuesday

The Cam has been offline since 7pm last night.

Danie kindly answered our query to the reason
Danie wrote:Satara is down at the moment due to some backup satellite communication equipment being installed for our normal operations at the reception office. Our ICT outsource company engineer is currently on site at Satara to make this all happen automatically in case of an outage. The webcam link is unfortunately affected by this as well - please bear with us!

We are bearing Danie :roll:

24 February 2010 – Wednesday

We were still bearing with Danie today and it was certainly worth it as the cam came back online.

These Impala were the first animals we saw..


then a Wildebeest family came to kneel and drink with an Impala in the foreground sporting an Oxpecker!

Look very carefully at the next picture, especially at the Wildebeest on the far left – According to “Louis Dreyer” you can see through it and he thinks it must be a Ghost Blue Wildebeest!!!!! :big_eyes:


There were nighttime Wildebeest and Zebra sharing the waterhole together and lastly a Hyaena came for a quick drink, looking around as though there was something else nearby?

The Hyaena was our last sighting..

25 February 2010 – Wednesday

“Mel” snapped a rare sighting this morning a Dwarf Mongoose! Having people from all over the world watching the cams really gives us 24/7 action on the cams. :clap:


With the light to creep across the water “Hailey” wondered if her post was of a Honey Badger and “Sylvia” thought it may be a White Tail Mongoose??? :hmz:

These morning Zebra lined up for a drink with the foal looking-on from the wings.


It has been a long time since Zebra were on cam – they are becoming quite rare. :hmz:

Thinking about animals that are scarce these days – Where are the Giraffe? We have not seen a single Giraffe this month on any of the cams? :huh:

In the afternoon a mom and young Elephant visited the water. Mom presented us with her cute rear-end to view. :?

Then Wildebeest were visiting and after them another Elephant giving a lovely side-on view. :D
In the evening a lone Buffalo came to drink and these two pictures show us what a difference the spotlight makes. The two are 30 seconds apart.

Image Image

In the night there were two different sightings of Buffalo and two different sightings of a Hyaena having a swim. :shock:

Today has been a most prolific day with sightings filling six pages on the Satara Sightings thread for February!

26 February 2010 – Wednesday

The Hyaena continued drinking and swimming from last night as the clock hands turned to the new day. We could see that she is pregnant.


Shortly afterward a herd of Buffalo were seen and then a watery image of an Elephant.

As the light came up a Wildebeest was spotted drinking, we could not see if this was the “Ghost” this time?
Later Impala and a “tusker” were at the water – but this time not a Elephant but a Warthog. :big_eyes:

In the evening some Buffalo and a Jackal, who has not been seen for some time.

Then a shadow seen of a animal off cam, the shadow moved about, this way and that, we wondered what could it be – the shadow not giving us any clues to the identity?
Then the Shadow’s owner came into view – WHEW – we did not have to surmise.
It was a Buffalo – “Lionspoon” animated this sequence of events.
With that the day’s viewing ended.

27 February 2010 – Saturday

The sightings started with a middle of the night Impala coming furtively for a drink! Late night OWLS “Mel” “Sylvia” and “JJ” posted the sequence of pictures.


During the morning we saw Impala and Wildebeest come to drink and then an Elephant exiting the scene – captured by peter77 and posted by “Matthys” for us to enjoy.

In the afternoon “Broken tusk” was back he was joined by another Elephant wearing his extra appendage! :naughty:


then two Warthogs were seen on their knees eating next to the now much emptier waterhole!

The last sight of the night we saw that it was raining at Satara – the spotlight created beautiful colours and a few Birds were around the waters edge.

28 February 2010 – Sunday

The first two postings this morning were both of birds at the water. The first at 1:30am and the second at sunrise, fortunately and as usual there were very pretty colour s included in the scene.

A lone Wildebeest came to drink and its picture was submitted by “Foxy”. Foxy often saves the latest on the Webcams for us – we encourage you to start posting them to the Daily Sightings, :pray: there is a topic to help you convert the format for submission and all the cammers are really friendly here and will help you as you go along! :D

Not much later we saw a majestic Elephant on cam and again he unusually came to drink on the near side of the waterhole, giving us a new view!

A few zebra were spotted (Striped) at lunch time and a Wildebeest lying down a little further off.

Then these two came to drink and give us the highlight of the day!


Approximately half an hour later this elephant was snapped mid stride showing us the motion of the skin as he moves. :)


In the late afternoon a Wildebeest stopped for a drink and it was the last animal on cam.

Hope you enjoyed reading - See you next month :yaya:
I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


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SATARA Webcam Summary - March 2010

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SATARA Webcam Summary – March 2010

Monday - 1 March

A Hyaena was the first at the waterhole for this month, an hour later, joined by a friend and then an hour after that another one was seen drinking – this continued through the early morning hours and “Mel” commented “The Hyenas are thirsty tonight” and they really did look like it.


A very clear picture of a Grey Go Away Bird (Grey Loerie - Old Name) was snapped and then nothing until an Elephant suddenly appeared on cam and displayed his prehensile trunk, taking little sips of the cool water. An hour later another Elephant appeared.
A very scruffy Warthog covered in mud, disguising it’s identity very well, both to the cammers and to predators was seen mid afternoon. :big_eyes: During the night more Hyaenas seen drinking.

Tuesday - 2 March

Wildebeest, Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra, Wildebeest was the order of play this morning, with these four giving a beautifully composed picture!


Then came Elephant, Eagle, Eagle bathing, Warthog and as night descended first a lone Elephant, a lone Buffalo and then a large family of Elephant crowding the edge of the water. The cam spotlight giving an eerie ghostlike view of them.


Wednesday - 3 March

At sunrise a single Wildebeest came to drink, Standing to drink and not adopting the usual kneeling position. Shortly thereafter it started to rain.


At midday the rain stopped and two Elephants came for a drink. Then two Warthogs were spotted snacking next to water – could they be mother and child - hung around for awhile and then a beautiful Giraffe stooping to take a drink with raindrops on the cam cover!


Last on cam for the night - two Buffaloes.

Thursday - 4 March

The first picture today was at mid-morning with a few Impala coming for a drink and then gradually it seemed the whole herd needing refreshing and they filled the picture, jostling for a good spot to take their drink.
Warthog kept passing by for a nibble and were the last sighting.

Friday - 5 March

Two hours past midnight Buffalo seen having a drink. First daylight picture was of a solitary Zebra - where were the rest of the herd, it looked so lonely?
A Giraffe was next up, positioning itself in EXACTLY the same way as a couple of days ago, dipping it’s head twice to the water. Watching a Giraffe drink is truly a wonder of nature and I could quite easily include every single picture taken during the month of them doing so.


Lots of Impala and Warthog around the waterhole and then “Tracytacs” snapped a wonderful sighting of a Hyaena.


Another newcomer to the cams “Papilio-Liz” posted a graceful Gnu genu(s)flecting at the water. :clap:

Again Hyaena and Buffalo were the night-time visitors and this Giant Eagle Owl.


Saturday - 6 March

First up in the very early hours and posted by “Hailey” an African Wild Cat (AWC) the kitty was not close to the cam, therefore the picture was slightly indistinct.
As the sun came up, Impala came to the water as well as Zebra, the sunbeams lighting them as though in a studio.


These Impala lining up so uniformly to drink – they do it so perfectly?


A sighting of a Hyaena drinking was the last animal of the day.

Sunday - 7 March

Unusually a Wildebeest was the first sight before dawn, and then as the light became brighter a Zebra and Wildebeest were lingering around the waterhole.
Later on the Zebras were modelling in the beautiful sunlight.
After this an Elephant literally strode past the waterhole – must have been drinking further down the bar counter out of our sight! :hmz:

At around 9am the rain began and continued throughout the day without us seeing any animals, they must have been taking shelter elsewhere?
The rain stopped at 5pm and a Blacksmith Lapwing (Blacksmith Plover) enjoying exclusive use of the waterhole.
Hyaena were again the night visitors – one having a dip and one a sip.


Monday - 8 March

We saw a few Wildebeest in the distance - grazing, but not concerned with having a drink.
In the late afternoon Buffalo were around the water, drinking, but looking more concerned about something, they all showed their teeth – seemlingly grinning - and were checking in all directions – perhaps a predator was lurking off cam?


and once again Buffalo were last about the area, first we only saw a “shadow” but fortunately one animal walked into view and we were able to identify the shadow.

Tuesday - 9 March

First at the water this morning an impressively large sized and large tusked Warthog.


then we only saw a Bird and a Wildebeest way off for the rest of the day.

Wednesday - 10 March

As the sun was about to rise we saw the swimming Hyaena in the beautiful light of early morning.


Dainty Impala seemed to tiptoe around the waterhole and we also saw three or four bachelor Impala rams looking quite majestic with their horns “crowning them”.
The Baboon troop arrived at the water having a jolly fun time, swimming and generally playing around. We have missed their smile-making antics on the cams. :tongue:


An Elephant “popped” in for a quick drink at lunchtime.
A little Black Backed Jackal had a drink during the night followed by an Owl masquerading as a duck taking a bath/swim.


A Hyaena enjoyed its nightly dip and soon afterwards the Owl was back again.
Half an hour before midnight these surreal looking Zebra dropped by for some moonshine. :D How magnificent they look in this light, even though it is only the light from the waterhole cam. :lol:


Thursday - 11 March

Early morning we spotted Zebra, with a young foal who stood aside and watched the adults behaviour.


. . as the morning continued we saw more Zebra and a large gathering of Impala at the water, as well as a herd of Wildebeest kneeling to drink or maybe even saying a prayer while down there. :pray:
A Marabou Stork returned to the waterhole after a long absence?

During the night the brilliant night-colouring/highlighting the Zebra visited, swimming Hyaena and the Owl also returned ending the day’s sights.

Friday - 12 March

In the early hours of the morning a shadow of an animal just off cam was seen, but unfortunately it never came into full view?

The morning light turned the dull brown Wildebeest into Golden Gnus.


The usual suspects were around for the rest of the morning. Mid afternoon three Giraffes were spotted coming towards the water, but they did not co-ordinate their drinking and when one’s head was down, the other’s was up!! How inconsiderate could they be?

A few minutes later a Herd of Elephant rushed to the water all having a drink at the same time, then these two little ones managed to get some “quiet” time to themselves.


The herd then continued splashing and depleting the water, at least leaving some for the Wildebeest that followed them.

These three “toddler, adolescent and teenager” returned for another drink before going bark-tearing and tree-breaking for the day.


The night parade again included Jackal, Hyaena, Zebra and stunningly an African Wild Cat. :D

Saturday - 13 March

What a wonderful morning this has turned out to be – SERVAL – “Mel” and “Sylvia” both capturing the sighting. :dance:


Not longer after that, Wildebeest and Zebra came out of the darkness of the bush to have a drink under the spotlight.
During the morning Wildebeest & Impala were around.

Then two Elephants co-ordinated their drinking routine – while one slurped, one squirted. :clap:


Lunchtime saw Wildebeest attending to their water needs, very chameleon like, sometimes their colouration is very dark and other times very light. :hmz:
Sunset showed us Birds gathered around the waterhole, maybe for their last drink before going off to roost for the night.
Two Buffaloes came to drink at about 7pm.
Then the cam went offline at 7pm tonight for urgent maintenance.

Sunday - 14 March

Cam still offline for maintenance, a quick glimpse, in the evening of the waterhole but no animals for us to see.

Monday - 15 March

Cam still offline for maintenance this morning but slowly each cam returned to full operational status from approximately 3pm.

Then the sightings started to come thick and fast. First a Hyaena – unfortunately, half off cam, but a Hyaena nonetheless!

Then Giraffe invaded the waterhole – “Tilandi” & JoyceW” both managing to capture the moment the stoop started and then the drinking position.


Later on an older Giraffe also came for a drink!


Later on we saw Buffalo, an Owl, Hyaena and Zebra (this is a “new” occurrence at night with them visiting the waterhole) and showing off their striking colours highlighted by the spotlight.

Tuesday - 16 March

At midnight, Buffalo visited and then a family of Hyaena all having a communal swim!


At 5:28am the cams became frozen. Defrosting fortunately happened at about 4:30pm
With a fat Warthog eating the grass nearest the cam.

The next two pictures were snapped 30 seconds apart, showing us what a difference a little bit of light on the subject can make.



The last sighting of the night was of a herd of Wildebeest drinking.

Wednesday - 17 March
Our first view this morning was of a strangely “blue” toned picture. :huh:


Perhaps someone was telling us they are Blue Wildebeest, then we had a picture of a “Blue” Warthog so that could not have been the reason. A few minutes later all the colours were back to normal.

A very early morning Hyaena came for a swim and a drink


This picture seems to give the impression/sensation that the morning temperatures are now a lot cooler than a few weeks ago – the air and water looking quite crisp


Zebra, Impala and young Wildebeest came quite close to the cam, giving us a lovely view.
This Zebra was looking at some birds on the opposite side of the waterhole and they must have tweeted and he pulled back in shock!


This huge Ellie came to make splashes in the water. :lol:


and this large herd of Impala visited the waterhole.


The final shot of the day was a very eerie view of the waterhole, was this a “real” picture or just something technical happening?


Thursday - 18 March

Early morning Buffalo and Zebra were seen having a drink, as the light got stronger the Zebra were still around.


The Baboons came to play in the mud and entertained us again. :)
Just a head and trunk of an Ellie appeared on cam and we hoped he had not had his fill at the other end of the waterhole.

Later we saw beautiful Zebra coming to drink in pairs, then a nighttime Elephant came to drink, He seemed so BIG as our whole picture was filled. :shock:

“Tilandi” and “Hailey” posted a picture of a gorgeous Owl and then the another Ellie was back, lately the Elephants are visiting during the night – Is there a reason for this (maybe season change or something else). :huh:


They were our last view for the night.

Friday - 19 March

This morning VERY early, around 4am a group of Elephants came to visit? Then when the sun was up, we saw many Zebra, Wildebeest and a Giraffe who had just shared the water with the previously mentioned animals, unfortunately for us the Giraffe’s head was NOT in the picture – we really only get a good picture at Satara when they bend to drink?
Graceful and dainty Impala came for a drink at lunchtime and then no more postings until the evening when Hyaena took over the cam!


They obviously are unaware we are watching! :redface:
Some Wildebeest also utilized the water facilities and ended our night viewing.

Saturday - 20 March

Just after midnight those naughty :rtm: Hyaena were back :big_eyes: and we saw a “bug” close up and personal on the cam.
Then in the morning light, Wildebeest were eating on the near side of the waterhole and came really close. :roll:


During the rest of the morning Zebra and Baboons were seen.

Then a Zebra with the tiniest foal – must have been a few hours old – approached the cam. How cute your baby is! :littleangel:


The pair were followed by Warthog and then Impala and in the late afternoon this Hyaena.


..just as well they were hours apart or that baby could have been lunch!

Adult Zebra were at the water shortly after the Hyaena, but luckily no babies with them.
We saw Wildebeest in the night as well as a little Jackal crouching for a drink.

Sunday - 21 March

The Hyaena were back again in the early hours. We did not see anything else until about 8:30am and a very timid Zebra appeared but after checking all was safe called the rest of the triplets to come and drink.


We did manage to see the back end of an Elephant as he passed by, but fortunately, we saw him later on, in the background, while a Zebra was occupying the waterhole!

Wildebeest also shared the water with the Zebra and we kept getting a glimpse of the baby Zebra always shielded behind the adults.
A proud Impala ram posed for us right in the centre of the picture, and then an Elephant or two came into view.
The Zebra were back again, something startling these three into immediate flight…


Our last view of the night was of a Giant Eagle Owl.

Monday - 22 March

At half past mid-night a huge Elephant strolled past the cam, we did not see him even stopping for a drink – We are missing action at the other side of the waterhole that is out of view. :twisted: Then an Owl took flight just as the cam changed – its shadow was the tell tale identifier.
Again we saw early morning Buffalo and Wildebeest, the colours of the surrounds seem to have taken on a “New dimension” perhaps it is the cold morning air that is giving us this magnificent picture.


Mid-morning an Elephant could be seen browsing in the background – :pray: – come closer we called? He stay put to well after lunchtime.
Then in the next instance he was at the water, what a handsome fellow he is.


Then just as quickly, off he went again back to his task of eating. Then in the late afternoon another Elephant appeared from the left side of the cam, first just a bit of a tusk and trunk, then he moved in a bit and his head became visible – then he squirted water around his feet?
Then we saw this contorted trunk twist! :big_eyes:


In the background we could see another Elephant as well, and at that precise moment two Elephants appeared on the Orpen Cam.

Three Zebras came to have a drink and in unison dipped their heads.


Our last sighting of the night was posted by ‘Sylvia’ of a beautiful Owl.

Tuesday - 23 March

Our viewing started early in the morning with a Mongoose, unfortunately not sure exactly which type? Then an Owl was Spotted – no, not a Spotted Eagle Owl, but a Giant Eagle Owl. :roll:

As the sky started to lighten, Zebras came to drink, they are just so gorgeous in this pre-dawn light.


They were followed by a lone Wildebeest and then a huge flock of Queleas, flying back and forth between tree and water.


Next a giraffe came to drink, taking its first sip alone, the next sip Zebras joined in.
This picture filled by patterns and reflections was just up “KTF Hooked’s” alley. :thumbs_up:


As the Giraffe wandered off, the rest of the Zebra herd came for a drink, their stripes becoming a blur – now we can see how this confuses predators making it virtually impossible to identify individuals.
At lunch time the Queleas were back, we also saw the departing form of an Elephant.
Mom and the tiny baby Zebra came for a drink – very shy now compared to the first sighting.


Buffalo were seen in the evening, one of them putting on a “grimace/grin face. I wonder what this means in the Buffalo world? Surely not “See, I have flossed today” :tongue:

Wednesday - 24 March

Again this morning the early Zebras were back. Then the waterhole became a hive of activity with Zebra and Impala crowding around.
Also thousands of Queleas looked like they were Bees swarming! A Giraffe came to visit and we could only see legs, no head – could have been a photograph I used to take before I was “patiently” taught by SO how to use the view finder! Image

Fortunately the Giraffe must have listened to my SO and they posed for a perfect picture.


There were about five Giraffes in this group, unfortunately the cam did not have enough of a wide/high-angle lens to squeeze them all into one shot without cutting off legs/heads. :wall:
But the cam had enough wide-angle to catch this other wide angle! :cam:


Later in the afternoon we saw an Elephant in the distance, Danie gave us an ‘artistic’ view of the camp – we were not sure if the Black & White picture was intentional or not? :hmz:
A bit later an Elephant moseyed by the waterhole. A few minutes later a Hyaena was spotted. :lol:
We watched as a group of Zebras very tentatively approached the water, eventually gathering enough courage to have a drink.


We also saw a late night Giraffe – quite unusual – all these animals drinking at night?
Was it full moon, blue moon or possibly an Eclipse changing their routine?

Thursday - 25 March

Beautiful Impala were first at the waterhole this morning, then Zebra and an Elephant, we had a ‘truncated’ view of him, then an ‘elongated’ view :redface: before he strolled off to greener pastures! :)


Our next picture was a Hyaena having a swim during the night, a Wildebeest also visiting in the darkness.

Friday - 26 March

Early morning a Giraffe was seen, and “Melrockson” had no problems handling the camera here! :slap:


A nursery herd of Impala, as well as a Giraffe arrived for a drink. Then Warthogs paid a visit. One of them giving a free “Piggy-back ride” to an avian friend.


The rest of the morning we kept catching glimpses of Giraffe in the background, Wildebeest, Impala, Warthogs and Baboons also seen.

Saturday - 27 March

Amazingly our first view was a mid-night Giraffe. .


. . a couple of hours later a purrfect picture of an African Wild Cat.


In the daylight we saw Wildebeest, Impala and a Warthog having a dip. :shock:


Impala were on screen during the day and during the night we saw Buffalo.
A Hyaena came by for a swim, and two Birds (Perhaps Dikkops) gave us a lovely picture.

Sunday - 28 March
Who would have thought a Hyaena could give us such a lovely picture? :huh: but it did, spending a reasonable amount of time on the cam, performing ablution duties!


Next up was this large crowd of Impala, making sure they had their share of the water.


Warthog were seen and a few Buffalo in the late afternoon and into the night, giving us the last of today’s sights.

Monday - 29 March

A Wildebeest and a Zebra were our first view sharing the water side-by-side.
An Ellie and then a Marabou Stork visited the water.
Our last view of the night was of a Hyaena, showing us a slightly different view.


Tuesday - 30 March

Our viewing opened with a lone Wildebeest, then a few Zebra, who took off at high speed when an Elephant approached the water.
The Queleas were also back in a flurry of activity. Impala were also seen during the day.

Night time brought Hyaenas to their favourite Spa, were all facilities were communal?
These two were very alert, perhaps a midnight snack was being delivered. :whistle:


Our viewing ended with an Owl also having a bath. :wink:

Wednesday - 31 March

This morning a single Hyaena came in the early light to have a drink.


A Zebra also came by the waterhole. Later joined by a few more, all drinking together.
We saw a Warthog and another large flock of Queleas.
Our last sighting of the month was of this Hyaena, who appeared to be pregnant.


Thanks for taking the time to read through this Summary. :clap:
Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend.

I am two with nature ~ Woody Allen ~


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