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 Post subject: Help for December KTP trip
Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:55 pm 

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Hi all,

My husband and I are going to KTP in December. The plan is 2 night KK, 1 night Nossob, 2 nights Grootkolk and 1 night Nossob. Although we have done self drive and camping in SA, Namibia and Botswana, we have never been to KTP before. We are coming from the UK and will be flying into Uppington from JNB.

I am going through previous posts to help with logistics. However, I am posting my questions here so that everyone can benefit from the latest advice.

- Any recommendations for accommodation in Uppington? We are going to need 1 night on the way in and on the way out of KTP. We don’t need anything fancy, just somewhere clean and safe to park the car.

- Any specific place recommended for buying meat, drinking water and wood?

- We need to buy gas bottles like the ones here - http://www.outdoorwa...tridges-en.html Where would I be able to find these in Uppington?

- Along with a 4X4 hire, is it advisable to hire a fridge in the car? We will be carrying folding cool boxes with us. Is a flash light useful? If so, I will need to find out if that can be hired as well. I read on the forum that a puncture repair kit can come in handy. Where can we buy it in Uppington?

- Do all the camps we are staying at (KK, Nossob and Grootkolk) have fridge and freezers? How about cooking utensils? Do all of them have electricity?

- We have heard about night drives conducted from Nossob. What is the best way to pre-book a night drive? Does anyone know how much they cost? Would love to hear if anyone has experience of the night drive.

- Any trips for dealing with hot weather, especially during the night inside the tents?
Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

 Post subject: Re: Help for December KTP trip
Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:27 pm 
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Legendary Virtual Ranger
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Hi Kavita,

For all your Upington questions, I suggest you ask the most helpful Lion queen, who lives there.

Drinking water ( at a price) and wood are available in abundance at 2R.

Definitely get a fridge in the 4x4.

Flashlight/torch is a must. You can get one from Midas that is a big motor spares outlet where you can get the puncture kit, and some jock to explain (in Afrikaans :twisted:) how to use it.

If you are not camping, your unit will have a fridge with freezer compartment & utensils. KK & Grootkolk use solar, and the genny at Nossob is turned off from 23h00 to 5h00.

I have never had a 'full' night rides at Nossob. There is a pride that lives around Nossob - see webcam threads, and you often find them. Owls and nocturnal animals are also regular sightings.

Hot nights. Shower & don't dry yourself. If you can't sleep, shower again. There are ceiling fans at Grootkolk & Nossob to stand under (never stayed at KK).

Just a word of warning, you WILL go back.

Whatever (according to BB): "You are correct but I don't want to admit it".

 Post subject: Re: Help for December KTP trip
Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:01 pm 
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Senior Virtual Ranger
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Just a reminder all :wink: any recommendations for non SANParks accommodation please use the PM system.Thank you

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