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:Travel to KTP from Pietermaritzburg

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:Travel to KTP from Pietermaritzburg

Unread postby shortcourse » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:45 pm

Hello all

Sorry if this has been addressed already but after a quick search had no luck - next year plan to forego my annual trip to KNP in favour of KTP. Plan to head up in the first week of August for probably 10 - 12 days in total.

A few questions:
1. How long does it take to get there from PmB / Durban?
2. What route is best?
3. Where do you sleep over
4. I have heard that part of the road to KTP is dirt road. Where exactly and what is the condition of the road; and
5. Just for fun, through together an itinerary for me - camping as the preferred accomodation option! For what it matters, car is a Nissan Livina so have space but not much clearance / height if that influences accomodation / camps


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Re: Travel to KTP from Pietermaritzburg

Unread postby PNF » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:08 pm

Hi shortcourse!

Will try to answer your questions/give advice based on what I would do as well as my preferences. Did something similar, but in the opposite direction, some years ago:

From PMB/DUR - go Harrismith/ Bethlehem/ Bloemfontein/ Kimberley about 750kms (ex PMB). If you have children this could take a bit longer but I would work on 9 - 9 1/2 hours which allows for fuel/food stops. After a drive like that, I would rather overnight in a BnB in Kimberley although there is a caravan park/camp sites. Next day, travel straight to Upington and then through to Twee Rivieren about 670kms - tar all the way now - allow 8 - 8 1/2 hours. Upington is a good place to do last minute shopping for meat/veg etc - this could add an hour onto your time. Keep in mind that TR gates close at 18h30 in August (if I remember correctly!)
TR has a campsite but again I would opt for a chalet for the night. From there it is dirt roads throughout the park.

My choice would be to camp at Mata Mata 2 nights; Nossob for 4 nights (maybe treat yourself to 1 night at Grootkolk Tented Camp - accessible by sedan car) then back to Kieliekrankie Tented Camp for 1 night (or 2 nights camp at TR). This would give you 8 or 9 nights in KTP.

August can still have chilly nights so make sure that you have warm clothing and bedding - by the way at Mata Mata and Nossob you can order the best freshly baked bread or "roosterkoek" every day.

Good Luck, Happy Planning! We've already booked for September 2010 and it is advisable to book very well in advance to avoid dissappointment.
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