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Search before you post!

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Search before you post!

Unread postby DuQues » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:12 pm

Before you decide to make a new topic, please do a good search to see if there isn't a topic on the forums already! With well over 50.000 topic here it is almost impossible your topic hasn't been talked about already, unless you want to post a tripreport.

It is really easy, just click this link and enter your search terms.
In case you forget to bookmark that search or you don't feel like adding one, there are 2 more options.
The easiest way is described here. I personally use that a lot.

Another way is to open a new topic anywhere, and looking at green the bar above the text area. There it says Post a new topic (Please search similar posts before you post a new thread) with a link to the searchengine.

Thanks in advance.
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