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 Post subject: Kruger National Park - Index of travel tales (2010-2011)
Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:06 pm 
Senior Virtual Ranger
Senior Virtual Ranger
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Location: The Netherlands

January '10
Pjw's Another 5 boring days in Kruger.. Someone's has to do it!!!
bornfree's All Creatures Great & Small on the H10.
Xenia's Newbie to the Forum. Beginning of my KNP experience..
Fanta's An "outside" Kruger weekend
Massimo's Game Drive throught the KNP "Seats are limited!"
daver's 3 Men In The Kruger - 22nd to 25th January 2010
Inyati and SO going to attempt a Live TR....
Papadoc and Mamadoc back in SA
Penny's Summer KNP trip.
Mellory's The place I want to be most!!!
big5spotter's What an END......What a START
Mads's HOT mad Mads in Lower Sabie
pantera leo's a GREEN SENSE of WONDER!!! - Kruger Style, Jan 2010
nightjar's North and South - 20 days in the KNP
JohnGore's Wonderful Honeymoon in Kruger - Jan 2010
Audrey's My trip to the Kruger National Park-Jan 2010
Manovo's Gounda's A two-week trip to KNP in January 2010-Manovo-Gounda
Ares's KNP TR jan-feb 2009
Shi's Thought for the day

February '10
mikath's trip report 2010
zeelie's Our February 2010 KNP holiday
Michel367's Two Sergeant’s and a Lieutenant on a stroll by Michel367
Barcud's A Birder's eye view of Kruger
duffy's My TR 15th - 23rd February 2010
Elsa's The 3 Bushwackers go North and South.
Pumbaa's The Woodland Kingfishers are calling.......Feb 2010
Morkel777's A Quick Kruger Fix - February 2010

March '10
Roaneric's on a midweek break
Papilio_Liz's My First trip to Kruger to see the Big 5
joekin's Joe at the Cricket
Baffers's Short Little Cricket Weekend Trip Report
ELZET's Save me...March 2010
jb72's Weekend in Satara
GEOCOR's Cricket week-end and Ladies team
Glen79's A breakaway at Berg-en-Dal-March 2010
Amedeus's Here we come.......Biyamiti!!
Mant's Tamboti 25 - 28 March
Flutterby's Another Flutter...
yoda's Return of the Jedi - Yoda back in Kruger
Mellory's Back to the place I want be most!!!
Boorgatspook's Lazy days, Bushveld nights, Braai fires and Friends...
Crested Barbet's If I could fly .....
kesheshe's Autumn Visits to KNP
Shi's Christie's with a chance of meatballs-Mar 2010
annapangolin's Moose Went to the Karoo and ended up in... KRUGER!-Mar 2010

April '10
Zelster's Trip reports
Gregor's KNP tripreport April 2010
Meandering Mouse's Cricket, a short sighted view; and a late night confession.
Johan N's Where are the Lions?
gmlsmit's Our 2010 Visits to KRUGER
Stoffel and the Kruger (April 2010)
Dotty's My Swansong???
Vonnie's Camping nogal!!
FlorisCathy's Slide show april 2010
Oumie's Our 2 month's stay in Kruger.......
Spotted Cat's KNP - Where The Sun Rises In The West ....
ils's Our 2 day trip late april (26 and 27 April)
Magic Guarri's Back to the roots-Apr 2010

May '10
johanclassen's 8 DAYS IN KNP MAY 2010
madach's Kruger May 2010 - Photographic trip report
Sundowner's Drugs to the Drunken Driver
jungle jenny's Photographic trip report of my visit to KNP in May2010
Binkie and the Brain's Trip to Kruger National Park
Sharifa and Duke's The "KATS" Syndrome-June 2010
Jungle Junkie's One night in Paradise - Letaba Camp, Kruger
Fanta's Road trip to the bush
El-Bok'sKruger here we come
flying cheetah'smiff stuff-May 2010
Elsa sneaks out for more Bush Wacking!-May 2010
Fotomaljohan'sA detailed picture in KNP-May 2010
Aat's PART II of PDF documents for ID tuskers also available
Salamanda and Annie are let loose in Kruger-May/June 2010
katydownunder's A latish Trip Report- KDU and Francolin in Kruger May 2010
Meandering Mouse's Seeking sanity. KNP, May '10

June '10
gerharddb's A One Night Stand In Kruger...June 2010
Bluey's Our first visit to Kruger
Herman's Sadness and joy in the park
cptphotographer's The Jeep is heading North-East again
bnlearle'sJust posted some photos from my 2nd Kruger trip :)
Vonnies' chapter 2
Shikaari's AREFF-Im not dreaming
melissal's KNP again after 20 years away
Massimo's KNP - All aboard the Kruger express
Chappie's From Beach to Bush
Bushcraft's Brown's in KNP - June 2010
moggiedog's KNP - My first visit
Mads's 2 cousins in Kruger for 3 nights - 5 - 8 June 10
vlakvarksegat's June 2010-Maroela at last-vlakvarksegat[
Pikkie's Don't know what to call my TR-June 2010
lion queen's Whoop Whoop in KNP-June 2010
Richprins' brief Interactive Family Rated TR-June 2010
Friedrich von Hörsten In Search of Beautiful Beasts in Magical Light Jun 10
big5spotter's A Break-away during the soccer-June 2010
Meandering Mouse's Zero to hero in 42 days. Skukuza half marathon.
Jo'sA couple of Kruger pics.....2010
Mike1916's Exploring KNP by pics with a story here&thereJun10

July '10
Rino's Kruger-magic in July
Elzet's Thief of Hearts-July 2010
spargish's The trip that restarted the fire
Josh of the Bushveld's joshilewis-KNP Trip in Photos
Magic Olli's My first trip report or "Who needs dogs?"-Magic Olli
Bushbaby30's The Bush family visit their other home...
Sky's June July trip to KNP
Scipio's School is out for a month-July 2010
Brown's 2004 - 2008 (An amazing 5 years)
issi's The shortest Travel Report ever! July 2010
JustNature's Just Enjoying Nature - KNP_July.
wildchild's Just Another Day in Kruger!
PetraJ's An interview, one night in Balule and a lost window
Barcud's Skorokoro Safari's Go Bushveld Birding.July 2010
kesheshe's Just Could Not Stay Away!July 2010
oddesy's noel-Random Photographic TR-22-26 July 2010
Bushbuddies's Truly Blessed: Bushbuddies go to KTP and KNP July/Aug 2010
Jomardl's TR: Lower Sabie - 3 Nights, 22-25 July 2010
Jonathan D's My first trip report-
Weltenman's A Krugers visit-July 2010
John n poppy's 2 weeks in Kruger - July 25 to Aug 5th 2010

August '10
Karl Jaacks's Top to bottom KNP-Aug 2010
Hippotragus's A very brief but very rewarding trip to Kruger
mposthumus's My Adventures and Memories .... in a Trip Report
Vthebushman and family visits the Northern Kruger
Wild about cats's What a Weekend
chirinda's A 'WOW' night drive
Cody's *Kruger's Long Distance Locals* August 2010
Ravvie's Boys on Tour...on Women's Day! -Ravvie
shortcourse's Aug 2010-KTP & Augrabies Feedback-shortcourse
Sharifa&Duke's Aug'10 - Honeymoon couple charged by Buffaloes-
Leopardlover1's Aug 2010-Finally almost off to KNP-
agraham's Aug 2010-week-end trip to orpen-
G@mespotte's Aug 2010-The AARDVARK hunt is on!-r
Ils's Kruger Adventure 6-9 August 2010
ruthp's Aug 2010-We enjoyed the South to our surprise!-
esto in Kruger - August 2010
steamtrainfan's 11 day ride through Kruger Aug 2010
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP - August 2010
Fanta's From the “Striped donkey” to a river low-Aug 2010
ELZET's Say What??!! - The Sequel
MichaelWildtuin's My best trip to Kruger so far!-Aug 2010
Sanpfan's This trip can only get better....Aug 2010
carolv's Return to Kruger on Doctor's Orders!-Aug 2010
blommietjie's a TR with a sad begin but wonderful end-Aug2010
Hippotragus's Better late than never KNP August 2010
jaybabe's Our love affair with Northern KNP Aug 2010
Cape of Storms's Home is where Kruger is-Aug 2010
SusieB's Our second Kruger adventure - 1st to 17th August 2010
pantera leo's Career in training, Kruger Style August 2010!!!
Leopardlover1's Our Aug- Sept, 2010 Kruger Trip
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Aug 2010

September '10
Aat's Version 3 of Tusker ID document available per 25th september
Mfubu's KNP - here we come
jacliz's Ninth Kruger trip - First TR-Aug 2010
Mfubu's LETABA HERE I AM-Sept 2010
Supertrooper's from Durban with love :P-Aug 2010
Lowveldboy's A hop, skip and a "overdue" Daytrip ....Aug 2010
naomi's Trip Report KNP September 2010
pasopvirpot's Kruger Trip 12-19 September 2010
spargish-Light speed Kruger trip-Sept 2010
Shirleymargate is Home in Kruger Sept '10
sim's The long weekend at Tsendze-Sept 2010
wmahon465's Will We, Won't We visit - Bill & Kath Return?
adw's September 2010 Trip Report
ils's Kruger 23-26 September 2010
boogels's My 2010 Kruger Trip Report
TonyP's Maroela, KNP - Sept 2010
Sky's The weekend the Lions showed themselves- Sep 2010
okie's Once upon a rainy day - TR September 2010 to KNP
kathysa's Some pics from our latest trip :D-Sep2010
Sharifa and Duke's Heritage Day Braai-Sep2010
Touareg's The story of the Bushbaby, Badger and Hyena Sep 2010
Mellory's Time to create some more Memories-Sep2010
Mads's going home... Sept 2010
Forestgump's off for a dose of Maroela-Sep2010
Ferdelance's My Bird's eye view TR...Sep 2010
Haupie and fam make a quick turn in KNP-Sep 2010
Flutterby's A Flutter with My Family and Other Animals-Sep2010
Cape of Storms's Animals on the hunt -Best KNP ever-Sep 2010
DB & Hawk Live Free's Sep 2010
okie's The Hawkeagle, Tawny and Vulture, a short story Sep 08
PetraJ's Day-trips from Hazyview 2010
Nico's Videos HIGHLIGHTS in KrugerPark 2010
buffalo_soldier's !!! The best Trip ever !!!Sep 2010
Gunner's ~A Collection of GUNNER'S Kruger Pics~
Richprins's Proper TR North Replies by Invitation Only Sep 10
Bush Brat's ratpacking!Sep/Oct 2010
Mant's Photos from KNP Trip 28 Sept - 1 Oct '10

October '10
Divine7polo's Unpredictability is the spice of life!- Oct 2010
Massimo's Kruger Trip in Pictures
GlenD's Come what may ....... I just had to get back!Oct 2010
daver & Son: Northern Kruger - 2nd to 6th October 2010
BushFairy's Shimmering Days and Sparkling Nights-KNP Oct 2010
PARDUS1029's What a Weekend AT HOME in Kruger-Oct 2010
vissie's Oct 2010 visit to KNP
Nkulu's A Quickie-Oct 2010
UKWAZI's Wild Ventures into Kruger 2010
puppy Caravelle returns to Kruger Oct 2010
Bushbuddies's Weekend Wonder Oct 2010
Blommie and SO back in Kruger-Oct 2010
Ares's Wild dogs at Sable Dam and rest of trip okt 2010
roaneric's Exciting stories for the kids to tell-Oct 2010
Lowveldboy's A week of reflection!! Oct 2010
Sprocky's Change in seasons
Jo's Cape to Kruger Safari-Oct 2010
4O4-5O4-My six million metres to heaven and back...Oct 2010
Binkie and the Brain's 14 day Camping Trip Oct 2010
moggiedog's Expect the Unexpected-Oct 2010
WendyA's Confirmed Kruger Camper's Trip (and Laughter) Oct 10
normana53's Kruger keeps calling-Oct 2010
michel367's A learning experience and a lot of luck-Oct 2010
vlakvarksegat's Joyous reunions, tearful goodbyes-Oct 2010
Meandering Mouse's Training brides for Ndloti and other predicaments. Oct 10
Bushbaby30's Forgetful and Forgetfuller go camping Oct 2010
Kate goes WILD - 17 days in KNP-Oct 2010
Anja&Mark in KNP 2010
Rookie2009's From ROOKIES to BEGINNERS-Oct 2010
onewithnature's NECTAREAN NICETIES OF THE NORTH Oct 2010
Fransmargate's Copy Tr to CD/DVD? Oct. '10

November '10
schooms's Biyamiti Bash 2010.... saying farewell-Nov 2010
Penny's More Leopard than Lion-Nov 2010
DotDan's Highlights of this past weekend in KNP-Nov 2010
Mfubu's melting in KNP-Nov 2010
fleabean's First trip to South Africa and KNP!-Nov 2010
JohnGore's 4 days in Kruger- November 2010
Baffers's One of THOSE weekends Nov 2010
Crested Val's Memories are made of this!-Early Trips
Leachy's 24deg 00’ 16.29” S 31deg 44’ 31.85” E - Nov 2010
Cheetah2111's Cheetah spotting in Satara and Letaba Nov 2010
Chip's After 64 years...wait for first TR Nov 2010
Lowveldboy's W/e of heatwaves, performers and seeing 0 Nov 10
Luren's My Tenth Kruger trip! Nov 2010
steamtrainfan's 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS IN KRUGER Nov 2010
weesy's May I or may I not !!a short photographic TR-Nov 2010
lovehyena's A kill in Kruger Nov 2010
o-dog's I thought I should share...KNP Summer '10 highlights..
Lady Warthog and her youngest Piglet in the South KNP Nov 11
buffalo_soldier Lion Magnet under our car.. Nov11

December '10
Scipio's Schools out another TR keeping the kids busy Dec 2010
Massimo's Romance in Kruger Dec 2010
Aat's Updated Tusker PDF documents available today !
Herman's Predators for Christmas 2010
kallis1786's A beautiful day in Paradise-Dec 2010
Meandering Mouse's It takes one candle to light up the darkness-Dec 2010
krokodille Our Happy place's KNP December 2010
cheetah2111's Cheetah spotting in Dirty South!!! Dec 2010
spargish's Shrek and is that a bushbuck... Dec 2010
ossendryver's letaba and shingwedzi TR-Dec 2010
Raptor142's Lessons to learn … again … and again …Dec 2010
Baffers's 7 days and 6 nights in Kruger... Dec 2010
Lowveldboy's Newbies, Mini meets & the years last sighting2010
noel's Another photographic TR Dec 2010
Duke Ellieton's Driving Miss Sharifa Through Kruger Dec 2010
Crested Barbet's It's time for Africa!-Dec 2010
Penfold & The Pipster Go Wild
Hotshot's Family Time and Reunions (My TR) Dec 2010
Bushbaby30's Yo-Yoing through the KNP Dec '10
kesheshe's Did KNP deliver our early Xmas present? Dec 2010
Anja Barnard's TR and photos-Dec 2010
Duques's Clogs, mummies and sandals-Dec 2010
onewithnature's A NEW DAY IS S-OWN- Dec 2010
gwendolen's Warming up in Kruger-Dec 2010
Leander & Janine Our first full trip report 25 Dec1 Jan 2011
Sparrows 2010 (World Cup) Migration Dec 2010
CharmaineN's Nearly saw a leopard kill. KNP, Dec. '10
Guinea Pig's Very green and wet SA - KNP, Dec. '10


January '11
mattib's The Lion TR
Raptor 142's Fleeting Fur, Feather ...and Fin Jan 2011
mposthumus's More Adventures and Memories....... January 2011
Robbie's A Photographic TR.. Mopani to Punda Maria.. Jan 2011
MarcSF's Trip Report Jan 2011
adw's was back in Satara-Jan 2011
Lowveldboy's Another Day Trip Jan 2011
mel123's Where true beauty can be found - Biyamiti Jan 11
Wildone's Feeding the addiction.........again......Jan 2011
gerharddb's Seeing is believing- Live TR from Satara Jan 2011
G@mespotter's In the tracks of ancient GIANTS Jan 2011
BushFairy's KNP, my own magical never never land (Jan 2011)
Friedrich von Hörsten's 15 Days in Kruger-Jan 2011
Wild about cats's Can you say luck?? Jan 2011
pepijn's KNP: Boomslang, lion's, cheetah and more-Jan 2011
Charbel's Report of our first trip to Kruger - 3 - 14 January 2011

February '11
richardharris's Kruger trip-Feb 2011
Flutterby's Musical Memories-2011
Michel367's Short excursion down to the "zoo"-Feb 2011
hilda's Biyamiti - At Last ....
kesheshe's Dirty Valentine's Weekend Feb 2011
Wildlife4ever goes Krugerpark Feb 2011
ossendryver's weekend at satara!!!Feb 2011
Elsa's Far from the madding crowds! KNP revisited-Feb 2011
Steamtrainfan's All my Kruger trips rolled up,1 BIG adventure
Dirk.V.E. Neethling's trip to Kruger-Feb2011
Pumbaa's Tales from under the Marula tree February 2011
Hilda's Biyamiti - At Last .... KNP, Feb. '11

March '11
roaneric's Cricket @ Skukuza Mar 2011 Photo's / video's
michel367's WHAT IF.........................? Mar 2011
michel367's An alcohol free trip through the park Mar 2011
mposthumus's Unforgettable Adventures and Memories-Mar 2011
Sprocky's Club PIT-Mar 2011
Lowveldboy's Cricket 2011 Trip - Photographic TR
ColWD's From the Sabie to the Timbavati and beyond Mar 11
Crested Val's 3 crested barbets 2 honey badgers and a.. Mar 11
Dikkop's Round trip South Africa Mar 2011
annemarie's facts on a act II more than 2 months in KNP Mar 11
BluTuna's Another day (or 14) in paradise March 2011

April '11
Leander and Janine's Our test trip report . . .
Ashbash's The place we love best!-April 2011
Meerkitty's Kruger Report
Aat's New version of Tusker document available
Son godin's A tale of two camps:Tsendze and Biyamiti-Apr2011
Andreas_79's: Kruger Nationalpark 3rd - 15th of April,2011
cheetah2111's Spotted Species of Satara Apr 2011
Vann's April Trip to LS. Apr 2011
CaliforniaDreamer's Trip Report 4/20 - 4/26/2011
Bushbuddies's Luxury, Leopards and Lions KNP Weekend Apr 2011
Bronzemannekin's Goodbye Tension ... Kruger in April 2011
WELSH_ASH's Desperately seeking Leo-April 2011
Duke Ellieton's Here we go again April 2011
Bushbaby30's Lists, lists and more lists...-Apr 2011
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP - April 2011
Cape of Storms's Storming the Bushman Trail April 2011
KNP's Junkee-Easter getaway with a snake bite-Apr 2011
vlakvarksegat's Malalane to Mapungubwe via Bal and Sat Apr 11
Elzet's Say what??!! Prison Break IV from Alcatents Apr 2011
Oumie's Our 2 month stay in Kruger..... Winter 2011
G@mespotter's Mphongolo BP Trail, KNP, Apr '11
Shi's Thought for the day. KNP, Jan. '10 - April. '11

May '11
buffalo_soldier's Your own Picture NUMBER ONE!!!!!
big5spotter's 50 Hours of Kruger magic-May2011
wildjohn's Trip report May 2011
adw's trip to Satara May 2011.
Higgsie's From Waterbuck to White Rhino-May 2011
cptphotographer's South to North in 21 days-May/June 2011
Back to Nature's 11 days of relaxation and learning-May 2011
katydownunder's On the go once again - Katy & Francolin Kruger May 2011
ELSA's Autumn leaves & cool starry nights-May 2011
100ponder's Balule Safari May 2011
Imberbe's Memories in a Leadwood fire May 2011
pantera leo Magical Meanderings, Kruger Style May -June 2011

June '11
H. erectus's returns to Kruger! June 2011
w1tw0lf's Advice & report of the trip with few photos June 11
BerkiSA's Trip Report- June 2011
michel367's Another short trip too the zoo with friends Jun11
harrys's Quick trip to Skukuza-June 2011
Son godin's Escape from the Cold to Letaba June 2011
Doodles's *new photos* Trip report (warning: long)Jun 2011
PNF's in Mapungubwe and KNP-June 2011
Lions, Buffalo and Sable drama at Shimangwaneni dam-Jun2011
buffalo_soldier's A trip with incidents !!!-2009
BushKrazy's A Winter Wonderland - The Trip Report-June 2011
HawaiiNick's Flying Around the World to come HOME Jun 11
JEG's Day drives from Croc Bridge gate-June 2011
Bushbuddies's KNP: A Southerner's View of the North-June 2011
flying cheetah's some Kruger impressions and pics Jun 11

July '11
CharmaineN's Nearly saw a leopard kill
BushKrazy's Winter Wonderland-July 2011
gabihotz's Home away from Home (KNP 9-17 July)
Michael Borcherds's Photographic Summary - KNP 2007-2011
ihaveacrazymom's Walking in a Moms' footsteps, sort of. Jul 11
El-Bok's Finally convinced the missus...July 2011
cheetah2111's The Early Bird Spots the Cat!-June 2011
Touareg's KNP adventure! July 2011
lion queen's A wish for a fun trip in KNP........July 2011
tedredrum's Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful July 2011
Ollie's Two parks, one trip..... July 2011
FlorisCathy's On a Wild Dog Mission in Kruger-July 2011
issi“KRUGER FEVER!”Highly contagious Handle with care!Jul11

August '11
MichaelWildtuin's My best sighting ever staying @Mopani Aug11
Gregor's Quest for the elusive Leopard... Kruger Tales 2011
Riaanf31's KNP the great escape
K10's The Bird's annual Kruger migration.
xinzele's Olifants Trail - Poachers On the Prowl Aug 11
xinzele's Shimuwini Bush Camp Aug 2011
Johannes van Niekerk's Prickly Breakfast 2008 (aug'11)
W™ and Laine and the girls in Southern Kruger Aug 2011
Noel's Ja, Well, No, Fine Aug 2011
Mlambane's Kruger Delivers Yet Again Aug 2011
steamtrainfan's 4 spend 5 nights and 6 days in KNP Aug 11
wildtuinmal Lower Sabie you proved me wrong Aug 2011
roaneric's 999 600 heartbeats in Kruger Aug 2011
Meerkattitude's WackoRhino and the call of the Veld Aug 11
john 'n poppy's slow start and a perfect sighting Aug 11
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP August 2011
Touareg's introduces Whackaroon to KNP! Aug 2011
carolv Kruger's the next generation Aug 2011
Kamadejo's Balm for the Soul August 2011
umtali1's Beginner's luck - Big 5 and 5 leopards-Aug 2011
Dikkes's Photos of our KNP trip in August 2011
Gemma's T A Bittersweet Return to Paradise Aug 2011
Mgoddard's From being bushwoman to Kruger with a few B's?Aug11
CoS So few years to give you wings to fly Aug 11
Magic Guarri Eyes and tracks behind the bush Aug 2011
Avoiding the Crowds: Northern Kruger August 2011
Rooies' TRs: A big thank you all Aug '11 - March '14

September '11
moggiedog's What does an Irishman, a.........Sep 2011
Digby's A night drive with a difference
Digby's The lion and the windmill
Rinkhals's Spitting Cobra in my car....
boogels's My favorite pics of September 2011 Kruger visit
Cheetah2111's Spotting Guineafowl with Tiger and Tamer-Sep2011
stelliegp123's Here we go.... FINALLY-Sep2011
Digby's Ambushed by a grumpy elephant!
Herman's Meeting Scipio and better luck Sep 2011
Cody's ***KrUger TalEs UndEr the AfriCan Sky*** Sep 2011
The Bushbuddies go back to the South Sep 2011
PetraJ's Surprises on low maintenance roads Sept 2011
Adw's Spring Tour of Satara Grasslands & Woodlands Sep 11
hilda's The long wait is over ......Sep 2011
Vlakvarkvrou's Sekhmet, Lady Warthog HomoSapiens in KNP Sep 11
WendyA's Questioning my “Confirmation” …???!!! September 2011
Ralph & Lenny's September trip to KNP
Mungos Mungo Malelane to Crooks Corner in 9 nights Sep 11

October '11
Divine7polo's October in KNP...
BluTuna's A long past evening in paradise
Aat's NEW Tusker ID documents (per region) now available
granjan's A butterfly bush in Punda Oct 2011
Bush Brat's Bratpacking for a week in Kruger......Oct 2011
Divine7polo's Annual October trip to Kruger-2011
Vlakvarkvrou's Pafuri to Phalaborwa in 2 days - 1 and 2 Oct 11
Flutterby's AFlutter from N to S aka Operation Ubhejane Oct 11
MaryMattMillie's Kruger Oct 2011
Bushbaby30's The Bushwhatsits go north Oct 11
Crested Val's Daily visits into Paradise pic of the day! Oct11
kittykat23uk's Wild Dogs to Whale Sharks Kruger and Tofo Oct11
BluTuna's More Days in Paradise (TR October/November 2011)
Puppy Caravelle Cruising in Kruger - October 2011
MeanderingMouse Meandering down a road less travelled Oct 11

November '11
Shirleymargate's Home in Kruger Part 2 November 2011
RayK's From Tranquil to Violent in KNP Nov 2011
Noel's Diversity Nov 2011
DinkyBird's Cape to Crooks Corner : a pilgrimage November 2011
Meerkitty's Kruger Tails and Tales Nov 2011
adw's Back On The Dust Road Again. Nov 2011
Crested Val's Three Days in Paradise! November 2011
sable's The leopard’s tale November 2011
JustNature Always great to be back in KNP November2011.
Nov 2011 - New Friends and Kruger Sightings!
Johan van Rensburg Balule Bash Nov 11
Scipio Roadtrippin'in Kruger:See you on the other side Oct11

December '11
Mads's How to hit the kruger jacpot in a weekend!! Dec 2011
Chris's TIA Under the summer sun December 2011
Rookie's Kruger-Tranquility needed, but excitement found Dec11
Mama Fariu's Some amazing sightings from Kruger Dec 2011
ossendryver's 6 Days On The Letaba River Dec 2011
Fotomaljohan's complete journey CT via Sun City to KNP Dec11
Cheetah2111's The Lion King Strikes Back!! Dec 2011
Tobieo's BnD, KNP 4 day Photo"shot" Dec 2011
twigga's Guess who's back, back again... Dec 2011
lovehyena's 6 weeks in Kruger Paradise! Nov/Dec 2012
Heksie On the stoep of the Kruger Dec 2011
Rino A Kruger Christmas Dec 2011
flying cheetah The spell of the Diderick December 2011
Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12
Hotshot The Motherload - My December 2011 TR
Frieder & Michelle spend Xmas in Kruger Dec 2011
WendyA KNP - The Nat Geo Wild Moments! Dec 2011
Chickadee in KNP Dec/Jan 2011/2012

Back Again
"I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me"

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