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 Post subject: Kruger National Park - Index of travel tales (2012-2013)
Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:46 pm 
Senior Virtual Ranger
Senior Virtual Ranger
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Posts: 2638
Location: The Netherlands

January '12
kittyhawk KNP VISIT TR 2011 (January 2012)
krokodille Our Happy place - KNP December 2011 Jan 2012
Aardvark's Trip Report : Kruger National Park Jan 2012
Philipdw's Kruger North to South Roadtrip January 2012
Toddy's From cold UK to Impalas, Rhinos & tiny cubs Jan12
avon vosloo's The 2012 Floods and the days that followed Jan12
Mel123's Pretoriuskop nostalgia Jan 2012
adw's Dust, wind, rain, floods, mud and cats Jan 2012
carolv's KNP – Packed Full of Christmas Presents January 2012
leachy's ants,elephant,turd,terrapin & other silly tails 01'12
Trrp-trrrrrrrr's Mixed Bag of Kruger Memories 2011/2012

February '12
lastpride's Lastpride and Xswazi back in KNP February 2012
Tulagi's couple Dolphin Trainers & Deaf Ground Hornbill Feb12
Tobieo's From sauna to shower KNP Feb 2012 photo journey Feb12
Buglette's Introducing a Rookie to the KNP February 2012
UKWAZI's THE RETURN: My journey back to sanity!!! Feb 12
spargish's Attack Of the Scorpions February 2012
Rookie's Slow boat to Kruger Deb 2012
AndreaB's Casspirs, Kudus and Pussy Cats....Feb '12
chirinda's A very green Kruger in Jan 2012 (feb '12)
Heksie's On the stoep of the Olifants Feb 2012
cheetah2111's Lazy Horses and Other Delights!!February 2012
Meandering Mouse's Gogo and the gremlins February 2012
Elsa's Hot Summer nights & all things Wild & Wonderful. Feb'12
Pumbaa's Sunsets with Tuskers at the Horizon February 2012
melph68's The webcams made me do it!

March '12
roaneric's The Yellow Ribbon Invasion (cricket@skukuza)March12
Cricket@Skukuza 2012 travel and sightings blog
11ie's Surprise, surprise?! 2010 March'12
ils's 2day trips to Kruger this weekend March 2012
Canis Lupus's Confessions of a Kruger adict March 2012
hilda's The unpredictability of the KNP ....March 2012
Manovo-Gounda's-Punda to Berg en Dal - March 2011
UKWAZI's The "CLAN" is heading back to Kruger March 2012
Puppy's Taking Kids to Kruger - Another Caravelle Cruise Mar12
Weltenman's The good, the bad and the uninvited March 2012
Mant's Special sightings we saw on our trip March 2012
Vlakvarkvrou's Warthogs and Cricket March 2012
Mellory's Too good not to share! March 2012
Rookie2009's on honeymoon in Kruger March 2012
melph68's The webcams made me do it! KNP, March '12
Luislang's PLEASE!!! NO RHINOS IN TRs!!! KNP, March '12

April '12
Yusuf's KNP via Ngwenya Aprul 2012
UKWAZI's Exploring Kruger from North to South April 2012
Me Skarabee's Leaves and Grass – and Animals too Apr 12
Umar_Daya's Kruger Memoirs April 2012
Waterbuck's Kruger Quickie April 2012
Daffy's Thick bushes,lush green and big cats,kruger 'April 12'
Son godin's Whats hiding in the bush near Lower Sabie?April'12
harrys Our Lower Sabie adventures April 2012
noel's Kruger in a sombre mood in March (april 2012)
Bushbuddies's Biyamiti - A Mistake? April 2012
ossendryver's Wishlist too unrealistic? NEVER! (KNP) APRIL'12
WendyA's KNP-Devastation,Destruction,Beauty;Nature is Amazing
BluTuna's Three Weeks in Paradise (KNP TR) April/May 2012
katydownunder's KDU and Francolin- KNP April/May '12 (june'12)
cheetah2111's The Lion,The Witch,& The Long Lost Marbles 04/12
Magic Guarri's The Elephant Song April 2012
tedredrum's Cry (for) The Beloved Country
Jan van Wyk's Lake Panic sighting gallery

Leeukos's Trip Report 101: Paint-By-Numbers
Maddie88's Luck must be a Lady! May 2012
Stoffel's in the 2 K's May 2012
chirinda's A whole lot of bum shots.. May 2012
PNF's Base Camp - Shingwedzi May 2012
spargish's Brother & Sister Road Trip May 2012
roaneric's Counting the days May 2012
VicRob's Trip Report Vicrob. Our three weeks in heaven! May'12
Elsa's Here we go again! May 2012
Dunquixoting's Kruger, Northern Parts in May 2012, Dec'12

June '12
gb225450's Trip Report & Photos June 2012
adw's Letaba and Surrounding Areas trip. June 2012
gerharddb's Short but Oh so Sweet KNP trip..June 2012
Sharifa's Driven by/to/in Kruger June 2012
Henk's At Last!! Going to Kruger again. June 2012
Meerkitty's Magical Maroela! JUNE 2012
Bobby V's Gold in the bush June 2012
Radman's Three weeks in Paradise!!!! What awaits us ?JUNE'12
SurfCindy's Magical Moments in the KNP June '12
WendyA's (WendyA plays catch up!) KNP June 2012

July '12
Jan van Wyk's Lilac-breasted Roller and the Grasshopper Jul'12
ossendryver's Short, Sweet and Super (Skukuza, KNP)JULY '12
Massimo's KNP - A relaxing break! July 2012
PetraJ's On tour in 2011...July 2012
pnm's July 2012 trip report KNP - my first trip report Jul '12
Bushchild's and SO have landed July 2012
Leeukos's Is it a Bird in the Bush...? July 2012
kesheshe's Photo Journal 2012 - Kruger July 2012
Herman's Our usual winter trip (with unusual sightings)July'12
Sharifa's Special Surprise for Women’s (Birth)Day July'12
WendyA's A Spotty Easter in KNP! July 2012
Jack101's My first TR!! Kruger July 2012 (Sep'12)
Cape of Storms's Pilgrimage to Kruger : July 2012 (Aug '12)
Wildlife4ever's-Roy 47 days of fun July 2012
PetraJ's On tour again ..July 2012
Janeli's THE BEST EVER 38 DAYS IN KRUGER!!!July 2012
picnic's How to write a Travel Tale.....
Crested Val's In the North in Search of Cheetahs and Painted Dogs!!
Phokojwe's Virgin Backpackers - KNP July '12

August '12
noel's Flamingo in KNP? Aug. '12
jesica's Aug week in Kruger August 2012
Pinarelloman's few pics from an Aussies 12 nights in KNP Aug12
Regalrinkals & Papa Smurf head for Kruger! Aug'12
ossendryver's Berg en Dal - August 2012
spargish's F F F F F F F F F Freezing Maroela Aug '12
Sweni Trail is superb! Trip Report August 2012
noel's 2180 ... km later August 2012
canon's Dry and Dusty Kruger - August 2012
john n poppy's(Prequel)KNP trip Aug'12-Friends, Family & Bush.
pedro maia's NLIT and other sightings - KNP August 2012
peter_e_hall's Three weeks in Kruger – August 2012 Dec'12
kallis1786's northener search wild dogs in south Aug. '12

September '12
stu's long wait nearly over September '12
MichaelWildtuin's Some pics of last week trip to north Sep'12
Divine7polo's Countdown to our October Trip! September '12
Dupacc's Looking for them Tigers near Skoo-Ka-Zoo Sep'12
esto's Kruger satara september 2012
t-bal's Cloggy Kruger Highlights September 2012
Chad Wright's Kruger Sep 2012
Heksie's Binocs and Broomsticks September 2012
SurfCindy's Moms and 'Mites on a Mission in KNP Sep '12
barryel's 11 Lucky Packets,Forumites & Crazy People–KNP visit
ossendryver's The Record Breaking Trip! (KNP)Sep '12
kallis1786's A northener in search of wild dogs in the south
RichardJ - KNP to KNP in September 2012
ritad's One day @ Kruger. Sept. '12

October '12
Graham_5000's 4 day taste of KNP, left us hungry 4 more 10/12
leopard74's My Personal Benchmark Oct '12
bustergirl's A Super SA Self-Safari! From U.S.A. - S.A. Oct'12
Koen Family NZ Long Road to Eden:14 Days in Paradise Oct'12
DeeSmith's Kruger Park - October 2012
Yusuf Pictorial TR which includes a lion kill Oct'12
Leaping Lizards Bliksem!!!October 2012
BushBaby_Shing's Pics from the Kruger
gb225450's Kruger Oct12 Trip Report Oct '12
Super Mongoose's At last it's time to go Kruger!Oct 2012
Hélène's Kruger trip August 12 - 28, Oct '2012
Timbits's Memories of.....Kruger - Oct '2012
Bushbuddies's Northern KNP... are we converting? Oct 2012
ice's Kruger delivers - yet again Oct '12
spargish's Green,Green Grass of Home Oct '12
Sparrow's Through the Eyes of a Sparrow October 2012
leachy's lotsadonta africana & ruminant blues singers Oct'12
mel123's Where the river flows - Olifants October 2012
Super Mongoose's At last it's time to go Kruger 2 - photo edition.
Sleepyowl: Absence makes the heart grow fonder: KNP Oct '12
Heksie's It's raining cats and dogs in KNP
Normana & Torticats's Northern Exposure - KNP 2012
WendyA's KNP Oct 2012 - Out of Sync!
Divine7polo's Buffalo Soldier...stolen... KNP, Oct '12
Granjan's Just another winter's tale. KNP, Oct. '12
Dream weaver's Things Wild and Wonderful .... KNP, Oct. '12
Divine7polo's Save The Rhino. KNP, Oct. '12

November '12
Aat&Elly's Story 70-Farewell Party & Goodbye(last story)Nov'10
Divine7polo's Save The Rhino
BluTuna's Escape from Rat Race Another live TT from BT Nov'12
Welshboy's Family visit to Kruger
WendyA's KNP Oct 2012 - Out of Sync!
Cheetah2111's ♪♫ ♪♫ Somewhere Over The Rainbow♪♫ ♪♫ Nov. '12
Dream Weaver's Things Wild and Wonderful; Creatures Great and Small
Crested ValIn the North in Search of Cheetahs and Painted Dogs!! - through to Feb 2013
Porridge's Stink mouse dogs, etc., KNP Nov. 2012
A&E's Story 19 - Who let the DOGS out - (p 35) KNP, Nov. '12
Heksie's Brownie in Kruger... Nevah! Nov./Dec. '12

December '12
A tale of long drives, hot days and high expectations Dec'12
PNF's Here a 'mite, there a 'mite, everywhere a 'mite Dec '12
Bosfotograaf's Careless visitors to Kruger Park Dec'12
adw's If it's November, I must be in Satara. Dec '12
gb225450's Your top/most memorable 2012 sightings Dec'12
Andre & Ursela's 10 days in Heaven. December 2012
Vlakvarkvrou's To Write or Not to Write .....Dec '12
Oumie's Our 5 nights in Kruger Dec2012
Aat's A&E Story 09 BC Diary -The Kings -
coisjvr's KNP 15-20 December 2012
Wildkyker - My Kruger trip December 2012
coisjvr's KNP 15-20 December 2012
leachy's the solifugid, snails and storm clouds. Dec '12
Kaapsedraai's Kruger: from south-to-north .... Dec. 2012
naomi c's A Tale of Two Waterholes - Dec. '12
Rookie Slow boat to Kruger Dec. 2012
Mads & VVV's 2 trips in 6 months ... KNP Dec '12/May '13
carolv's Critical Care for the Soul - KNP Nov-Dec 2012
Bewilderd's visit to Kruger Park - Dec. '12


January '13
Andre & Urselab's 10 Days in Heaven TR Jan'13
ossendryver's My longest trip to Kruger! Jan'13
Aquilla's KNP - Saturday 19th Jan 2013
spargish's Fun in the Summer Sun
LarissaVW's The Therapeutic Trip to Tamboti...
roaneric's Share your video / youtube clips taken within SANParks
yoda's The Empire Strikes Back - Yoda in Kruger Again
Porridge's Stink mouse dogs, shongololos, vicious attacks ...
leachy's the solifugid, the snails and the storm clouds
Noel - B.B.B.B.B.B - KNP January 2013
Nico's Videotrip KNP Wildlife and floods Dec. '12/Jan. '13
Heksie's Searching for the Kitty Kats of Kruger - Jan. '13
Dijo's Three Aussie Girls go to Kruger. Jan. '13

February '13
Pawps's First timer, beginner's luck
DinkyBird's Golden Oldies - memories created over time
AdrianFW's Healing my spirit in South Africa
pietert's lephant Brothers Playing dead-dead. (video)
Wildkyker's My Kruger trip December 2012
Bushbuddies's The First 48...
BluTuna's A Short Long Weekend in the Kruger.
AndreaB's A brand new page....more tales from KNP
noel's B.B.B.B.B.B
Nico's Videotrip Krugerpark Wildlife and floods 2012/13 by Nico
Kaapsedraai's Kruger: from south-to-north-and-back
Elsa's Fun, Friendship and Kruger - Feb 2013.
Pumbaa's Joyride with the Bateleurs
AndreaB: A brand new page....more tales from KNP - Feb 2013
Elsa - Fun, Friendship and Kruger - Feb 2013
Bushbuddies' The First 48... KNP Feb. 2013
melissa's Summer in Kruger - updated! Feb. '13
Bushbuddies' Investigation Continues: Satara, KNP, Feb. '13
Pumbaa's Joyride with the Bateleurs. KNP, Feb. '13
DinkyBird's Golden Oldies - memories created over time. KNP.

March '13
rufie's Honeymoon trip 11th of March to 17th 2013
Mars's Skukuza trip 21 - 24 march 2013
avon vosloo's TR 21 days - a few moments
Heksie's Searching for the Kitty Kats of Kruger
Super Mongoose's First time at Tsendze
naomi c's A Tale of Two Waterholes
Sky's Satara sightings 21 March to 7 April
avon vosloo - TR 21 days - a few moments
BluTuna's Short Long Weekend in the Kruger: March 2013
kesheshe's KNP March 2013 Visit
Gatita's KNP - will we visit a green park again? March 2013
Heksie's MMC mornings and KPA days... March '13
Melrockson's Story of two Aussies in Kruger... March '13
Super Mongoose's First time at Tsendze. KNP, March '13

April '13
Jyeatbvg's Orpen the best gate - first experience at Kruger
Luren's A Family Trip
DinkyBird's Kruger live! DB & Hawk report'in
gatita's KNP in march – will we ever visit a green park again?
Jyeatbvg - Orpen the best gate - first experience at Kruger
Sky's Satara sightings 21 March to 7 April
AndyT's Trip report April 2013 - KNP
isinkwe's Kruger- only heard about it!!!! April 2013
1Yusuf's April in the park - KNP, April 2013
Mant's Biyamiti Trip - 16-19th April 2013
Sparrow's Random Big Five with Dogs. KNP Apr. '13
DB & Hawk's Kruger live! DB & Hawk report'in. KNP, Apr '13
Katydownunder & Francolin's Green Kruger - April/May '13

May '13
Luren's Family Trip - KNP, May 2013
Carol g's May trip to Kruger, what .... : May 2013
Albert's What was, what is and what .... KNP, May 2013
adw's AT LAST, NOT ONE BUT TWO.... KNP, May 2013
Meandering Mouse's Kats, kugels .... KNP, May '13
Shushin's First visit to Kruger WOW!!!! May '13
Dupacc's Bushmedicine: untold stories .... May '13
Roger the Dodger's Yo Ho here we go!!! KNP, May '13
Oumie's Annual trip to Kruger… May '13
Leeukos's Walking With Jock. KNP, May '13
Elsa's Fun and family in Kruger - May/June 2013

June '13
SAF's Pictures and Tales from Many Visits To KNP June '13
Tobieo's A 2 day photographic excursion to KNP, June '13
1Yusuf's Short but sweet (Kruger National Park). June 2013.
Isinkwe's Unplanned Krugerparking - June 2013.
BushKrazy's June Juant - A trip of Firsts. KNP, June 2013
UKWAZI's Me and the Blonde in Kruger, June 2013
Waterbuck's Quickies are BACK! KNP - June '13
Chad Wright's Pics from our recent trip .... - KNP June '13
spargish's Slumming it at Balule - KNP June '13
Cape of Storms' Photographs and Memories - June 2013 Kruger
Gunner's I am one with Nature. KNP, June '13

July '13
Heksie's Camping... a pocket full of special - KNP, July '13
Wildkyker's The Enslins July Kruger visit. July 2013
southerngal4eveh's ALL the Big Five - KNP, July '13
Roaneric's annual KNP visit - July 2013
Dupacc's Darrrlin' lets go to Kruugha!!! July '13
Mvuvu's Silver Safarians.... KNP, July 2013
Cheetahlady's Water, water everywhere ... KNP, July '13
Goronta's On my way to Pafuri - KNP July '13
KNP-Junkee's Belated 2013 July TR to Kruger
Vinkie and Apex Predator back in the bushveld. KNP, July '13

August '13
UKWAZI's Me, Kruger and I - August '13
Jennet's August Kruger trip, August 2013
Nkulu's My trip was hijacked - KNP Aug. '13.
harrys's TSENDZE..A new adventure...... KNP Aug. '13
Graham_5000's A week in KNP, August 2013
Isinkwe's A bit more Krugerparking - Aug. '13
Tobieo's Double trouble .... KNP, Aug. '13
Wildkyker's The Enslins Skukuza 21km weekend, Aug. '13
PetraJ's 2013... What a year! KNP, Aug. '13
steamtrainfan's 13 DAY TRIP TO KRUGER PARK, Aug. '13
john n poppy's Saved by two sunset drives. Kruger August '13
Dupacc's Photos not making it into your TR. KNP Aug. '13
Fotomaljohan's B&D TO PAFURI IN 30 DAYS! KNP, Aug/Sept '13

Sept. '13
fee's Wonderful World of the Wild .... KNP, Sept. '13
esto's SATARA 2013/09/13-19 PICS - KNP, Sept. '13
PietSkiet's Operation Cheetah hunt - KNP, Sept. '13
cptphotographer's The boys are back..... DV. KNP Sept. '13
leachy's under the weeping boer bean tree. KNP, Sept. '13
lousyd's Sept 2013 Trip, KNP
Phokojwe's First Timer…Old Timers… KNP, Sept. '13

Oct. '13
Elephantears' From South to North and back. KNP Oct. '13
Ilytel & Others' Animal close calls, KNP and KTP, Oct. '13
barryels' Ebbs and Flows of our Oct 2013 Kruger Visit
umtali1's Nuggets from a trip to Mokala and KNP, Oct. '13.
Dijo's Five Aussies go to Kruger. Oct. '13

Nov. '13
DerikNel's Skukuza: Nov 15, 2013
lemonbalm's Botanist Family Steals 3 Nights in KNP. Nov. '13
Jay Bird's Birthday Trip to Kruger. Nov. '13
kallis1786's It's a Nice Bird! OK! KNP, Nov. '13
ligt55's Walking with.. rhino! KNP, Nov. '13
wildcatzoo's Both KTP and KNP in a month. Oct/Nov '13

Dec. '13
carolv's Courtship Dancing in KNP. Nov-Dec '13
Nkulu's The circle of life. KNP, Dec. '13
Mars' Trip Report 23 - 30 Dec 2013. KNP
Mant's Biyamiti Trip (KNP) 30 Nov. - 3 Dec. '13
moobox's few nights in Skukuza. Dec. '13
The Enslin Boertjie & Engelsman's visit to KNP Dec '13
Sparrow's Sable Hide and other places. KNP, Dec. '13
Crested Val's Crested Chick Flies Home!!! KNP, Dec. '13
SurfCindy's Diagnosed a Kruger Addict. KNP, Dec. '13

Back Again
"I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me"

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Addo Nossob Orpen Satara
Addo Nossob Orpen Satara
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