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 Post subject: Canis Lupus Confessions of a Kruger adict March 2012
Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:57 pm 
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My name is Canis Lupus and I am a Kruger Park addict. (Group: “Hi Canis Lupus”)

I have been addicted to KNP for most of my life and I struggle to get through the year without relapsing at least once into what I call a “Bushveld binge”. It started quite innocuously with an interest in elephants, lions and other big game but I have now come to the point in my addiction where I show symptoms of possessing a keen interest in ornithology as well as botany. My therapist Dr. R.A.T. Race has tried numerous approaches to cure me from my addiction but alas all efforts has proven to be fruitless! He send me on vacation to Margate but in the summer hustle of this holiday factory the seductive promises of solitude, pristine wilderness landscapes and the golden raw beauty of the lowveld just beckoned me stronger than ever. The last time I relapsed and went on a Bushveld binge was last year in August. One fine afternoon I was still sitting in peak time traffic in Gauteng when all of a sudden I went into a frenzy and woke up dazed and confused the next morning in Crocodile Bridge. The rest is as they say, history. My family (who are sadly also addicts) and I spent the next 4 days in pure carnal bushveld debauchery. During this trip I saw my first leopard in a tree and although it was quite far in the distance (for all intents and purposes it was a swollen branch with a tail) we still wanted more. You see that’s the problem with Kruger – you always want more, more, more!!! You may witness a leopard catching an impala right in front of your vehicle but no, this will not be enough and you reason “damn I still haven’t seen aardvarks mating so I MUST come back!”
So, it is that time again. Relapse time. To hell with Dr. R.A.T. Race and his so-called “cures”. There aint no cure for the Bushveld binge. So let me stop feeling sorry for myself and tell all my fellow addicts what we will be up to this time around.

Officially our Bushveld binge will start on the 8th of April and will last for about a week. During our last trip to Crocodile Bridge we didn’t see any lions and since my son of 8 desperately wants to see them (I know it’s sickening how a father can shamelessly pass his addiction onto his offspring) we will spend 4 days at Satara – the cat capital. I also want to do the Mananga 4x4 trail – a sure bet to further ingrain this Kruger addiction into my DNA. After that we will spend a few days at the famous Berg-and-Dal – another camp we haven’t stayed in yet. If there are any of those famous Black Rhinos, leopards and wild dogs near Berg-and-Dal reading this: Please guys if you see a white Nissan Sani during April this year show us some courtesy and get out from behind those trees you are hiding. We will report back to the headquarters once we are back so watch this space.

PS: Please don’t tell Dr. R.A.T. Race we are going to Kruger Park. He thinks we are spending our holiday at an infamous casino on the south coast.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Ghandi

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