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 Post subject: Willowmoon-Out of Africa-October 2008
Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:29 pm 
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well I am home after a month in south africa... what an adventure! I have had many adventures and misshaps! lol what an experience! I will have to fill everyone in when I have more energy... I just got back from over 55hours or more of travel time due to flight delays and layovers ugh!! as well as I got very sick in south africa ... I first twisted my ancle at god's window and smashed my good camera lens :evil: , then had an allergic reaction to my malaria medication and had to stop taking it all together, then got tick bite fever, then at one of the camps in kruger I got bit on my stomach by a cytotoxic spider!!! that is still on going and very grose& painful.. I am still also not feeling right! ugh...I have to now go see a specialist and get some bloodtests done later today! fun fun... anyhow other than that I had the most amazing time of my life! I have soo many wonderful memories, exciting stories and awsome pictures! I can not wait to also start an african inspired series with my art work! when I sell the pieces I want to set up a charity to send part of the proceeds back to a youth project in south africa. I will elaborate on that further another time... anyways it was wonderful to have had this oppertunity and I feel soo blessed to have seen this part of the world! I will forsure return! hopefully with more antibodies in my system next time lmao :doh: so I do not get sick again! :? nothing I can do about the spider though... that was just bad luck since I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT HAPPENED!
well like I had said I will write some stories and post some pictures when I am feeling a bit better... BUT... here is one experience i had to tide you all over till then! :clap:

I had an awsome leopard sighting half way between Olifants and satara about a week and a half -2 weeks ago.
I was driving between camps when my friend and i stopped to watch some elephants on the side of the road. we had noticed some Impala up ahead about 50 feet ,they ran onto the road then turned back and were staring in the direction they came from... soo we decided to go see what they were looking at. when we drove up we saw a leopard no more than 20 feet from us in the open jump on a famale impala and take her down. the impala surrounded the leopard,making this horrible gutteral spitting noise as they watched helplessly while she attacked their friend. It was if they thought they could help her in some way? so sad... but the leopard held her there until she stopped kicking. After a few minuts she got up and
dragged her fresh kill back a bit towards the bushes where she stopped and rested ...
then we notice the impala take off running and from right behind our car, seemingly out of nowhere.... came this big male lion! He ran from across the road behind our car, chased the leopard up an apple blossom tree and stole her freshly caught impala. The lion then sat at the base of the tree and ate the prize he had just stollen, as the leopard watched.
we were the only ones there to see the story completely unravel.. as we watched in aw! many people showed up after the lion came and jammed up the road for a long time... it was a bit of a mess and it made it impossible for us to even move our car, and leave the sighting... cars were all over the road packed and jammed together so tight noone could move! it was very frustrating and sort of took away from the moment!
but after we got out of the traffic mess... all we thought about was how amazing the experience was to witness and had to reassure ourselves that we just saw what we did lol and all about 20 feet away... wow!
it was awsome!!

here are a couple pictures

the impala standing on the road!


leopard killing Impala...


taking it back into the bushes...



along came the lion! running to fast to get a good picture of him....

up went the leopard!


so proud of himself...

what an amazing sight!


still up in the tree....


it will be a longggg wait! hope he saves her some!? :doh:

Going on my first trip to South Africa ~KNP in Oct. 2008 :)

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