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How do I become an Honorary Ranger?

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How do I become an Honorary Ranger?

Unread postby Imberbe » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:17 pm

Here is the steps to become an Honorary Ranger.

1. Make contact with your local HR region and apply for membership.

The Honorary Rangers is divided in to regions. There are regions all over the country. You become a member of your local region and work from the region. Members may do duty in parks that are not in their region, if they are qualified to do so, but still need to be part of a local region.

You can find a list of the regions to the left of this screen, on the menu bar, under "Honorary Rangers". See also the links at the bottom. The contact detail of the chairperson and secretary of all the regions can be found there.

2. You will be invited for an interview by a committee of the region.

This interview is to ensure that you are good HR material and that your motives is good.

You do not need to have vast knowledge of nature or even possess nature based qualifications. The HRs is a voluntary service organisation. Our aims is to promote SANParks through our skills, knowledge and activities. It is a selfless activity and may not be exploited for personal gain.

3. After the interview you may be invited to become an Applicant. You are not a full HR yet, but are now busy qualifying to become one.

In this period of approx. one year, you will be required to do some compulsory courses, regularly attend the monthly regional meetings, and do certain duties.

There are three compulsory courses that you need to complete. They cover issues such as communication, the role of the HRs, hospitality and an orientation on the the park which you are going to do duty in.

Your region will give you guidance in this.

4. On successful completion of the above, you may then be admitted as a member of the Honorary Rangers.

You now still need to regularly attend the regional meetings (70% minimum), do duties as prescribed by your region, and pay a yearly membership fee. HRs are re-appointed yearly, based on continued active involvement.

Useful links:

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