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Bankenveld Honorary Rangers Honour Friends

Date: 2008-02-12

Bankenveld Honorary Rangers held their annual year-end meeting on a beautiful Saturday morning at Knopberg, the property of Iaan van der Walt in the Vredefort Dome.

Jumaire van Rooyen, one
of Bankenveld’s young
potential Honorary Rangers
with Iaan van der Walt
and John Botha, labelling

Mr van der Walt has been very supportive of all the activities of Bankenveld Honorary Rangers for the past years and to show our appreciation, some of the trees along a recently established mountain trail on Knopberg, were identified and labelled. On the same occasion Iaan he was also honoured with the appointment of Friends of SANP for his support.

The meeting on Knopberg was attended by members as well as 9 guests interested in joining the Honorary Rangers. John Botha briefed our guests on the national projects, activities and services rendered by the Honorary Rangers and then everybody joined labelling trees along the trail laid out at Knopberg.

It was a wonderful morning in which we enjoyed the company of fellow conservationists and the beautiful surroundings of the Vredefort Dome.